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Our updated Privacy Policy takes effect today, March 1. As you use our products, you'll find that it’s the same Google experience that you’re used to, with the same controls. We've shared a few important points to keep in mind on our blog:
Our updated Privacy Policy takes effect today, March 1. As you use our products one thing will be clear: it's the same Google experience that you're used to, with the same controls. And becaus...
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People need to chill about the policy. All the hoopla is from bloggers trying to drive hits to their lame blogs. I'm all for the changes. Keep up the good work +Google
I am fine with this policy change too.
Ian Tang
Woot woot! So excited about this which is going to give us a unified Google experience... the media and lawmakers are making it sound like Google's a bunch of federated companies combined into Google. Everyone on the Internet understands and I've seen so many people question the media and lawmakers. Haha, you have one account, so this makes sense... it's not like you're logging in with different accounts. And plus, it's 1 privacy policy instead of 70... way more transparent and simple. Great job Google!
The new Privacy Policy takes effect and now the people see that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and the usability is simpler and easier.
The question is: where are the disadvantages? Now all people can search to find them:)
I've always been supportive of it. It's made sense. I don't understand where all the hate was coming from. People who just didn't understand, I guess. :P
You do what you want Google. If I put something online, I fully expect you to do something useful with it.
Hopefully, the shitstorm regarding the new policy will die down in the next few weeks.
More why these changes, I would like to understand whether this is a benefit for us users who like the google or a way to take that privacy. Thank you!
I have always trusted in google as my home page, I hope that will protect us then!
+harley anselmo silva , the changes will help us keep track of all our Google accounts. It will make things a lot simpler and easier to use. Google have always had access to our web history and personal details, so it's not like they are suddenly taking away our privacy. Relax, and continue to enjoy Google products!
I wonder if this will open the door for Google Drive to be released shortly.
Kai Barry thank you for your response, I was watching the local newspaper, where experts say the future this may change, but I'm always with Google would like to know if this is necessary.
I'm sure after everyone has read the new Google privacy policy in it's entirety, there will be a mass exodus to Facebook. <snark>
I agree with the comment did not read anything to know if it's something as simple why so many comments from specialists will not be my case more than most people do not like it not.
You know, I have a lot of questions about all this privacy hoopla. I wish they would have explained it better to the users in EXAMPLE format, and had more q/a so we can get a better idea of what is going to happen with our data. I have an insanely scary amount of stuff, which up till now I trusted +Google with, but, I'm still not sure exactly what will happen with all of my data. Even if it's anonymized it's extremely easy to tell that it is my data. I don't have five hours to figure it all out, and, actually, would really enjoy another option aside from just deleting it all. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could pay +Google for their services and then have my data not given out to anyone (or mined/harvested/exploited/used), ever? shrugs I'd also pay to not be subjected to ads.

Options would be nice.
hmm i wonder why these google posts seem to have the same commenters saying the same things?
Im really happy with it, I don't see any problems. If someone doesn't want to be a part of this there is incognito and you can turn your search history off.
+Ben Latterell , it's really impossible to tell anything about an individual user through Google analytics, adwords, and the content delivery network doubleclick. That's what apache logs are for, or statcounter if you're a lazy webmaster).

And you probably couldn't pay enough. As +Jeff Jarvis sez, you are the product, my friend - not the free services.

For example, until apps, the only google customer service number you could find online was for adwords.
Delete and stop web history and stop anonymous data collection -

Install keep my opt outs extension for chrome.

If you want to go further, use a hosts file or adblocker and opendns encrypted lookup. Block third party cookies. Use separate accounts for searches and services. Drop Facebook. Use Tor. Weep as you view ads intended for perverted Europeans and realize you've gone way, way overboard.
Good. Much easier to understand. At last, I have to read one document and decide if it's okay for me or not.
Can anyone see any changes in Google products? I cant see anything unified yet.
Google Dashboard looks the same as before. All Google products that I use in one place.
irish d
+Mohsin Amarjee i don't remember it being that comprehensive. coz i believe that's all there is to it. you have privacy controls in one place. all the data google have of you.

maybe you're thinking of some overnight integration of products. this has been happening already and more will happen as products talk to one another more easily now. but it'll happen over time. at least that's my understanding.

i don't mind this changes coz i anyway have been consolidating all my google apps under one account because i want the integration and hope for more.
I really thought the Google products would change drastically overnight. May be its just media hype. Google just wants to make things easy and simple for us. Thanks +irish d
Thanks for the New Privacy Policy I am waiting for the good, better or best changes.
Thanks for the New Privacy Policy I am waiting for the good, better or best changes.
For me, remembering where the Controls are, and Knowing and remembering, how they are set, can be, bit of a problem !. This, in itself, can impact, on the effect, of my intended communications
If it's alright by Google, then it's alright by me. :-) Google is doing a great job!
I have read the privacy policy. There is nothing in it that Google is not already doing. If you are that touchy about things you have to find ways to get around the new privacy policy. For most of Google's users it is a step towards a more coherent Google user experience. I trust in +google.
Thx +Google for clarifying this confusion sounded like the world was coming to an end with all the craziness blown out of proportion on the social media .. you guys rock!!!
I am happy with new policy. it is good for community(Vasudhaywa Kutumbkam)
All the crap that Google gets for stuff like this is really pissing me off. I don't see how storing the information that I willingly give in one place is a privacy issue... As long as they keep my information private then my privacy has not been compromised, no matter how much of my information they collect. If you're searching or browsing something that you don't want Google to know about, that's what Incognito Mode is for.

