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You ask Google a question, and you instantly get an answer. But what happens between the time you hit "search" and see your results? On our new site, How Search Works (, you can follow the entire life of a search query, from the web, to crawling and indexing, to algorithmic ranking and serving, to fighting webspam.

The animated site is available today in English and there's also a text-only version in 43 languages.
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It is amazing !

By the way, in the 631 seconds I've been on this page, approximately 24,343,980 searches were performed. :)
Thank you Google for being a verb and a noun.  As a company you have changed the world!
We ask Google a question and it gives link to website which answers our question :P
+Deepak Kamat sometimes you get the answer straight from google.  Search for "5+3" for a trivial example, or "Kevin Bacon" for something less trivial.
i really love the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Google, many people might ask when it comes to search results what is the point of telling us the number of returned links to the query when we can't access every single one of those links?  You only give us the tiniest fraction to access.  The number is more trivial and not useful more than anything else, almost like some kind of marketing ploy. I'm assuming it's because most people don't look beyond the small number of links you give access to but if that's the case you might as well only give the first 2 pages of search results because most people don't look beyond that either.
100 million gigabytes in 1/8th of a second... say no more.

This is why I like Google. They give you information about stuff and not make it up.
I have read about Google search, the crawling, indexing and how it works before and it really is an amazing thing of beauty and technology. Google search has served my websites well and all for free!!! 
All these sites confuse me, and I don't know what every site for, but, I will keep on trying to figure out what I am doing. If I fuck up, I fuck up. If not, wonderful.
Please add the images to the site. They are all blank now, not even a "src" attribute.
I always wanted to know, how searching the whole world via internet could be so much faster then locally searching files on my harddisk or e-mails on my IMAP account.
I always thought Google was just in my head 
I too have a question a big one*

URL with noindex still shown by GWT in HTML Improvements for duplicate meta tags?
I have implemented noindex, nofollow tag in all of my add_to_cart URLs for shopping site but they are still being shown in GWT HTML Improvements under duplicate meta tags for their respective pages.
For instance, i have a product page and add_to_cart value URL page of it:


I have implemented noindex, nofollow in above add_to_cart url but GWT still showing it. Can anyone help me with this issue.
You locked me out of internet services.....because i entered the username,&you siad the password was not correct...for days at a time...that is why i sought out chrome.....why?
Any idea when google is launching its new phone Nexus 5 ?
any one know anything about seizures in english bulldog puppys i need to know what recominded  starter dose of gabapentin /neurontin would be for a 6 mts old 25pds pup can anyone please give me a anwser or tell me were i could find out for free 
What kind of charges could I get if a percocet was found in my car when I got pulled over?
Dear google when can you guy's change the ariel imagery of the peninsula because when i zoom in all the way to see my house the image is 4 years old. 
I am working in a private bank. I  am  not able to flag branches  which have already been named .
How to flag multiple locations in google map?
Can i flag them as A,B,C,D?
Will it be updated when i track my location through google latitude?
how do i see back up photos
How much time an inmate get for 2 or more misconduct 
My motor vehicle report was some how joined with my identical twin brothers. I have a clean record, my twin doesn't. insurances companies wont cover me because of his suspended license. What will i need to do to get this fixed?
How do I ask a question and get a answer?
How does browsing without touching in s4 works

can yuvraj play against Austerlia ODI Series 2013
There is a old movie for 3 kids and their small sister who find a red magic stick which gives them anything they wish and there is 3 guys against them they take the magic stick and make a war anyone know that movie name ? Its 2003-2005 I guess
S Mehdi
Germanium lotion purpose for use

What is the age to not use carsit for kids
How can I recover lost data after laptop formatting . Is it possible? 
How I just want to ask that
If once you used glutathione, do you need to take it the rest of your life?
And for example, after 3 months your skin got lighter and brighter, and if you stop using glutathione, is your original color will come back?
guys.... why my computer always minimize, when i play the game.....  guys..... please help me..... i need answers ASAP....
I need to know what web i can go to download to a chip
what do you call the fear of dark
Why when we type person, man or woman in google search box only white people appear?
How do I find out info on number keeps call that is not in directory? 
do they make extended magazine for socom 1911 airsoft
Where can I find a rode ntk power supply. I tried calling rode and they said I cant get one because I got it from someone else. I also try ebay and found one on there but didn't work. 
Are Google and T-mobile Album affiliated? I'm trying to recover some photos that were transferred to google drive.
can anyone tell me where can i find notes about type 1 chebyshev high pass filter 
Can a new basketball player join the basketball team

how do i set up a mailing  list on gmail
Why would ups deliver me mail from the department if revenue?

