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In Poland today we're celebrating the 220th birthday of playwright and poet Aleksander Fredro with a playful doodle inspired by one of his best-known works, "Zemsta" (The Revenge). 
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No love for Indonesia? Haven't seen Doodle in Google Indonesia's page for quite long. 
Well, +Google , you've should make #doodle  ilustrating Fredro's "Thirteen chapter of Sir Thaddeus".

For those, who don't know wahat I mean - add me to your circle and tomorrow I'll explain.
Google you rock. I'm gonna work for you some day and my mind is set on that goal and it won't go off track
Me Be
Very creative doodle.
Cool. I've read this book in this year at school ;)
I like how "Zemsta" is pronounced, in Swedish, a bit like the Swedish word "Sämsta," which means "worst" in plural.
That's great! I love Fredro. :-) 
+Tim Harrell Explanation about 13th Chapter of "Sir Thaddeus". Sir Thadeuss in Polish "Pan Tadeusz" is our greatest national poem. It is written in rhyme and each line has 13 sounds. It was written by Adam Mickiewicz, and whole poem consists of 12 chapters - in last one title character marries young girl Sophie - that's the intro.

Now - 13th Chapter of Sir Thadeus is also a poem, 13 sounds in line and rhymed, and it was (supposely) written by Fredro, who was our greatest comedy/drama writers (I just love watch Fredro's plays on stage).

Now, the cherry: 13th chapter describes...trebles....
.... wedding night of Thadeus and Sophie!
It is very funny and very vulgar same time, description of activities and organs during that night are the best examples of metaphores and possibilities of our language.

This text in Polish wiki:
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