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Finding the perfect movie for your next excursion to the theater just got easier, thanks to an improvement that enables you to watch trailers directly from the search results page. For example, if you want to check out all of the movies available in your area, you can search [showtimes nyc] on in English, click the Trailer button next to a listed movie, and the official trailer on YouTube will pop up. If that movie's not your cup of tea, you can click the X in the right-hand corner and watch the other trailers available. The Trailer button is also available if you're searching for a specific movie—say, [finding nemo 3d]. 

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add a "buy ticket" option too next to it.
First things first, are their any GOOD movies in SFO?
RottenTomato or metacritic scores would be nice...
Meh... Plenty of apps for that
getting directed to the theather website of the desired movie just by clicking a button should be very easy.if google can show you wich movies are displayed in the theathers nearby it means they can easily direct you wallet could really come in handy too.
I hope this becomes as global as possible, for example working in all towns in Finland.
So I'd like to know how you got the search results that you got. I've tried searching through Google several times I never get a list of movies the way you do for San Francisco how did you get the listing to come up that way?
Great! And it is also implemented outside North America :-D! Theaters in Aarhus, Denmark are showing:
"Movies for Aarhus
Marie Krøyer
Den skaldede frisør  ‎1hr 40min‎
‎‎Brave  ‎1hr 35min‎
Ted  ‎1hr 36min‎
You & me forever  ‎1hr 23min‎‎‎
+ Show more movies" 

Neat even if some tuning is desirable :-)
+Darrell Ames sometimes these new features are rolled out slowly, so they are released on a limited basis, regionally, signed in users, etc... and other features are only available through searches not google.othercountry.

Not sure if either of these apply in this case or to you, but it might answer your question... I know things like recipe search etc aren't available to me on, so I just go to to get all the features
Awesome! Thanks.
Not useful in my country but i like the trend and i hope someday..
ps: I want to have similar video playback of Youtube videos in Google+ (lightbox style).
hasn't this been the case for a while. i always type movies and my zip code and it seems to work
Ok, this is incredible. I stand corrected. It finds even correctly all the movies showing in Vaasa, Finland and a lot of information about those.

Google never stops to amaze me.
Great feature, search is getting smarter everyday. Though we don't get the trailer option in Istanbul here, i'm sure it will be available soon.
Doesn't load the posters on the mobile site through Google Now :(
Very nice and looks like a great new tool.
Google just keeps getting better and better.
Nice! Would be great if this was rolled into Google Now. Edit: You don't get a nice "card" for results, but still the google results you get on the phone is very good!
Happy birthday! Keep doing what are doing the world needs you we are too closed up keep open the doors to knowledge.
I'm generally a fan of searching by zipcode rather than city. Guess what, it works as well. I like this new SERPs showtimes integration.
'showtimeS' keyword works but 'showtime' doesn't. people can and will use both keywords. Please add 'showtime' as well. Thanks. good work. #feedback  
Pleeeeeeeaaaaase go and see 'Dredd' 2 or 3 D!  I so desperately want to see a sequel made (it's my fav comic character)...but no-one in the states is watching it!'s really bloody good!  And by bloody, I mean there's lots of slow motion of people being killed in gloriously horrific ways :)  what's not to love???
+Michael Harries i know 80-90% folks will try with 'showtimes' but let's think about all 100% :) Thanks for your feedback Michael.
i wanna see house at the end of the street and finding nemo
it is available... put showtime  <your city>.. if trailers are available for those movies
And interestingly it worked at home, but does not work at work here. Tried in chrome and opera. "showtimes istanbul"
Nice addon for SERP.. How about adding 'Ticket Availability' button
The original post is announcing a big move in SERPs more interactive enhanced with rich media so expect to see more in the future from Youtube and the like !
hey guys, is this "trailer button" working only in iOS and Android browser and not visible in Windows Phone? I'm trying to make that new function working on my Lumia and dont see how.
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