عندى مشكلة فى ال boot menu كل ماتك f12 بتظهرلى القائمة بس مافيش وﻻ زرار شغال زى الاتجهات و الأنتر
this is not satisfatory answer i hv 2 say that facebook app downloaded by nokia in my app folder is not opening nor it can b deleted or download other one. What i hv 2 do?. . .
Is android 4.4 is available for nexus 7.2????if it is not then is there any chance to get this and when.
If I want to use Google translate classic it disappeared before I can use it?
amy cao
Us this helpful

Can i use my old google verification code ? if i haven't my phone and backup codes ?
If you was on a date with the lady and she asked you to buy a pack of cigarettes for for her what would you do?
What is the benefit to drink tomato juice
Please can you make a word out these letters ngcvnvraaiav 
Does this sentense make sense to you people and is it understable
Could anyone translate it to arabic plz.this sentense says,

your self is like a donkey if you rode it,it would carry yoy but if it rode you ,it would kill you
Hello, I'm Bater from jordan
my old is 17 year !!
plzz add me in your whatsapp
I Need Help ): I Was On The Pill For 4 Months On My Last Pack I Would Start Forgetting To Take It Once In A While Till I Finally Stopped A Week Before I Finished That Pack, I Had My Period Regularly On The 30th Of November & Ended On December 2nd. 5 Days Later I Had Unprotected Sex & He Finished Inside Of Me. 5 Days After I Start Spotting. Could That Be Side Effects Of Sudden Stop Of My Birth Control Pills Or Could I Be Pregnant?
I have a problem, my email on Yahoo some one tried to open it from long time so Yahoo sent to me to change the password, I changed it and I forgot it, I tried to open my email do not open, Yahoo asked me some questions and I answered it so the Email opened, but a message sent to me like this: ( although the main window closed the messages will sent to you continuously, I want to reset the password again and the position come back as an oiginal, please send to me the answer on email :
Thank your for your help
Curious on somewhat new rappers that rap the style of everyday thoughts. I'll admit tyga is dope with rhymes, but I like vyvanse and weed thoughts about real life struggles insites and just blowing your mind like rap was created to be
does Google have a sale site on here where you can sell personal items like you can on Facebook and Craigslist
Thank you for your interest, I found a way : I clicked on I forgot the password and the Yahoo asked me a secure question and I answered it and opened to me to fill a new password
Thank you for your intererst
With my complements
this was not helpful. because my gmail get all of my inbox is and I don't
want it going to my gmail only like to use that email for when I'm
purchasing something off of Google Play
Can I record onto a DVD recorder from my GE Wireless Security,
Who was the mother on70's tv show Family
can you tell me the source code ?

The English Premier League (EPL) is the main sporting event in England each year. The game is
called Soccer in Australia because we play 4 different types of football; however, most of the world
simply refer to the game as Football. The Premier League has lost the source code for the program
that reports the current table of team standings. Normally, this would not cause problems because
the compiled program will continue to work until the end of the current season, whereupon it can be
However, there is a need to report on the relative positions of the teams just including the results
from late September or October onwards on a month by month basis (or maybe two months at a
time), so clubs can know which Managers possibly need to be replaced – something that happens
regularly when a team is under
performing. So, the program needs to be re-written in its simplest
possible form to supply this information. The program will just use simple text files for input.
You will need to write a program that allows the league to feed in a simple text file of individual
match results and produce lists that are ordered alphabetically, as well as, in team performance
For the Premier League, we will use shortened team names. There are 20 teams.
mail me -
Any mechanics or panel beaters out there who knows roughly how much time and labour cost to fit a drivers door to a 2008 Honda civic. thanks
its ok google im naturally stressed any way.
Google, now I changed my mp3 loud speakers and bought WiFi speakers, very happy for it , my only problem I can't dumb my iPad because tunein do not have a button to connect via DNLA, can't you push your app makers to speed it up , tired of using my apple instead of going full android 
The English Premier League (EPL) is the main sporting event in England
each year. The game is
called Soccer in Australia because we play 4 different types of
football; however, most of the world
simply refer to the game as Football. The Premier League has lost the
source code for the program
that reports the current table of team standings. Normally, this would
not cause problems because
the compiled program will continue to work until the end of the
current season, whereupon it can be
However, there is a need to report on the relative positions of the
teams just including the results
from late September or October onwards on a month by month basis (or
maybe two months at a
time), so clubs can know which Managers possibly need to be replaced –
something that happens
regularly when a team is under performing. So, the program needs to be
re-written in its simplest
possible form to supply this information. The program will just use
simple text files for input.
You will need to write a program that allows the league to feed in a
simple text file of individual
match results and produce lists that are ordered alphabetically, as
well as, in team performance
For the Premier League, we will use shortened team names. There are 20 teams. ?

