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In August, we took our Street View cameras and crew down to the Amazon Basin. By trike and by boat, the Street View team shot more than 50,000 still photos. We've stitched these photos together to create immersive, 360-degree panoramic views of the Amazon that are now available on the Street View feature on +Google Maps. Below is a video on how we brought the Amazon to your browser, and you can read the blog post for more information:
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Who ever said Google has turned into a profit orientated company. +1 +Google
Great. Now we'll know what it looked like after it's gone.
It just gets better and better. 
When is Google doing Moon Street View?
+Scott Pieper there is a sky viewer thing that shows you all the stars and planets. It's really awesome on mobile. You point it at a star and it shows you what it is. I love finding Jupiter with it
I love how you're protecting the roots identity by blurring some of their faces :)
I been to the Amazon in Peru A must see on a small boat not a cruseliner
I think you can listen to people argue all they want about Google being an advertising company, but when you see projects like this - which clearly are solely for the benefit of humanity - those arguments hardly hold water.
You go Google, don't let the haters get you down!
아마존까지 직접 가서 DB를 구축하다니, 정말 대단합니다.
I've seen one last year while on my high school bus in Florida. I felt awesome!!! But I did not see myself on Google maps :(
Awesome! I don't have to pay for the ticket to physically go to the Amazon forest.
+Google You guys did a fantastic job. Thank you, Google.
Google and Amazon...working together.
Almost feels like a noble cause! Heck yeah, it is! 
It's just like being there, but without the mosquitoes.
Great idea. It will be good to create a more stream view of a route in Google street maps. What I mean is that instead of having to click on the arrow to move to the next viewpoint, it would be great to set up a route in the map and then move through in Google street maps, like if you were walking or driving the route
I went for a virtual walk around the Google campus a few days ago and could see the trike and it's pilot reflected in some of your building's windows ;-)

Awesome company!

You may need to change the name soon to accommodate 'mountain view', 'river view', 'beach view', 'forest view' and maybe 'cave view' for those of us who like stalactites! How about 'GooView'? lol

Thanks for being so amazing!
I'm doing all my work there is a great place Google Translate and a fan of Maroon Berets. (Ret Berets)
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