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We are a bit surprised by Twitter's comments about Search plus Your World, because they chose not to renew their agreement with us last summer (, and since then we have observed their rel=nofollow instructions.
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well start your own called gwitter
Well, Twitter let their own search engine squander. And now they complain? lol
I like the "we". This doesn't sound like lawyers speaking!
Warning: This is NOT an official Google page. (I do agree with the comment though.) Just deceptive to say "us."
Cry Me a Twitter, LOL!
Is it, +Travis Wise? I'll believe it if I see the above statement in a press release from Google.
+Mark Traphagen LMAO!!! Where'd you get ur info LMAO Like Google would allow a fake Google on a Google site with thousands of followers LMAO!!
Do I hear the twitter squeel of a company about to go extinct?
Twitter shot themselves on the foot and now they are crying like a small kid.
+Mark Traphagen Google often issues statements in the form of blog entries. Press releases are reserved for more formal announcements like earnings and acquisitions.
irish d
i guess they didn't see this coming.
According to the revelations of an ex-employee which I happened to see shared on g+, the management there currently seems to a bunch of headless chickens running around dreaming up new bird-names & birdcalls regularly, in the hope that they can somehow avert eventual extinction or a sellout.
I didn't realize this wasn't a Google page. After reading some posts, it does seem this poster is being very deceptive. I'd be happy to read posts about Google by a third party, but don't be deceptive.
This is Google's Official Page. Here is some Proof, go to the official G+ Page, and then notice that it follows the Google Page...
Sounds a lot like Facebook's decision not to sync correctly with Android. They'll catch on, the only way we all win is to cooperate through competition, which is a lesson OEMs, publishers, carriers, content creators, and IT companies alike need to learn. Keep fighting the good fight :)
Rajiv Vyas
Twitter didn't know in July that Google would launch + and asked Google to get lost, only to regret later.
Ok, I'll check it out when I get to a computer. Working off my Nexus One right now. Thanks all (didn't mean to hijack the post).
Personally, I like this new search a lot. It's fantastic!
Twitter complaining? They've missed their chance last summer.
The next step is to integrate a Twitter-like plateform on Google+.
Google, Plus is going to skyrocket from now on so you can bring back Realtime feature and include results from here! Twitter, never underestimate Google!
It's a good job this isn't real. Obviously commies put extra drugs in the chemtrails and I'm hallucinating the entire universe. Wake up sheeple! Ron Paul!! RON PAUL!!!
Twitter is so 2010... it's G+ time baby!!
Naval G.
Twitter got greedy.

Twitter wanted Google to promote twitter while also asking Google for money.

Google laughed.

Twitter went to Microsoft and bent over for Bing.

Google laughed harder.

Twitter saw Google+ and crapped its pants.

Twitter complained when Google decided to leverage its biggest asset to promote Goolge+

Twitter bitched.

Google is dying of laughter.
It's amazing what happens to these companies when they feel that they're big enough to control their content. Nobody knows the web like the GOOG. Period.

Next stop "Twitter, powered by Bing"


When did you announced the search plus function?
Why do I have a feeling that Twitter will try to take a revenge by joining forces with Bing? But they lost a big opportunity with Google by not renewing their contract last summer. I really enjoyed the realtime feature.
Twitter's response would have been more coherent if they'd kept it to 140 characters.
meanwhile.. why is there a black bar in the promo shots? and when will that be phased out.. not soon i guess.
discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
First time I've been excited about Google+
I guess whoever updates the Google Google+ (!?) page isn't a lawyer.
+Ed Shahzade ... you can turn personalization off in your settings if it offends you that much.
+Google Just buy twitter than index them and integrate them into G+ and kill facebook
+Ed Shahzade Who slapped who? Twitter used to allow their feeds to be searched on Google until they hopped into bed with Microsoft.
I don't understand Twitter's statement. They're bitter that Google integrates Google+ and Picasa in Search results but not Twitter so they say they have an unfair advantage? Does that mean they think it would help Twitter to have tweets show up in search results? They should have renewed their search deal with Google then. They made a bad business decision and now they're trying to blame someone else for their mistakes.
LOL at twitter. I don't even use my account over there. It's just a bunch of trolling companies begging for people to follow them. Kick their assets Google!
Twitter? You mean the white noise of the Internet? Impossible to 'tune in' to any channel on that thing ;-)
I don't see how anyone (ahem, looking at you, Twitter) can begrudge a commercial entity for not displaying your wares (content), when you won't provide access to these assets. Search is not a public utility or a birthright... provide open access or suffer the free-market consequences.
Xu Chen
those guys in twitter are just nuts
+Jarrod Booth That's not the case at all. It's not as though Twitter said to Google 'hey, please include us, too' - they actually said not to. And now they're whinging.
It's incredible just how you people here jump to conclusions simply because you want to believe in something. It's also saddening to see how G+ has turned into some kind of temple where everybody present worships Google.