i have written source code for this program but i need comments with
program to complete this c programing question ?
how can you get help recovering an e-mail address if you do not remeber all the info from that account.
How do I change my signature at the bottom of my out going email?
I have a  problem in google map. Its working fine with separate pages. But when I am integrating it in my website tie GUI of the zoom in and zoom out bar if changed. Its completely out of the real design. I am not able to find any problem. Can I know the reason for that? 
What year did american Olympic figure skater's head get sliced open
National women kickball association or national womens kickball association which is correct?
Were in the business of flipping houses, but we do all of our own labor and expenses (cash, no loan). Can we deduct our labor from capitol gain? 
How do I fix Blogger? It's not working for me.
I was wondering if I could drive a dirt bike to the store at the age of 14 in logan Utah

I was wondering if I could drive a dirt bike to the store at the age of 14 in logan Utah

Did John Thompson ever play for green bay packers
i have some problem  i wana talk with you
when is google play store coming to sweden ( devices)
A wheel rotates 1 degree at each interval. If the wheel rotates through 270 intervals, how many degrees has it turned?
how can i hack wechat account? plzz give me real suggestion
How can I place your gaget, REVOLVER MAPS on my website without having it trigger an alert due to links in the code which are directed to unsecured sites? All that is needed is to replace these http sites with a counterpart https. Any suggestions?
How do I access chase bank accounts by last four numbers of account

I have a site which is split into 4 distinct areas and I want to use the correct Google+ publisher information for each area.  However the tag I am gived has to go on thje sire home page and that already has a publisher.  Anyone know how I can give a publisher to a directory area please ?
Brian has some boxes of paper clips some boxes hold 10 clips and some boxes hold 100 he has some paper clips leftover he has 3 more boxes with 100 paper clips then he has boxes with 10 paper clips he has who your paper clip leftovers then he has numbers of Boxee with 100 paper clips what number of paper clips could he have
I had this crazy dream that my older brother was climbing up a latter crying about how perfect he thinks his girlfriend is but it was weird cause he was also saying how she's playing him and how she doesn't love him,What does this mean.
I need help !! i need to find out about a baseball player signature ASAP !! How can i do it google photos doesnt recognize the photo and i need to know ASAP if it has a value and who is it! anyone knows??? HELP!!
I need some help. my phone automatically switches to ROAMING ( though I've read somewhere and it says it changes the. charges but it not the case.) my feeling is that maybe am being tracked.
I've observed this for a month and when ever I call someone it switches to roaming. my qn is " could it be that someone is tacking me?!"

