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The +Google Analytics team just launched Content Experiments, which helps you run experiments on your website to see what page content and designs are most effective. With the help of a setup wizard, you can develop several versions of a webpage, each of which will be shown to different visitors. Analytics then determines which one of those versions is best for your site. (Some of you might recognize this functionality from Website Optimizer, which is now being rolled into Analytics.)

Find more info on the Google Analytics Blog:
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Very cool. It's like having the answers to the test before you take it.
Hope the functionalities remain the same
i dont see any experiment link in the content section...
Good News...but now i am not seeing any experiment link in Google analytics Report...
I'm also not able to see a link to Experiments in my Content section :(
how to setup experiments so all my referrals going to the main page and not to my test page? currently my referrals coming in to the home page but with referral paramter and i don't want my referrals go see the test page yet just organic visitors.
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