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+Android is at #MWC this week, and kicked off the event with some new stats about the growth of the ecosystem. Get the numbers directly from +Andy Rubin:
Walking around Mobile World Congress and seeing the Android ecosystem at work is quite impressive. There are over 450,000 applications in Android Market. Some of the developers who built these apps are showing their latest and greatest in the Android stand. But the ecosystem doesn't sleep. Our partners have activated a total of 300 million Android phones! Currently they are activating over 850,000 phones and tablets per day.
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May I ask google can you make chrome for iPod touch
No iPod is way better then Android. Android is just a copy
Very impressive stats and well worthy of such numbers.
they should do google chrome for iPod touch
They should do ios for droid
Ava R
Well since I can't find a good place to tell Google this,I figure a public page might work.
Sadly I am no longer going to use anything Google related, thanks to their new policy. I do not want to be tracked or followed in anyway by no one. So I have spent my morning transferring all of my stuff to a crappy browser just so I can preserve my privacy. I never thought Google would do something like this. It is a very sad day. I love your browser & products but I refuse to tag along on this crazy train you are loading up & taking off on. So I say goodbye & this sucks!
+Ava R I know this is scary. I'll be honest it is a little scary for me too. The fact is all Social Media sites track us. The difference with Google is that they are just admitting it. They are being upfront with us.

I hope you will reconsider using Google+. If you look at how it is setup, we get tons more control over who sees what. A great deal of thought has been put in to helping us protecting our privacy, they just want to let us know that they do use our information. Plus if someone has to advertise to us, isn't it better that we see ads we like?
Ava R
Ah hA I found a place to share my issues with Google directly.
I will share that here as well just to make sure my point gets across.

@ J.Orth I understand all of them track but I have always thought Google was different from the norm.I thought they fought against this stuff & for the web Users. I am upset by the fact they have decided to follow along with the money train & use our web histories in ways I do not care for at all. They could at least let us have an opt out option. And I would rather see the general ads & possibly find something new to like. That is just my opinion.

Here is my complaint.....

Unfortunately, I have spent my entire morning moving all my web based activities to another web browser.Which was time consuming & depressing. I am not happy about this BUT, With your upcoming Privacy changes to Google & and all Google based services I can no longer support your Once awesome products.I love using Google chrome ,search, & you tube & the spell check feature rocks but I can not support your changes.

I do not want anyone following my online activities period.I do not want you or anyone collecting data on me its creepy and invasive. So I will no longer use your products / services due to your changes that has no clear opt out of everything option. Which is ridiculous. No one should be forced to let you guys track their every movement on the net or store any minute detail much less all of their details. It is wrong & unethical. I thought Google fought for privacy & freedom on the net but this seems like you have gotten into bed with the wrong kind of people and had a horrible change of heart.
I do hope you take my departure from your services into account and hopefully in the future go back to a customer friendly service and let us opt out of this crap you call a privacy policy!!!!!

Unhappy Costumer
I understand what your saying. I can see the usefulness in an opt out option. I just know the servers that run Google+ cost a lot, it takes a great deal of expense to pay programmers to write Google+ for us, and of course they probably have to pay a tremendous cost to connect their servers to the Internet. So for me, and that is all I can really speak for, I think it is fair that they use my information. As long as they tell me what they are doing with it.

I am guessing you have Gmail. I don't know how long you have used it, but have you ever noticed that when you send a message on a subject you soon see adds based around that subject? So if you have been a Gmail user for some time, I'd like to ask: Has anything negative happened to you? I have been using Gmail since 2006 and nothing in my data has been compromised. In fact Gmail has built in virus scanning, and since all public mail services use our emails to advertise to us, I feel safest with Gmail.

I do understand how you feel misled. I don't think that was their intention. I think someone realized an oversight in this area and said "Hey we need to correct this" So this new policy, is provided as the correction. I know it comes as a shock, but the other services just ignore us and use our information without telling us.

Did you know that Google built a SafeSearch engine? Check out this site, if you get a chance,

Of course I don't know you, but I'd want anyone to do what makes them feel safe, if Google+ doesn't make you feel safe don't use it.

But if you look at the Google company as a whole you'll find that the overarching philosophy is a general concern for the well being of their users.
+Ava R I remember seeing the option to "opt out" on Google Dashboard maybe? I can't remember the path I followed last time though
Joseph Gately = troll... Get back under your bridge lol. Just kidding, you're most definitely entitled to your own opinion.
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