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Ahh, the familiar backward countdown from boarding time: “I need to arrive an hour before my flight, it takes 40 minutes to get there, so I should leave home by… Oh, but I’m leaving from Mom’s house after dropping off the cat...” Well, starting today, Google Now can work your airport timetable out for you. Cards that used to remind you that you needed to be somewhere by a certain time will tell you when you should plan to leave instead (which is far more useful). You can specify where you’ll be leaving from, if you’re driving or taking public transport and how early you’d like to arrive—just tap the card and you’ll see those options—and Google Now will do the rest. The update is available in the Google Search app for Android, which you can download now from Google Play:

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Why not just remove the middleman and finally release Google Teleport?
I'm not sure what's new here. Google Now has been telling me what time I need to leave for appointments on my calendar for quite a while. Is it just that it now understands airport delays?
Great I will need that at the end of the month when I have to get to Barcelona airport early for a flight to Ireland.
I'm not sure if even Google can understand airport delays lol
Also unsure about exactly what's changed here. I'm pretty sure information about 'when to leave' was supported before?
When leave was supported, but only to addresses for a certain time. This includes the time spent at airports, when Google finds flight information
It tells me I can wait another day to catch my flight that is leaving in 45 minutes. He tries to get me on tomorrows flight.
Great, but can you add an hour to my wife's. ..
This is great for those times when the flights I originally book are also the flights I take. Unfortunately, I frequently fly American so end up rebooked on a different flight as flights are cancelled. I wish there were a way to say "yes, Google Now, I know the flight you knew about was cancelled, so just show me this other flight now". Searching for the new flight three or four times usually does the trick, but that's a bit of a hack.
For all those wondering what's new, all the fields that are underlined can be changed. For example, driving can probably be changed to transit/walking/biking. The from home can be changed to from "place" (so if you'll be at another address you can probably put it in there). And the arrive 90 min early can probably be changed to however early you want to arrive. 
The difference +Nick Summers and +Shawn Willden  is that it actually shows on the card the time you need to leave in order to be there by x minutes before the appointment/flight departure as opposed to just springing up a notification when it thinks you need to leave from your current location.  You also have the ability to choose mode of transportation (Driving, Transit, Cycling, Walking), starting point (From Here, From Home, From Work), and how early you want to be (on-time to 90 minutes early in 5 minute increments).
Yeah, what +Jonathan Delgado-Bosso said.  :)

I do find it funny that they used the "have to leave from mom's house" example, but I can't seem to find a way to specify a "from" location other than current location, home, or work.
This sounds really good. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. I don't suppose it will take into account Los Angeles rush-hour traffic, though.
I can see it now. I'm in a meeting that's running so late that "LEAVE NOW!" starts flashing in huge letters on my screen as I descend into panic mode. That's part of the reason I try to drive everywhere now.
+Jonathan Delgado-Bosso, I've been trying but I don't see a way around it.

+Larry Cooper, I don't think the traffic factor would kick in until closer to the time of having to leave.  I have one set up now for a 6p appointment across town that's telling me I need to leave work at 5:41p.  I'll be checking later to see if it updates for  the Friday rush hour traffic.
+rached saadani ce peut-être mal par la nouvelle actualisation de l'application avec Google Now Launcher. Je ne parle pas français très bien. 😛
Can google remember my work shift? And remind me to go to work?
I believe you are looking for Google Calendar, +Dejan Suhadolc.  Put the work address into the appointments, and they would then surface within Google Now giving you "leave by" functionality for each shift.
A very nice feature. . If you live in the usa.. if you live in other countries like the Netherlands for instance you only get the weather in google now.. thanks a lot +Google
Sam Lee
Well Google you might want to get going! It says to leave ten minutes before you took your screen shot! 😁
Google pour Android et km es autres application s c'est impeccable vraiment
Finally, I don't want to arrive on time but early! 
I used to get cards telling me when to leave when I was already at the airport. Looking forward to testing it out. 
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Nurul K
Very nice feature.
+Bjorn Geurtsen that's because the eu keeps suing them. They have to waste their eu programmer time writing stupid new algorithms to promote failing troll companies. Write your politicians and tell them to go shake down someone else. 
Please bring the transparent bars to the normal Google app and others!
This feature never worked on my phone, Google now cannot be relied upon.
it's pretty awesome! thank you...please also show the terminal/gate more timely - almost missed my connection in france 'cause it wasn't shown even just 20mins before departure and it took me a while to find what it was
This hopefully works in Austria too. Sadly hardly any of the cards related to public transportation work here :-\ 
Google Now is a great interface for your day. It exemplifies "assistant" in personal digital assistant. 
I love this.....Also little scared of Google Now.
Noticed this 'new' on Friday last. I had an appointment which I had totally forgotten about. At 8:10 or so I get an alert from Google that I needed to leave by 8:25 from where I was, to reach the place by 9:00 clock. And I did. How Cool!
Google now is not available in my Nexus 5. My brother brought me one from Sydney, Australia. It says the location reporting is not available in Nepal. Whereas Google Now works perfectly fine in Samsung S3 and S4.
Dear Google team please look into it and make many Google lovers here in Nepal happy.
Anyone have any idea when Nexus 5 is going to be available in Singapore?
Is it available in India ?
'Cause I don't get it even as my apps are updated.
i cannot enable google now... im in kathmandu, nepal and the google search settings tells me that google now requires location servicces which are not avialable hence google now cannot be turned on... plz fix this coz i want to use google now service...
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