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Today we've added an origami doodle to the fold in a tribute to Akira Yoshizawa, considered the father of the modern origami art form. Yoshizawa pioneered many of the artistic techniques used by modern-day origami artists, most notably the technique of wet-folding, which created soft curves, gentle shapes and rounded, organic forms. He also developed a notation for origami that has been the standard for origami instruction for more than 50 years.

Our doodle was folded by origami artist Robert J. Lang, who wrote about Yoshizawa and the process of creating the doodle on our blog. He also provided patterns for each of the letters, so you can try to create your own origami doodle at home:
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Holnap meg a 101 éve és 1 napja. És akkor? C+I?!
To quote Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang ..." Origami napkin swans, that’s the headline"
I would have thought that Albert Einstein's birthday would have trumped this guy
The benefits of simple origami are two-fold. Just saying :)
I tried to watch the World Origami Championships on Satellite TV the other day but I couldn't get it - it was paper view

Hahahaa that's funny x3
Oh..i'm so childish..
Then again i AM a child.
8) Forever young~
It's nice seeing homages to less known people. Sure Einstein deserves a lot, but there are more people who helped influencing today's multiple cultures.
this is very cool,me and my kid made a origami yoda.he loves it.
yes !!! veri ,gooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddd!!
I love origami! I'm the best at making origami meteors and rocks

Love this doodle!
And best wishes to everybody affected~
Help!!!! We cant do it!! Are we the only ones??
Megpróbáltam én is a hajtogatást. Vacsoránál azt hitték, hogy már beletöröltem a számat (többször).
I tried the folding. It was believed at a dinner, that already deleted my mouth (repeatedly).
Yeah What About National Pi 3.14 Day Pi deserves attention too.
Origami is why I'm good at mathematics; I don't know why schools haven't caught onto that idea yet.
check out the documentary "Between the Folds" from PBS, excellent and in depth look at the history of the art, different styles, and many of the current and past masters of origami
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