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Now you can get to your favorite Google products even faster by customizing how they appear in your Google bar. Just drag and drop to rearrange the apps and bring your favorite products to the top.

You can also easily add Google products that aren’t part of the Google bar, like Google Keep and Google Scholar. Learn more:

We're rolling this out over the next couple weeks, so please hold tight if you aren't seeing it yet.
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At the beginning I misunderstood the meaning of "Google bar" :-P
when's it supposed to work?   doesn't work yet, here.   
It doesnt stay in a new tab  in Chrome or Canary.. 
I trust that Google will fix the issues... mine resets upon refresh too. Cool new feature!
I want the blue bar back, it was much faster and more direct.
+Google can we please get a direct to Play Music icon??? Going through the store is annoying especially when you have All Access
This is an awesome new feature!
sign out, sign in.  that worked for me.
I'm so sorry to your? B'COS language English ?I'm just know a little bit
only? Very sorry somuch.

Some of you can't read to the end of posts or don't understand the last paragraph.
hey +Google, like other noobs, I've just tried it and it's not working for me
Are Google Play apps available? Google Play Music? etc
I've got it but it seems not to hold the places I've set when I re-arrange them.
Rolf B
Googlebar. Lol.
Good. Now, when we can get notifications about offline messages in hangout? Thanks!
Google bar? Hooray! Drinks for everyone!
Sean S
Great update but it resets when you refresh the page.
Yeah why not, it seems useful. But I'd prefer a better communication between these 'products'.
For example:
When I type something in to the search bar and that I decide to look it up on YouTube or G Maps so I select it from the 'Google Bar', I have to type it again, because it's only a link (like a bookmark).

I don't think it'd be such a problem to connect these services, do you?
And it seems to me much more practical then just ability to resort them. What do you think? 
+Kolisi Kepu You have a good point, however, if you look at the post from the stream (at least for me), the post ends at

 "You can also easily add Google products that aren’t part of the Google bar, like Google Keep and Google Scholar. Learn more:"
Sean S
+Joe Schofield , Keep is an option.  Go to Keep and click the app launcher. It will give you the option to add Keep.
I dont know why this took so long...
How do you save the new positions?  They reset for me.
Finally! I was wainting for this since ages! Thanks!!
Been waiting for this for years!!!
THIS!!!!   I was just thinking about this functionality yesterday. Thank you! 
Thank you for finally doing this!!!! I've been thinking of this for a while now!
Steve K
I tried to drag them months ago. About time.
How do I get the Google bar to not disappear as I scroll down the page, so I don't have to go all the way to the top to access it? It there a setting for that. I can't find it.
I'm glad I did the "read more" thing because I was just about to complain that it wasn't working for me. Then I saw the last line about it still rolling out yet...
So, your first line should NOT have said "Now you can..."
It should have said "Soon you will be able to..."
And another chrome addon gone obsolete... ;-) 
Why do they have to stay hidden under that checker?... Why not put them right at that blank space on top of the mail window?...
This great.... BUT it would even better if I could edit my documents offline when I have no internet or what about making Quick Office Google Default Apps and not Google Docs
This took way too long to implement.
Yep, finally and thanks for listening to feedback! Now we need to be able to add favourite apps from the Chrome web store, like Google Keep to this menu. 
Where the hell is Google keep?? Just add the shortcut thank you!
When prompted with a new service "add shortcut" nothing ever sticks. I've tried Groups, Play Music, Voice ...
Eric J.
add Voice, thx
You can add custom shortcuts, just go to that site or and then open the app drawer again. You'll see "add a shortcut" but that's not working for many of us. It's not sticking once you leave that site.... +Google 
Nice update. Let's do it for Marketplace Apps too! I'd love to move some of those up. 
+Google does this sync with account or stay locally on a device?
Reseting and can't add Google Keep :(
Not yet working, but a feature I already missed. Well done, Google 
Well its not working
Emily L
It's not working, I just tried
Great idea, but it doesn't work for me.
Seems like I'm not the only one who hasn't been so lucky in getting this feature to actually stick.