plse reply me at " "
Can any one help me.. I made a gamil account for one of my page in gplus. And i accidentally edited its name to some another.  And i was not able to change it back to its original name. So i decided to delete the account and start a new gmail account with the same username. But it says "Someone already has that username. Try another?" how can i get the same username.. Pls help !!
My nexus 5 screen drain too much battery even when its on the lowest brightness
Help please?
I'm a veteran that made a comment on a Google blog and following the comment I was told that only marine corps members can leave comments I had no idea Google had private blogs
How many rounds is a three point contest
Peter M
how many total miles of road and/or trails are in google maps? or bing or yahoo or mapquest
What game looks similar to rugby but is on a round field?
I took a xanax bar lastnight an I just found out I have to take a urine test tomorrow, not for probation or anything but I need to know how long it stay in my urine. I weigh 115 I drink lots of water. Any help
What is a good age to allow my kids to have a Facebook? 
Leas to diplomats in Canberra 
are girls hoensee on their period? my sister has told me she has been and I wanted to know if that was truw
Does anybody can"t give me just ONE reason-JUST ONE and told me why my BLOG are ADULT content? BLOG about health,fitness,wellnes is ADULT????
I work in a small room with another guy that works days and I work nights I'm a big guy but he is bigger than me he leaves the chair we sit in extremely stinky like he doesn't wipe his ass and the stink gets on my clotbes
what do I do to


Can u get camera flash on your samsumg galaxy note tablet 10 inch
I have a question, I work good thing computers, tv, and phones etc... I want a job at google that has to do with that stuff... Were do I start? Help
My dad and I are taking a road trip to Magic Mountain this June from states away. I've got the lodging covered however, I'm looking for the cheapest Magic mountain tickets possible. Help!
hello sir, i'm from bangladesh and it's always been my dream to work at google. i just wanted to know will i face any country discrimination if i apply?
What branch of military service can I enlist that do not employed in
to fighting
Find an antique appraiser for Carlsbad tea cup & saucer
google should have a site for honest questions to politicians i think withe the elections coming up it would serve a good purpose
Lost tablet and found if I turn on will lock and erase

Whats the price range for homes sold at 9351 willedee circle north semmes, Alabama 36575
A large open tank has two holes in the wall. One is square hole of side ''L''  At  depth ''Y'' from the top and is circular of radius ''R'' and depth is from the top is completely filled with water . If flow of water starts then R  will be ? 
How old do u have to be to become famous.I was wondering,were do u have to live to become famous also????
Sun G
How to fix an Aldi 2002 hood latch that is stuck
I have been convicted of a felony perjury case for not reporting my husband had a prior criminal record, his sister called section 8 on me and to top it off my minor son was just put on probation. Well housing told me due to that I committed perjury and defrauding section 8 they are asking me to repay 26,000, felony probation, house arrest and community service. They are also trying to give me a year in county jail. I have never been in trouble and I don't have a criminal record I am a full-time student and work as a nurse assistant. I need some help what can I do.
I would like to view my acct. With gogel. How do I do that?
I was playing delicious true love and i thought there were more games to play and it wasnt i gad already paid to play the whole game this morning i paid 199 again thinking theres more to play and it wasnt so please return my money please
I want become a successful person can anybody give me some ideas for success
My other phone need Google mms/small sent to it 5135017209

I need your search result page source code,can you please tell me the how to access google search result source code in a variable through .net using c#
What to put on a ear when Peirced by ypurself
vri 9ice bt i want 2knw which state in Nigeria is the biggest 
Google do you have any friends u
What does it mean when zombies chasing you in your dream
From my IMS Audit - Identifying and communicating the importance of the QHSE to your entire department?
How many teeth do children loose before getting wisdom teeth?
My name is Timothy Cline, I rate the Apps on the Play Store wich I Love doing,it is Great. I found Apps for Broward County Commissioners. To my Amazement no one in Broward County to have no Ideal that the App Exist, the App gives every one with it Downloaded all of the Resoures the County has to offer,I have down loaded menu As apps on people phone to there Amazement. Can I do some Advertising for Google,can I Charge people to show them? Timothy Cline 
Can some one contact me@
hi, any of you can help me with root on lenovo A396?
hit me at
i have a problem in google analytic code i have added it to my header but until i refresh my site i did not see traffic… after refresh my page i can see that some one visit that page please help me out that i can see my traffic without refresh
thanks in advanced
I never did get an answer to my question which was days ago.......?
My 2004 dodge neon has multiple cylinder misfire
jay kay
Looking for a reggae song it's a remake of Valerie carter trying to get to you sung by a female reggae vocalist 
I accidentally bought something may I please get my money back? It was a recent book I thought it was something else 
I have a computer that doesn't have internet is there a way to connect my computer without a cable

Address : 1c Portland Place, Regent St, London W1B 1JA, United Kingdom
City : London
Zip code : W1B1JA
Phone : +447011147509London for the position of ( Security Officer ) Hilton Hotel & Resort.

