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Calling all Google+ fans, register via the link below for the +Google+ user experience studies.
Volunteer for Google User Experience Studies

Hey Google+ users, we're looking for volunteers to participate in user experience studies in person at one of our Google offices or remotely from wherever you are in the world. These studies help us improve our products, and those who participate in a study will receive a small token of our appreciation.

If you are interested in registering to participate, fill out the short form at the end of this post. Registration is completely optional and you can opt out at any time. For more information about our user experience studies and how your data will be used, please see our User Experience Research FAQ at

Sign Up for the UX Research Survey:
Welcome to the Google User Experience Research Sign-up Survey. Please fill in this form if you're interested in participating in Google User Experience research studies. The first section 'Abo...
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Did this already :) It's quite extensive but I found it interesting.
Only if I get that self-driving car and Sergei borrows me his glasses :-)
+Jennifer Bailey brings up a great point. I have also filled out the survey before. Do they keep the results on file, or should we go through it again?
Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to finish their initial survey. Fairly painless ... wonder if they'll actually contact me...
Complited - just another Marketing - Gag?
If you guys give me a chrome book, I'd use it to access google services from that! I love google! BTW survey done!
signed up book or google tv .... either one of the two should be fine with me ;)
I just took the survey. It only takes a few minutes. It's worth a few minutes of your time to help Google so they can continue to help us.
Done. Suggestion for the Maps portion: I've used Google Maps multiple times in the past month to get cycling directions but this was not an option on the survey. Perhaps its inclusion would give a more rounded picture of users' particulars when using Maps.
That was longer than expected. Now where are my Project Glass glasses?!
Done the first time. but nothing until today
Would it be possible to be just like the competition (Facebook), because of the circles, perhaps friendship requests, or something like that to influence where every person in the community lands (sometimes there are very many, and sometimes it is not possible on a regular basis to use the Internet to check everything forever)? For example, because of the danger of pedophiles, etc.
Google, if in Strasbourg, France, you can count on me !
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