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Explore Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest manmade structure (828 meters or 2,717 feet),  in +Google Maps —our first-ever Street View collection in the Arab World and the first skyscraper. See the highlights:
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Wow! Just amazing. would you go that high? I`m not sure I could.
I've climbed a sure granite face that was 3000 feet tall. I'm guessing my trip was harder. Also climbed Devils Tower in Wyoming, think Close Encounters of the Third Kind and it isn't even close to the height of this building or El Capitan.
+Google  There's actually a street view in the museum of Islamic art in Doha so it's not the first time in the Arab world!
Algo praticamente increible,pero yo no subiria tan alto.
Well Syrians invented farming and the use of animals for raising and living off of which led to humans being able to develop large cities and soon empires. Muslims invented algebra mid East in general made humans what they are today so it's no surprise they built this tower.
Impressive, especially for me with a fear of heights
Every day I looking brij Khalifa and dubai so so nice
i bet in the future after google maps has captured every corner of the planet, they will then start mapping the inside of buildings haha
Should have gone with Wiz instead of Burj.
This is awesome! Great job Google! 
Me Be
What a magnificent building. It shows how engineering has come a long way.
Go Mike Flanson !!!  Your name is famous now.
A fantastic achievement! Congratulations!
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