Attachments5:16 PM (4 hours ago)

Address : 1c Portland Place, Regent St, London W1B 1JA, United Kingdom
City : London
Zip code : W1B1JA
Phone : +447011147509

Dear Satish Tamang,

Thank you for your email and send it also responds to an interview of United Kingdom
questionnaire of the address of the hotel has been found to be satisfactory.
Kindly attached the letter of offer of employment contract.

You are carefully reading the letter of contract of employment and if
all is well with you, sign and send the signed contract of the Charter.
Also, since you are a citizen of the EU with a EU passport, you can
be eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

I'd also like to know if you have the following documents below.
already paramilitaries have in its possession prior to your arrival
here in the United Kingdom to resume Office.

Certification of Foreign Affairs
National number of insurance (NIN) (if you don't have any)
Their Majesty and customs (HMRC) income certificate EU

If you don't have the documentation registered above and below, it is
It is recommended that you communicate with the "HM Revenue &" using customs
the below given contact information, as well as processed as soon as possible
and sent to the address designated above along with your flight ticket.

Below are the contact details for the limits of the Agency of the United Kingdom.
Remember that the expenses will also be reimbursed make in the process of registration of documents
you join as soon as you submit your expense report. 

You are advice to contact and send an email to below UK BORDER INFORMATION to enable
 them to respond to your email and let you know on how you are to facilitate your ( VISA AND

Please contact ( UK BORDER AGENCY ) below for your proceesing of your ( Visa & Working Permit )  immediately.

UK Border Agency
Address: Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road,
Croydon, Surrey CR9 2BY

Remember that the expenses will also be reimbursed make in the process of registration of documents
you join as soon as you submit your expense report.

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Mr Smith Walter
Hilton Hotel & Resort
+Joseph Nguyen Do what I do. Make enquiries at Mobile Phone shops. A number of them (T-Mobile, Virgin, 3 mobile etc.) can provide you with a dongle which you can use both at home or on the move to give you internet access. 
Kya koi Indian women v apni pti k n rhne pr b dusre boy se sex krbati h
Where can I find an origional small digital image of a old greek text or codex.
Ich will ein Kommentar bearbeiten zvon Thommas oeffentlich der schoenste den er auf lager hat fuer georgette hoffmann

Is it necessary to always find blood when you break your virginity
does xbox will work if i remove the hard driver
There a song I heard on the radio that sounds like the song latch by Sam Smith but it's more like the 90s kinda R&D classic and actually it has the same melody and the same lyrics is if it's a cover or a remix or the original all I need to know is the name of the song
How does economic sectors could be affected by importation of cars
does anyone know if jeff the killer is real or fake
How much is 30000 all my year and how much will you receive every two weeks
What Time Does Detroit lions play Today 
Wh@t are props in decoration
How high is pikes peak
I want to know if eny body knows how I can get hold of a super eight cine projector ..prezzie xxx 
Su Hsu
Dear all. is there any one who can give me a general information about Mrtvica River of  Montenegro.  need it so badly.  thanks,.......
كيفية نسخ كتابة من تمبلر بهاتف 
Why can't 13 year old kids have sex if they do it legally

What products compete with a fitness app in a health and fitness center?
What's it all about .I have had enough of this life .It's always dealing me a shite hand ah think it's time to call it a day ...xxxx
What the difference between dodge challenger rxt, srt8 ,& se
what is the best product to treat Ichthyosis vulgaris
How to find female escorts, call girls, college girls in 5 star hotels and VIP areas of Chennai?
its very simple to find escorts girls in Chennai directly call at 08505970752 at any time
hello my name is peter and i want to know how to make gypsum as cement and the way of hardening
so. i need help here please
thx for all
hello.. im liza.. i am confused with the calculation in my quote for customer. I just need to know the explanation.

For example..
Item A cost $100. we have 25% margin 
computation is like this : 100 divided by .75 = 133.33
Then they want me to add more 20% for (freight and bank fee )
so 133.33 divided by .80 = 166.66

But i've tried another computation which i added our margin 25% and 20%

Item A cost $100
COmputation: 100 divided by .55 = 181.81.