Hopefully when they roll it out to everyone, it'll be properly working before then.
it won't let me do it. it did at first and then it reset it to default and now I can't change it to what I want!
Where is the Google News Icon gone for the last month
finally! GOOD job, but i wish i have possiblity to place it like before on the top of start page without clicking into menu icon
i can't do that
My customizations aren't working. If I reopen the tab it starts at default options again.
It's not allowing me to put Google Keep at the top
great, but please fix kitkat battery issue and no i don't have Skype installed.
I've been waiting forever for this. Yay
+Nestor Albuquerque agreed, I'll be happy if I can arrange a few of my favourite Google services right at the top next to my "plus" name, then arrange all the rest in the Google Bar apps launcher thingy.  Seems kinda silly having all that empty space while tucking away the Google apps in that drop down box.
ohhhhhhhhhhhh I didn't know this!!!
I'll try it in a bit ;D
Finally! I have been waiting for this feature for such a long time. Thank you, +Google! :-)
OMG! You guys are incredible!!!
Des applications, encore plus toujours +. Bravo. Et dans un dossier sur mon écran d'accueil ! classées par affinités. 
+Google So I can customize my tablet, by rearranging my favorite's at the top. Apps that is. I'll wait over the next week too see them think you sir's for posting this...
It doesn't work for my in Chrome for Linux.
I always wanted to do this!!!
like finally!!! 
:D saying that you can do something in general, when you can't right away is like :
saying you can fly, when you sleep :D - you can do it :D
I'm still waiting for the Google Keep shortcut. I use Keep a lot, but I always have to go to the site adress. There's no way to access Keep quickly...
Same for contacts: why do I need to open Gmail first and then click on contacts. Just give it an icon like on every phone out there. 
Thank you so much! I have been looking for this functionality!
I like Google Search, Google Plus and YouTube on topics, I won't change much. These are the main products.
Great! I was waiting for such a solution for a long time.
Greg O
Where is this Tiffany product and how can I find more details??!
FINALLY! It doesn't work for me yet, but I can't wait.
显然我的就不行,oh     no。。。。。。。
What about Google Bar on Linux too? I think if Linux Google ChromeOS has it, then any linux can have it.
Rob Ted
Not seeing it yet - can't wait tho...
Sweet! Still waiting though... I'm of course using the Chrome App Launcher ;) It's a shame it's not syncing the placement of the apps in that very well between my Chromebook and my Windows PC though....
Niiiiiice! Was hoping for this option!
this is awesome!  i've been really looking forward to this!
This sucks. I really want my old google back right now. I hate this.
not working for me, either!!!
I love Google. When do they take over the world? Lol!
Thank you! I've been waiting for that.
"If you are travelling and in a country where a certain product is not supported, it will still show up in your App launcher but will be grayed out and unclickable."
Nope. I have to click "Even more from Google" to get to Keep, which works just fine here in Japan. This is one of the services I use daily and would like to have in the launcher most. I don't know why +Google makes Keep so hard to find, it's a great service!
edit: on second look, it seems like the whole customizable launcher might not have rolled out for me, I can't rearrange anything either...
+Google The arrangement should be saved to our Google account. Also, when we hover over the More button, it should automatically scroll down, and when we hover over the top, it should scroll up, but make sure there is enough padding to avoid accidental scrolls.
Really, really nice ! (but not working for me at the moment)
Give me back my old layout
Am sure, a million people must have told you this. Let me reiterate: you are awesome Google and I am your die-hard fan! :)
Hii google.. The one we all love.. & who has changed our lives in so many aspects no less..
Just one thing why did we not think of doing this before..
A simple inconvenience that was faced by everybody.. Then why take so long..!! 
They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google... They heard me... Thank you Google...

*Almost crying*
Fikru G
A long waited feature ... My next waiting feature list: -1 button
They were faster before you took away the single launch page!!
Mine isn't cooperating, so I guess it hasn't rolled out to me just yet.
good customization. but  this is not working in account
Google gets better and bettr ..<3 Google...
cette page,je l'aime mais publiez aussi en francais pour nous facilite la comprehension.
not seeing yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you,very much for info!
wow it's very simple,,,,........thank you for apps
Me too I want to marrie you too haha
Hummm I don't know what is about it but I want it try and Google is been great to me for me work perfect I love it and I don't have any complaints about it I love you Googlers too God bless you all
Can´t find a way to contact your support, and your support pages don´t have matching solution for my problem. My question is about business and email redirections. Can you contact me please?