Everybody needs to just shut up and let Google continue to change the world, one industry at a time. I'm all for deeply integrated Google Services! If I watch a music video on YouTube, Google Music should know that I like the song. If I started watching it, but stopped it, then it should guess that I didn't like the song.
+Garrad Kiss the "3rd party apps" are apps that use Google's APIs, and they can't access any of your information without asking for it, and you have to give them access. That is nothing new. If anything, it will make their APIs simpler and easier for developers, like myself, which makes your online experience better.
Google is changing the world, and for the better. Go watch their SolveForX videos if you don't believe me.

It is a very simple situation: Google collects information about how you use their products, and uses that information to make your experience more personal. I see nothing wrong with them doing the same thing across multiple products.

Like I said, as long as they keep my private information private, then my privacy has not been compromised.

Now, if they were to go through my computer and create a list of all the programs I have installed, without asking my permission to do so, then we would have a privacy issue.

And "3rd party apps" doesn't just mean Android Apps. It means anything that uses Google's APIs to connect to your account. Have you ever seen a website that let you login using your Google account? It takes you to a Google sign in page, and shows you exactly what information the app is asking for, and asks you if you're okay with it. The app cannot access any more information than what it asks for, and you have complete control over it in your settings.

These apps can also post things to your account, like upload an image to Picasa, or a document to Google Docs, etc. Again, they have to ask for your permission first.
+Garrad Kiss I've edited my "change the world" comment to make my point a little clearer.
Well, I'm sorry for having an opinion! Can you really blame me? Google has been getting this baseless crap for a long time. It's ridiculous! People just need to educate themselves, and not post knee jerk reactions on the tech blogs. It really seems like they're just looking for something to blame Google for.
+Lance Miller I think there are probably many tech writers and 'reporters' who are really sorry they didn't buy Google stock while they could still afford it. Many of them have dug themselves a hole by being critical of Google at every turn, now they'd like to recant, but they can't. Denizens of the web remember stuff. Sorry, the lies they tell to try to devalue Google will fall on the deaf ears of its users.
how long will it be before people actually start to question googles actions...or are we all just too lazy to care...
When Google actually does something worth questioning, we will.
Google, I deleted facebook because they wanted to hold my information forever and wanted to know every stupid thing about everyone. Today I switched to bing as my homepage because I don't my information tracked and kept, and sold. I am not a product. My gmail account will be next if you continue, which I have had for many years.
+Brad WolF I understand the Facebook thing, but switching to Bing is just not smart. If you don't want Google to keep track of your search, then opt out. You can't do it on Facebook, but you sure can on Google. Google collects only the information you give it.
+Carsten Allefeld a group claiming that it might violate something is hardly enough cause to scrap the new policy. Google has done nothing wrong, and their policy doesn't violate anything.
Lance, I don't want my searches melded with my name. While they say they 'won't' be evil, it easily could be used that way. Parania, sure, but so be it. My wife breaks in to my account and I'm in trouble :)
Seriously, +Brad WolF that's what Incognito Mode is for, and you can opt out entirely from Search History. I don't understand why that's such a big deal to people.
No, a private "watchdog" group asked them to postpone it until they figured out if it violated anything. It was not the EU. Google was under no obligation to comply.

It amazes me that people would be so shocked to find out that Google wants to use the data that you give to them!!! Nothing is changing except they can now consolidate the data. There is nothing wrong or 'illegal' about that. The whole point of Google collecting information is to understand how you do things, so they can tailor their products to you. What's so shocking about that?
+Carsten Allefeld & +Brad WolF : I think that before you start using any other site that it might be good practice to sit down with a lawyer and completely review the EULA and Privacy Policies. You'll start to notice a trend in that EVERY site on the internet collects data. And they all combine it into one database for ease of tracking. If you think Google is alone in this, you should reconsider the internet in general. And even going outside for that matter.
And if anyone thinks that it's wrong, or it's a good idea to disable Javascript and cookies in your browser, then they clearly don't understand the internet, or how it works.
Well aware every site collects data. Well aware they can all point back to where it was queried. Some would take longer than others to track and don't have a login with you name and email address to tie it to. Let's say you were at a library and someone was marking down every book you picked up. Would you feel you wanted more privacy?
If you were all alone in a library, and a computer was recording what books you looked at, and used that information to help you find other books you might be interested in, you would be happy. People make it sound like there's a room full of people with your browser window showing on their monitor, and they're just watching your every move. These are computers, not people. Even if a person were to look at the information Google was collecting, they would have no idea what they were looking at.

I want Google to know and understand the way I do things on the internet. It makes them better fit to adapt to my needs, which they do quite well. I would only feel like my privacy was violated if they then sent that information to everyone in my contacts. If your information is kept private, then your privacy is in tact.
+Lance Miller
 And who proves you that GOOGLE(!)  does not send YOUR personal data(where,when and with whom you have been on what occasion ) to people ? Even worst; And who proves you that GOOGLE(!)  does not SELL YOUR personal data(where,when and with whom you have been on what occasion ) to people , even if you set your personal data on private? You should read better buddy because this is EXACTLY what Google DOES!  Your and that of too many others' mindset is so outdated and naive.
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