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After 12 weeks of intensive work, the spring 2012 class of NewME Founders has launched seven new tech start-ups. NewME, a program designed to be an accelerator in Silicon Valley for minority-led startups, is part of the Accelerate with Google initiative. Learn more on the Official Google Blog:
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congrats .............
to the entire team..........
The guys from Google seemed to do ok.
Speaking as a minority and a tech enthusiast; I'd much rather see a a program designed to be an accelerator in Silicon Valley for the most promising startups instead of focusing on "minority-lead" businesses. We need jobs and small business based on the best and brightest. The talented. The promising. Letting race be a factor in any way whatsoever is a detractor in my eyes.
Holy crap, never mind, I looked it up. Over-react much? Seriously, people act like this is some horrendous personal assault. It's a freaking naming dispute. Chillax.
For some reason a very few select people are on here complaining abut the Gulf in topics that have nothing to do with this post. They are too dumb to know that they need to post their issues in the Google Maps Forum. So long live the idiots as they keep us entertained.
Great that you are moving forward with more diversity at Google . Diversity across generations of people as well as across cultures is also important. Let's HangOut and author some web television on YouTube together... designed to move business forward...locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. This Seattle-based minority-owned communications and e-learning consulting firm sends its love. - Art Johnson - New World Communications -
I see no white guys, for it is a program to aid in "minority-led startups".

7 new start-ups? Impressive.

Kudos NewME.
Very nice PHOTO, an Image you all can
Keep for your Memories, when the time
Comes when you Leave...I havnt been on
Your Google+ for long, but already know
You do care about your customers..
I find you work so hard, to tell your Global
Story's , although I don't read your every
Post, The ones I have read were very
Interesting ..I'm sorry I couldnt vote on
All the Google Doodles, but Wow they are
Really Somthing , Fantastic , great Artwork
Congratulating all the Google Staff....

Congratulating Googles Think Tank, Smart As, Hard Work Pays, Always Has
Always Will, Willing, and Your Able....
Agree Mat, every single Post" Google " does! ends up like this.....
Its treated with disrespect , Not All, then the post is entirely forgotten , then two complete no brains start a fight between
themselves ......

It's a great Shot, and Pls. Keep on Growing , Google+ please put an instruction app book on of all how to
Use, ( good Idea) as it's a little vague to
New and I find even older users....lost..,
Similar to the new IPone tricks ,also the
iPad tricks, but I know a app for how to use Google, would far out do the others
Because Google Does....Best..
Er, one more point if I may ,photos , can't
Understand why we can't send images (Pics) on every post, and why someone.on
A Computer can't have a messenger, it has me puzzled completely .... Thankyou ..
Like MobileMe ......
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