Best regards
Thanks Google .. but there is still a lot of things need to be addressed
Example: When you write a letter to a friend of Google Plus prompt a special appearance should not he nor his top show for its fans .. increase privacy
Comment: When you write you can not control the font size is fixed want more freedom
LOL +Alex Nikiforov...I'll post it here for those that had a similar problem.
"We're rolling this out over the next couple of weeks, so please hold tight if you aren't seeing it yet."

People at +Google are probably slapping their foreheads in unbelief with some of the questions and complaints asked here.

No I can' least not yet...
But I'm looking forward
Wish the Google bat would just open when you hovered your mouse over it
Cool, but how do we add Analytics, Webmaster Tools or AdWords.
I wrote them if they could make it more cleaner with some tips and after month here it is!!! Good work google,thanks ;-) ( It may not be my claim to fame )
tbqh, I preferred the old top-bar
Then gmail was only a click away - now it's two :-/
Thanks! Glad this got implemented. As I recently even asked if this was on the table. :D I guess it was.
Doesn't work yet on my chrome though. But it'll work soon i hope.
I can't drag and drop icons.... Is it only available in some specific countries?
Doesn't seem to be working where I am! 
It's here !! :) It's the best way to access the Google Apps ... I can now have my blogger on the top ! :) 
It's not working. I'm in Italy
Appena funzionerà sarà una grande cosa!
So tell me +Google, how many more buttons and options does one need to launch apps? dekstop launcher, bookmark bar launcher, tab bar launcher? How about adding it all over the place filling up screen, desktop, hard rive, brain and so on? Cut some slag..
Will I be able to add Google services that aren't on the shortcut button (e.g. Google Keep, URL shortner or Android Device manager) to it?
You already can add google keep and co to your desktop launcher. Thus I don't see the point of having the launchers again in the bookmarks toolbar and in the google toolbar. Simplify not complicate +Google.
So tell me +Andy Roehrl who is forcing you to use any of them? What if you're on a computer somewhere else. Some place you can't or won't install the desktop launcher? Then using this option in the pages itself can be convenient. So quit your shortsighted complaining about options.
Thank you thank you thank you...finally!!
+Andy Roehrl your argument makes no sense. This launcher is on the web page itself. This means that it doesn't depend on a user having Chrome installed. Not all people that use Google, use Chrome.
Thank you! I have been waiting for this feature for awhile now.
Been waiting patiently. Thank you Google. Awesome, great work.
I wonder when they are going to let me sort my Circles list alphabetically.
Anwu Li
it is awesome 
In Android devices, on your homepage, you can do the same thing within Groups of Apps. 
+Jason Meyer Install "Google Play Music" in the apps section I believe that fixes the issue for you.
For those of you asking for Keep, Play Music, etc. Once this rolls out to you try going to the product you wish was there and opening the app menu :)
Can we get our Chrome apps in this? It would be faster than clicking new tab, waiting for that to load, clicking apps and waiting for that to load. It would still be two clicks and not one, but it would be slightly faster now we have the omnibox redirector that comes with instant extended.
Roll it out... faster, faster, faster!
I had this appear yesterday on one of my accounts on one computer on one browser.  It is gone today. :(
Great! Except that it doesn't work.
If it doesn't work for you be sure to send feedback...
Nate G.
NOT working for me.
+Jason Meyer Once they get it working, it is possible to add the Play Music icon from the Play Music page.
Finally!, and i thought it will never happened.
Thanks! I'm so Grateful!,and Very Humbled!,and Appreciative!
For Your Hard Work.
Cool i'll do this
When will we be able to put custom links/bookmarks there?
They should bring the Discussion Filter back. And enable Youtube search directly through Google again.
Glad this feature has been added! 👍