There are legitimate concerns with this new move made by Google. Google pretty much owns search worldwide and indexing just their "social" results is at least a little concerning. Of course, they should be allowed to include G+ into Search, but what about all the other social networks out there? I don't mean just Facebook and Twitter, I mean all of them? If they offer Google to let them crawl their services, will Google really do everything they can to make the results as relevant as the results coming from their own G+?

Take a look at this article:
I am still waiting for G+ to something similar(or better) with its other products like Maps, Docs, Books, Blogger etc... Because once all these products are fully integrated with G+, G+ will be website/application that I dream about for years.. Why take so long?
Google says to Twitter .... Bazinga !!!
+Felipe Granja I must be missing something: the private results, I read in various articles, are only visible if you've been involved in the conversation, pic etc. Otherwise only the public conversations are available. Secondly, you need a Google account for this to work. Thirdly, Facebook is doing the exact same thing. I'm not saying that I agree with either Facebook or Google. But I so think it's incredibly naive of people NOT to have seen this coming - gee, Google, plus a social network. The maths aren't hard to do. And just as with Facebook, it is important to remember than anything you say or publish to the Internet could one day become public somehow. So the golden rule still applies: if in doubt, leave it out.
You already told them once to Buzz off. Zing!
It's because they are jealous and know how great of an idea it is!! :D
Twitter suckz anyway... we don't need it at all...
Google - all you can do is copy real-time results from twitter.. Google+ is anyway going down, so will be the quality of your searches - we don't want all this social stuff coming up everywhere - please just focus on your search...
I think twitter and Google+ will have to live on together. I use both products differently. Twitter is for microblogging. If I posted everything on Google+ like I do with twitter a lot of people in my circles would hate it.

Perhaps it would be just a matter of changing the way I use circles...
Wow, explains that. I had noticed my tweets are no longer showing up in Google's indexes, but I didn't know why.

Oh well, all the more reason to use Google+.
+Shaun Inguanzo The main point of my argument is not the privacy concerns but the competition. As I said, Google pretty much owns search and it's using this to propel its social network. It's obvious this was coming and it's also obvious it's going to raise concerns for a lot of people. Do you believe that if Facebook and Twitter allow Google to crawl their networks, they will do so in the most fair way? In this scenario, if I searched for let's say, "Aston Kutcher", which do you think should be the best ranked "social result"? Which do you think it really would be? Google is trying to use its most powerful tool to promote G+. If this wasn't Google, nobody would care. But again, Google completely dominates search. It's somehow similar to Microsoft bundling IE with Windows.
Great job +Amit Singhal BTW some of the postings didn't notice that Google is open to index other social networks like Twitter and FB however they are currently closed networks
Google doing things in their business ways, and bringing some new ideas for people.....
how can a company like twitter complain about it , if they failed in the past to bring search....
All the people using twitter are still using Google to find remember that twitter
The bigger question is whether web be open or proprietary! At the least, some competition is good.
Better if twitter integrates with google. Coz I smell another extinction on the cards.
Twitter should spend more time trying to make photos look as good as Google+ instead of complaining about stuff like this. Who wants to see photos as little links of text? They should try and fix that instead of getting all lathered up about this.
I remember some time ago when I search for something on Google, there were twitter result in a ticker form, and I like it. When I go to Google maps, there were buzz layer with Twitter result, I like that too.
Now the deals are broke because of company's strategic consideration, none of them is happening. I think it is hurting the user experience. I would love to see their deal happens again, just speaking for myself.
Why does Google feel it can talk about anyone else's behavior or that they are entitled to respect as long as they let the Santorum Googlebomb continue? Is that sort of juvenile behavior something we expect from a major corporation?

Wait, I forgot, it's OK to do that because we disagree with his politics.
+Taylor Chung Completely agree with you! Something that bothers me is that people here seem to assume that everything is so simple. Everybody just thinks that Google just went to Twitter, asked to crawl their network and Twitter said "no". So Twitter is stupid. Period. What if Google was making some ridiculous demands that Twitter couldn't accept? Some people here claim that because the deal was broken, Twitter will soon be dead! How absurd is that? Facebook has had no deal with Google and continues to dominate social.

