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Our U.S. doodle today celebrates Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. 
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freedom is the word and props to all the ones who helped them free
why she look-like Florence Nightingale The Lady of the Lamp؟
+elnaz abasi  HE???  Do you have any idea who Harriet Tubman is?  You might want to Google Harriet Tubman and learn.  If you are unsure of topic, Perform a google search for goodness sakes BEFORE posting something incorrect or possibly offensive.

I realize the people from all over the world have access to and follow various google products, but I doubt "Harriet" is a man's name in any culture.
One of the greatest Americans who ever lived! Thank you Google! 
Also quite probably the most bad-ass American of all time.
wouldn't you hate to be thought or as 'Normal'?  I would.
If you look at the image from a distance ...her shirt looks like a railroad and her sleeves looks like grass surrounding the tracks ...#creative
Miss American Hero
+Google No one better, that I can think of, to honor for their past couragous love and bravery.
I agree.  Then I think about how few people know who Harriett Tubman was.......
One of the greatest Americans to have lived. A little sad there aren't more posts about her. 
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What's amazing is that some kids today have no idea who she was.... Sad
When the Republicans were compassionate.  What made them change?
She was a great woman who was fight for the freedom of slavaries...
How about a doodle that celebrates Motorola? BS.
how about a doodle that celebrates pokemon?
Let's promote a woman who willingly broke the law...just as our current president.
That's amazing. Google keep up the good work.
+Jeremy Brooks WOW!!! I bet your mom is proud of you! Didn't the founders of this country "break the law" when defying England? Does this article have you leaping up and down like rumble stiltskin (?) With smoke pouring from your ears. 
Brought us to freedom and religion
R.I.P and thank you 
Nice tribute. Harriet is still lighting the way since the journey's not done. 
Thanks Google u remember these persons
Thanks google for remember
Thanks for remembering such a special person!
Cool google remember it not just a day, the month has symbolic future if education is applied throughout the year. Other wise one can use a search engine like so and laugh at the homeless black woman, not knowing history.
I am so surprised no one thought it was Samuel L Jackson in drag, lately he'd do anything for a buck..
Some people just don't realize that its not just 1 day
Where have all the brave ones gone???? Great lady
There are some people who have concerns about this picture.  She did wear a scarf what's the big deal? There are other issues that should concern us a a nation other then a scarf.  As if wearing a scarf is negative they can be worn as a fashion statement, too.
.. CELLEBRATING.. sure.. HARRIET .. it is a very story like millons other to really maden history.. 
why dont white people have a day or a month to celebrate like black people do.
Oh my goodness, that is amazing. I think it's so neat
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when i was in 3rd grade we were doing a living history museum thing i wanted to be Harriet Tubman BUT NOOOOOOOOOO my teacher said i couldnt be her because she was BLACK... 
+Austin Pieschel white people have the rest of the year, all we get is one month a year to salvage and share what history we have left.
ha ha its black history month too
Let freedom ring in the united States of America
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