+Jason Meyer I just created a bookmark and labeled it music. Just so I can differentiate which is which since the icons are the same Play icon.
Funny to read about problems with Chrome. I am convinced the developers of Drive and Google Apps never talk to their web browser division. 
How do i go and update my google account not sure password
I was just thinking about wanting to move Calendar, then I see this. Excellent, Google! Thx.
Love it Google always finds a way to make life easier
I've noticed when +Google puts out a new update to +Chrome sometimes I've had to uninstall Chrome for it to start working. 
That is what worked for me on the Google Music update.
Have been waiting for this for years. Thanks!
Sean S
It rolled out to me on the first day but went away shortly after.
Still one additional click in comparison to the previous approach... Would be nice to be able to grab the icon directly on the page
Agree with +Valentine Gogichashvili completely here. Great to see this new option, but imho the whole launch system (dock app launcher / bookmarking / read later / app launch / recently closed) needs a serious look in Chrome, and this site-level "Apps Launcher" flyout just isn't helping to gel the experience.
Not working in Mozilla firefox..window vista home basic
+Lopamudra Das It might not have rolled out to you yet, its a process that will be made available to everyone within the next few weeks! it will work for you soon!
Muchas Gracias y 17876674396
Eso solo sirve para moviles o tambien para PC.
+larry page Don't announce something like its Live when you are rolling it out, I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why this wasn't working for me before seeing this post and that it was a slow rollout.
Not working yet here !
I have been wanting featurefeature this since the cheese grater arrived...nice
Google policy is only severe with developers in the Dominican Republic
Greetings, I'm an application developer in the Dominican Republic and I would like to tell as google implements its policy depending on the country severely.
I have more than 2 years with my developer account in recent days and went up an application for public senior adults and google removed my application and I canceled the developer account.
before boarding my google play and explore applications observe applications that are stronger in terms of content and still are there.
I do not understand at what point is that google applies these policies or if these are applied dependeindo the country.
I sent the link of the other applications and royalty mine.


I do not understand your rules, my application is aimed at the same age and has the same level of mature and me because these are canceled and there.
It's a good customization, But this system doesn't work in my account.
thanks for this servis youre apps are verry well
I need some help about blogger, who can I contact? :/
Jaqsy kyzmetine rahmet! Çok teşekkürler hayirli aksamlar dilerim
Wouw das geht so einfach. Werde ich doch gleich mal ausprobieren
Umm... how long does it take to do a web rollout? The staged rollout of Google apps for Android is annoying enough, but for a hosted app, this delay is just silly.
Buyirgan Jaqsylyktar bolsyn demekpiz! Çok teşekkürler hayirli sabahlar iyi olsun çok teşekkürler
oh, i see why this doesnt work yet! You did not roll it out google. sorry
Ty Google for thinking in and out of the box for user friendly experiences.....
Songy kezde Google jumysy jaqsaryp barady kutty bolsyn ..çok sagolun guzel işler olsun 
Good morning thank you hayirli sabahlar iyi olsun çok teşekkürler
This is now rolled out for all users, please give it a try and let us know your feedback!
Çok teşekkürler herkese hayirli sabahlar iyi olsun çok teşekkürler
I use google scholar all the time and it would be very welcome to finally have easy access to it however despite what your instructions say it seems like it's impossible to add it.  "You can also add Google products you use that don’t appear in the “More” section. Just go to the product you’d like to add and open the App launcher, and you’ll see a prompt to add it as an app."  -- the problem is there is no app launcher when I'm logged in at  Is that a function of my google scholar settings??? 
Still not working for me - using a free gapps account
used to work for our company with apps for work but has stopped working recently - frustrating!
Cant see head & tail of this
Still resets while reloading page. It's really annoying, every time I open this menu it shows me that card about "New Drag and Drop" feature. Reinstalling browser doesn't help at all. Fix it :/
Almost a year later and it still doesn't work if you've got a Google Apps acct. C'mon Google, include Apps users. What takes so long? I really want to move Contacts up and Sites down. Get it done!
For the first time today, I was able to move a Google Ap.  This must be a slow roll out?  Of course, I quit trying several months ago, so it may have been working for a while.  Now... when I close Chrome and re-open it, would it be too much to have some way of having them stay where I put them?  They come up back in the default position every time. vedos mp4 downoad. Com
28.march 2014 +3

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