I wonder if that means that the door is open to Twitter and other services getting their results into Search + Your World
Twitter and facebook are gonna get together..
I bet Twitter would do anything for a time machine now
Twitter should have hitched its wagon to Google when they had the chance.Sour grapes much?
+Angel Villagomez Given the high level of stupidity I've seen here in this thread, you almost got me with your trolling! Really liked it!
+Angel Villagomez Realistically speaking, someone was bound to take over the world sooner or later. As far as evil overlords go, I think we could do a lot worse than Google.
Twitter should stop complaining about Google trying to compete and just sell their data like Facebook does with Bing. It's their fault for trying to be the center of the universe. I really like Twitter but that's just lack of business sense. If they didn't like Google's terms for the deal then they should have negotiated. Compete or die -- but don't get all pissy at Google for trying to make their search results more relevant and compete in a very competitive market.

And no, Twitter does not suck as a lot of people have said. It's an important service for a lot of people. They just made a poor decision.
"Google pretty much owns search worldwide"

No they don't. Go use Bing or something, nobody's packing Google in with your computer or your browser and that's all you can use. Go use Facebook if you want to search Facebook, because that's all Facebook allows, that ain't Google's fault. Same with Twitter.
why should Twitter worry? Twitter has their own search feature, so does facebook! use your own search engine to compete with Google. That what I call competition. :D
Precisely....If twitter wants to get indexed (and facebook for that matter), they can just remove their <nofollow> tags on all their links...quite simple really?
I've considered this carefully, and I conclude that Twitter is correct on this point.
Twitter made a poor business decision last summer.
Really I too disappointed with Twitter's decision..
You'll soon find the following definition when typing "twitter" in Google:
Limited and redundant program which purpose has declines ever since the creation of Google+.
Sean G
The only Twitters out there are the ones Not using +Google+ (Twit... Always ment Dumb Ass B4?)
twitter underestimated google plus. The day Google pays twitter 1 billion dollar in annual fees to get twitter data, will be the day internet is saved(as per twitter). Twitter wants to have the cake and eat it too
the real issue I feel is that twitter hasn't yet cracked the business model, despite being popular. They want to force google through media pressure(?) into paying hefty fees for twitter data.
+Felipe Granja you should check out some of my recent posts. +Matt Cutts wrote an excellent article about how it actually integrates other social services like gowalla, wordpress, quora and others into Search plus your world and not just Google+ posts. It will also still search twitter posts that are publicly available. It may help to have more information related to the issues at hand before trying to defend Twitter. I'm not saying that Google didn't screw up by explaining that they will connect with other social products in their release blog post, because they absolutely did, but this one change hurting the web is not true.
I'm quite suprised +Google is responding to this so publicly. But eh, I like it! ;)
Get it over, they are just affraid, nothing more!!! ;)

Like Jeff Jarvis said, I think it's time for a GOOD API. :)
I also don't see what's the big fuzz, the only difference I see now, it's that it's all MORE TRANSPARENT. It's been a long time since we can see how some search results are related to +1's, in fact, it's even better now for twitter because Google users can turn off those results in one click, they should be happy instead for the transparency
Let me see if I've got this straight. The trail is a bit difficult to follow as alluded to in this article, the above lead in for which ends in a line of gibberish. (observed their rel=nofollow instructions). Twitter purposely allowed their agreement with Google to lapse yet it's now speaking out stating Google is failing to include the very Twitter info that Twitter itself refused beginning last July, to provide? Is that the gist of it?
Twitter is not an opponent for Twitter...Twitter is Giant.....Believe in God...Trust in Google.......Never change.....
Someone said (you know who) that Google has erred on this one, since Google should have first asked FB and Twitter, giving them a chance to reconsider their decision owing to the change.