Just want to know why i didnt have same calculation though as you will see i added 45% more in the actual cost.

Please help! Thanks in advance. :)
Question: I own a travel agency. I can sell all over the US and Canada. How do I indicate in my profile? It either allows me to say I just deliver services to my location or withing a certain number of miles.  Appreciate any advice. Many thanks@
True or false accounts receivable by definition are all unpaid balance is due from patients for services rendered
There are 100 people at a party in the hotel. You have the cnioce of three types of table 1 table 92cm wide × 305 cm long 10 people seated table 2 183cm diameter 5 people seated table 3 92cm wide ×92 cm long 4 people seated
What is the average cost of a bumper to bumper extended warranty for a Subaru STI? 
I lost my phone about 4 months ago. I recently purchased a new one and what I would like to know is, my old schedule I had on my old phone is now on this one and it has to be that google saved it for me and I was wondering is it possible for Me/Google to retrieve my "CONTACTS" ALSO?
how can I get Google Earth live is it possible
can someone tell me a good hook that can relate to the positive and negative effects of leaving home ?
I'm an new comer
I have a doubt also I'm confused
What is the best choice of subject after 10th??
Can any body briefly tell me about science after 10th ?
What to get a twelve year old boy who has everything 
I want to no if I have to open a paid account to use Google gif
Hello everyone
i like to start a website which i can income online and same time make it popular
i like to investment but want make something really good people can enjoy
i need suggestion what type of site do i have to make what kind of website
please share your opinion
thank you
Hi, google search engine is getting directed to unisales search engine. It is a malware?

