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A few weeks ago, we shared how you can see an interactive weather visualization on Google when searching on your mobile phone.  Now, a similar feature is available on tablets!  When you type [weather] into Google on your tablet, you'll see the current weather and you can scroll through the hourly and ten-day forecast. You can also toggle the Precipitation and Wind buttons to check out the percent chance of precipitation and wind direction/speed, respectively.

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No love for the desktop?
Wow, I never cease to be seduced by your website designs.
just tried. not a life changer but a handy addition.
The desktop already has WeatherSpark!
That's pretty kool. . . I'd still like the app for my phone though. . . A decent weather map would be great too. . .
Fill the white space with these gadgets already, because you're not killing off Google/IG for nothing. :)
Unfortunately, that doesn't happen when using Chrome on my ICS phone :(.  I've abandoned the default android browser (as you should when you have Chrome on your phone!) so why not make this happen on Chrome, guys?
does this not work on iphones?  I'm trying it as I type on my iphone in safari, and it does NOT show any weather info, just the top weather searches.
When will this be available for browsers on computers?
+Wayne Lewis: Don't use the browser. The Google app for iPhone is where you enter it.
Weatherspark is great as long as you have Flash. How long will you have Flash?

The Weatherspark dev doesn't think he can rewrite Weatherspark in HTML5 and have it be performant. Sucks to be him. 
Confirming +Mark Keisler's report that it doesn't work on ICS.  Hustle up that JB support for Nexus S, wouldja?
I'm running 4.0 on my Galaxy SIII and this does not work for.  When I type "weather" into the Google Search widget it takes me to the Google Search page as if I were searching the term "weather", it does not give me the current weather.
Perhaps the social media drone should disambiguate the phrase "type it into Google". 
Give me the same thing for my PC Browser! I like being able to scroll through the hours on my mobile phone but why can't I do it on my powerful PC?!
Would be nice if it looked this good using Google search on a pc.
+Adam Gignac A lot of people don't like what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8 but I think its nice that they are trying to bridge the gap between phone interface design and desktops.
You guys realize you can type "weather" and it shows the weather in a similar fashion on the PC right? I'm using Chrome and just did it (does not have the scrolling).
+Callip Hall yes I realize that. I do it alllll the time. The difference is very slight, but it's a different I don't think should exist. The mobile and tablet versions of the Google Search web application have a feature that the PC version doesn't! It's more in depth and allows me to see blah blah. However, I think they should all show the same thing.

I don't see why I should be sacrificing any feature, no matter how small, based on the device I'm using. It makes even less sense to me that I should have a less in-depth version of an application on a device that's much more powerful than my phone and tablet.
Wish the weather was something like 64 where I live! :D
I need Google Now to ICS!
Pretty please?
Anybody know if +Google has an API for this? That would be awesome. 
unofficial API :,France
This scrolling "card" feature needs to be built into the Google Now weather card. would make sense right? although swiping does dismiss this... hmm... someone integrate this into Google Now please... lol..
Change the Google Now weather card to reflect this information.  The weather card is functionally worse than the Weather portion of the News and Weather app.
The wind arrows are the wrong way round, southerly wind means blowing FROM the south, not to it.
Ed Finn
cool, and.sunny!

Impressed it not only works with Chrome for Android, but also the old Android standard browser and the Maxthon browser for Android.
+Google this works on my iPad but not on android! Weird?

The new interface looks amazing. Simple, clean, and easy to use. Great work.
Wow..amazing, my favorite search engine keeps getting better!
on the phone version of the widget, I always get a bug. if i don't move the hour slider from its default place the weather displayed is inaccurate
you should do something like that for desktops. Like make an app you could put on a home page that lets you see just your local weather, streamline your google products like reader, news, and blogger all from one place, like a customizable personal dashboard. Sort of like what you used to have with freaking iGoogle.
Weather is not a search feature... who wants to have to find/type "weather". Just like I don't want to spend 30 minutes trying to find my tasks (hidden in gmail and not on calendar where it makes sense). And changing everything all the time (getting rid of iGoogle) does not provide stability for the end user (remember us). If everything is only going to be around for a couple years - why invest the time using them? Google+ could be gone tomorrow. What the heck are you folks doing... just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks?
Does not work on Galaxy Nexus. Yep, your very own phone Google. Good job.
I have galaxy nexus from vzw and it works 
It works on my iPad and the unit conversion thing has also been changed.
i want it on my desktopppppppp :P
I think I'm beginning to understand what's going on at Google. You'll note there's been no response or even acknowledgement of the comments talking about wanting this stuff on our desk tops. That plus the sunsetting of iGoogle, a web page primarily viewed through desktops indicates that Google believes, really honestly believes that the desktop and laptop age is over, and the only way to make money is on tablets and smartphones.

This is stupid. Really, really stupid.
Doesn't work on the default google browser on CM7.2 on my HTC Desire Z. Whats up with that? How do I get it to work?
worked yesterday from my PC but not anymore ?
Bob Ray
Not working on my ASUS TF101
Just tried this out. Just a suggestion, make a continuous line on the precipitation graph. Right now I just see abrupt changes when it changes from say 0% to 10%. 
everything works, type in your google app for example: weather reykjavik. nice idea ;)
i like the clean interface - Good luck!
let me know if u need our help making it more accurate and more localized (in few order of magnitude).
What weather provider is used by Google/Google Now? Google's own?
Adding my vote for adding this to google now
Great feature its working ! I need my umbrella :) 
Don Cue
The temp is nearly always wrong when I look at Google Now on my #Nexus7.  I live in an area with dramatic changes, so I use the Weather Channel app.  If I could set a more frequent update frequency, that might help. 
Doesn't appear to be working on my #Nexus7  ?? I see the normal Google Now card when I search "weather". Anyone else have this problem?
I guess the Google Now is a separate entity that they haven't updated yet. Even if I scroll down to "Google web results" I don't see this nice new feature. Please update Google Now!
I really like this on my Nexus 7 BUT the wind arrows are pointing the wrong way!! They should point in the direction its blowing not coming from...
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