What??? Why only ask FB and twitter? Why not Linkedin? How about Big Adda? and many other site.... Its not Google's responsibility to include others.
Hah... but tell Cook you still have a fragmentation problem with Android - the popularity of the Nexus has shown that (despite Verizon really working to kill it). The difference is this: variety/options means I can put any OS overlay I want on my phone, fragmentation means losing my warranty if I don't like the manufacturer mods or delete a program directly supporting violence and sexism from my RAZR.
If it has the option to exclude g+ contacts then it's fine. I dont want to see recommendations from Samsung when I search for tv's
I love Twitter, but not choosing Google for the firehose deal just boggles the mind.
+Saravana Kumar Karthikeyan then so far I am safe, but I can't imagine it to be the point of the new update. When I search for a great hotel to stay on vacation, I want my friends reccomendations or some "unbiased" reviewers opinion. Not someone who benefits from recommending a certain hotel.

note to self: Don't follow hotels on G+
Ah who cares :D Google is still PWNING on the internet ;)
I use Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

I don't post much to Twitter, because most of that happens on Facebook, and I have more space. If I'm at work, I use Google Plus for stuff I find online, since it's not blocked like Facebook or Twitter.

When do I search Twitter? Hashtags. How do I search Twitter? Via Google on Google Chrome, so I get other sources as well.
Not renewing the deal with google was the biggest mistake, twitter EVER did.
If Twitter didn't renew the deal, then why should they complain? Google create it's search engine, and can do whatever they want with it.
Why should we feel sorry for Facebook and Twitter? they're the ones who make their sites uncrawlable. Remember "open web standards"?
After they stopped the realtime search, more than one year of Twitter was not searchable via Google anymore. Google simply dropped the whole index since the beginning of Realtime Search.
Hypocrisy at it's finest!
At the time Twiiter will let google put back the real time search of content plus twitter google + disappears
I use twitter and g+ frequently, but I use them for different purposes, as do most of my friends. however I will always stand by Google's side
+Andrew Maxwell All this just shows how Google is using this project just to give a push to their social network. Google has billions of Twitter pages indexed and still won't do anything with them ( Why? Why only their own social network is getting integrated into Search? The same thing goes to Facebook ( If I look up "music" why can't I have Facebook or Twitter pages related to music recommended to me? They will probably be much more relevant to most people than G+ results anyways. Google can do a lot with what they have at hand. They choose not to.
World is being more and more little. But fighting will be more and more big.
Cam Tam
I find that funny. Almost sounds like they have an inferiority complex. I never use that site; it's a huge waste of time.
I remember when twitter bailed out of the firehose, thought it was a dumb move back then. "Google realtime" search was nice. Twitter, stop bitching, you snooze, you lose.
I miss the old realtime search for twitter, I used it all the time. I remember being upset when it disappeared. Too bad for them I guess :P
I'm one for using whatever tools I need to get the specific job done. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ all have different uses to different people. I would argue though that Twitter out of the 3 examples I listed is most limited in capability. Because of this, they won't want competition. They have less leverage. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it clear by now how Twitter makes its money? So I can understand their worries.

This is off-topic but regarding Google's openness as a company, one thing I noticed instantly was with Google's Chrome browser. You could easily change the default search engine other than Google. It wasn't buried deep down somewhere in options to do it. That tells you that they don't fear competition, they actually welcome it. So this is why Twitter is not as welcoming to competition, they are cornered with no apparent alley to escape to as Plan B.
So be it. I don't like to search Twitter at all. I open Google Search more often than Twitter since I never close it.
BOL!! Bark Out Loud Twitter!!
I agree with +michel prins ... Google should start their own Twitter services .... Keep it in the family
Ok, i see the problem... But what about other social networks like Identica, Linkedin, Diaspora, and beyond??
What is this ? What am I writing on right now ? A Facebook wall ? A list of Tweets ? What's happening ?
Twitter is such a hypocrit.
If twitter does a nofollow then why should I share my links? Are they brain dead?
Brett C
Twitter sucks to start with. Ignore the Internet uproar and continue with the good work.
hahaha the twatters are whiners. Cry me a bloody river, haven't they shafted their devs not long ago?
Instead of whining like the b*tches that they are, Twitter should think about re-engaging with Google and trying to tie into social search results like they had done in the past. They could probably even negotiate some sort of mutually beneficial deal where both parties would see an increase in ad revenue...
I hope everything goes well for google im really liking +world...and for the ppl that dont their is a option right on on the page itself to turn it of idk whats the big deal.... .twitter and Facebook are just scare cuz google+ is getting traction

Twitter haters unite and rejoice!!
Do Google + users post in it for updating news as in realtime as Twitter..? I think not much as Twitter.. Are such news feeds are really broadcasted as feeds across the web. Without logging in to Google+ Page or Appcan we see the news feeds in some other common means.. (except google search) ? I think NO to all..
No one gives a sh!t about google + .... the android market place forces people to register to use it.   so please all you tards that waste your time here, you are not special and please kill yourselves.  thank you.
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