The extension tab is not showing any such extension. When I reset my browser settings, it becomes fine. But as soon as i sign into my gmail account, Unisales ad pops up. Is there any problem with the gmail account. I have used adwcleaner and malwarebytes . But these are of no use.
I want to buy a new phone with the bring your own phone plan from net10wireless, but before i buy a new device i need to know for sure if it will work with net10. I can easily find out if itll work on the net10 website but i need the imei number off of the device i chose. Since i do not own it yet how can i check that number?
I asked a question, paid the asked for fee and they hung up????????.
What does the law states for Oklahoma City Oklahoma if I am married and my wife give birth to a child that is not mine what right do I have to claim denial of this child and not support this child what are my right
How do you power on the HTC desiser 510 with a broken power botton is there a way around that
Hellen is debies mother and barrys rileys mo.
Ive looked in my gallery, my drive, my downloads & still I can't find a group of personal photos. Can you help me?
2002 Toyota rav4 Wanted to put on a 17" inch rims but need to get a well adapter how can I get the right one for it??
Why can I not use Google play????????
I take two pregnancy test and they were both positive but I don't have morning sickness do you think im pregnant 
10 biosocial factors recognized by the biosocial theory? (Criminal Justice) 
Hi ive recently ereased my phone bcs i had yo get my screen fixed and i did look on my google plus and my pictures were backed up and now when ive downloaded my gogle plus i lost lots of pictures i dont know if i done something wrong but can i get them back anyway ??i didnt delete any of them just cant find them ; ( im gutted pls help
Don't know if I am directed to Google but I would like to ask Google a question if all possible is there a cell phone that if all possible.I could take a picture of something will Google identified it.
I need help like now I need to know if I'm pregnant or not
to google docs. writing papers for school and need a thesaurus. Is there a proof reader for my papers that can improve the grammar? Maybe like paper rater.
In January 2014, I had my first root canal. I was having intermittent sensitivity and pain months later, my dentist has filed my tooth several times on scheduled cleanings when I said the tooth still hurt, he xrayed it, said it wasn't cracked. He didn't want to put a crown on it until my tooth quit hurting, but it stills hurts randomly like a toothache. I don't want to be a pest, but what are my
options to ask for. I don't want to hurt the dentist feelings or make him mad. But my tooth hurts almost 1.5 years later and I know I need to get a crown on it. Please advise.
Is there a way to use the voice command for voice input on a computer like I can on my Android device question
So in February I had sex but protected!!! And after we had sex for the second time my boyfriend left me. I am 24 days late since my last period and I'm on antipsychotics for bipolar and depression. My doctors said to not take the pills if you get pregnant. My mom woulnt really say anything if I ask for a test but my stepdad is always yelling at me calling me a slut since I lost my virginity and says I'm gonna end up pregnant and I say I'm not but the only symptoms I've had is fatigue sleepyness and like idk how to explain but I have like tiny spotting but no period and constapation ?
hey going camping is weekend in cali but not trying to pay 12$ a night for a campsite anyone know good camping place for free ??? and that is about hour from LA ??? 
If I had two billion dollars and divided up between six million people how much each would they get
Kill Go
When will otter box make a case for the nexus 6
Is it pasable tht you can train a cat?
ما هو الشيء الذي اذا حدثته يسمعك واذا حدثك لا تسمعه اذا مشي معك في النهار تمسكه واذا امسكته بعد الغروب يحترق وله في كل مدينه زوجه ولا يلد الا البنات ياكل الحجر وشرب المطر ولا يوجد في عهد الرسول 
I am interested in a very nice Audi A6 2008 with 107000 miles I have never had an Audi so I was wondering how expensive is it to maintain from 100000 miles
Ok google, how do you say Hello Sid in arabic
غثس رعف هب غحع سشع هف هو شقشرهء هقس حرؤهحعسطغ تحهون فح رث يهببثقثوغ هوهف
I cant only see pic till a cetain date but i dont see all my pic
i got 32433 catogery rank and 58 marks can i get admission in mbbs
Any body no about a jeep liberty 2003 3.7 liter,don't want to star,it looks like electrical problem but all the fuse ok.
Please someone can help me out. :(
My friend has (Restricted) me on Google+ I want to know the reason that why she did that to me... How can i contact her? :(
Please someone help me... :(
Please.... I will always remain grateful & Thankful to the person who helped me out in this trouble situation. :(
Please... Someone. :(
Ive been experiencing a pain in my right pelvic, cramps, tender breast, nausea, headaches, sometimes insomnia. I know my body and had never experience these symptoms even when my period is due except tender breast n cramps. I usually crave sweets n get a zit and thats it. I thought i was pregnant due to the systems. These were all for a week long....then today my period came but i usually flow heavy right away. Not this time...feeling like blah n my period isnt flowing heavy. Im javing cramps and still have this cramping on my right pelic area on top the a little sad bc i truly thought i was pregnant n ive experienced those symptoms with my daughter except the cramping in my pelvis. Was i having symptoms bc i thought i was pregnant or can i possibly be shocked my period came bc i sworn i was pregnant. Took a test this morning and it came out it possible to im pregnant? But what explains the pelvic pain. 
1984 GM Greyhound bus transmission stuck in reverse how do I fix
I have resigned current employer, there is 1 month notice period and they not realise me as per month notice period.and I have also given joining date to new employer. What should I do? 
How long will meth stay in my system? Took a couple hits and i weigh 160 and im 6'0 amd workout alot and drink lots lf water i am not fat and my metobolism is super fast
Is it safe to visit istanbul during August 
A British prime minister come off from poor family 
I need to know the value of a QUEEN ELIZABETH II D.G.REG.F.D twenty pence coin year is 1983. Its in perfect condition. I cant find much detail or facts about this picific year for this coin.
what is the value of antenna gain of gsm communication mast in Nigeria?
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ICQ Account
I am using a software called "hi5" in which everyone has his own value & when the value crosses 12 numbers than It shows sign of "U" with numbers. what is the meaning of this "U"? +Google​
Why is my ttr 90 smoking very bad
Why is the color on my dashboard table report widget font changing to white when I e-mail it to my clients?
Google I do know my email but I change phone numbers and somehow I did we set up a password but it will not accept it could you please help me get it back
I don't like when I buy more life when playing a game.. It's don't ask for my password anybody game play on my account 
How will you solve a conflict with your co worker
My website is being blocked from my employer's internal network firewall (SonicWall) because the category is labeled as Pornography. Before i purchased the domain, the domain was once a porn site. But when i bought it i turned it into a halloween site. How do i remove the category: pornography from my domain? 
J wu
So when I ask "What do electrical signals in the brainstem look like?", how come nothing relevant comes up?
Pep Boys number Google on Liberty Road
Can Google change the location name of "Villa Emilia Subdivision" from Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines to Porac, Pampanga, Philippines? be exact is Manibaug Paralaya, Porac, Pampanga, Philippines!
Can a complete heart block change to intermittent heart block
I have a tattoo and I want to know what it means. Can I send a picture?
Name drs in Sussex county de who prescribe med marijuana
My photos were stored on Google but when my phone updated now there all gone..the only pics in my back up storage are recent plus taken in the last week..very upset...i had irreplaceable pics and the back up was supposed to be my protection..wth
what are the pilot certifications equivalent
How can you make97$per hour working with Google +
Can you help need to know if l as a disabled person can have a disabled bay put on a main road in front of my house I pay for it
I don't know if this is the right place to ask i have Cpro app (craigslist ) on my iphone i even paid for that app on personal section adds i cant view any photos but on regular craigslist on my phone or home pc i can see same adds has photos
I try to send code to 727272 an it denies my words
Do they take your taxes when you file Chapter 13
Sometimes it seems like there is another person mixed into my google account by the name of Joe flow something not glow flow flow Joe flow...
Hey google get your head out of your ass and fix the game air attack? 
I have five coins in my pocket together they are worth more than $0.45 what coins could I have
sea levels drop during periods of intense glaciation, when glaciers are numerous and large? t or f
I put a contract name in when i go to name it dont show up
How can i Signout grima my YouTube Account from All devices at once?
How can i Signout from my YouTube Account from All devices at once?
Air Attack is a bullshit cheating game. When the soilder starts winning he
kills himself. Who developed this game is a real number one asshole. Fix it
so it is fair or everyone will now what an ass the devopler is and you!!!!
What the fuck is wrong with you dickheads?Air attack is a cheating game why
won't you it make fair?Get your heads out of your ass!!!The devopler of the
game is a big ass retard!!
Get your head out of your ASS and fix the game air attack so it is fair.
The game is a cheating game and has a dumbshit who invented it!!!
Hey I have a question about my external hard drive and my xbox, can someone possibly help me?
I don't know where can I find my backup profile yesterday when accidentally reset my phone
I am looking for jasmin mohamed
Looking for jasmin mohamed who live in brooklyn ny
Hey Google get ur head out of your,ass and fix the game air attack what a
cheating game it is and far as I'm concerned the devopler is a number one
asshole. When the soilder starts winning he kills himself. What a DUMBASS
GOOGLE CALENDAR on iPhone 6s. I entered 2 appointments on my iPHONE 6 for a given date . My iPhone is connected with iCloud to my iMac computer.
2 days before the appointments, a message appeared on my iMac screen reminding me of the appointments. I took a look at my iPhone and the appointments were not there !
What could explain this ?
Question:  Google says when I import my email from another server that it will import all my folders as well?  Is this true?  I want to be sure of this - I would hate to get all my nicely filed, organized emails imported into one big blog called "inbox".
Google get your head out of your ASS and make the game air attack fair.
What a retard that developer is!!!!!!
Love hurts like hell . its better to try to have clear mind when ur love so that u dnt get hurt
Google Elkin Luis Elementary School have school on Monday
I received email below, is it genuine or spasm?

Google+ <>
Hari Ini pada 2:44 PM
Dear Google User:

Attached is your winning notification for your patronage to the Google app and service.

Matt Brittin
Google Anniversary Award Center

Google Inc. .pdf

I'm having problems with my navigation on maps.i can write the address but it dose not tell me where to go like you got 400 metres to turn left or Right dosent say in 300 meters take the first or second exit.can you please help me 
I recieved email, as i win lottery,  from Google Incorporations®"   is it true?   (My addres is 
My question is how long do I have to ask my question before I'm cut off and Google gives me an answer
Sorry about the mixup I don't understand who you are or what you're talking
about have a good day
can mp3 music saved on flash drive can play to dvd player?

I just preordered my ''Far Cry Primal'' PC game. I want to make and upload videos on Youtube containing gameplay of the game.
Is there any problem to monetize the videos without my voice-over or do I have to use a voice-over (commentary) in order for the videos to be monetized?
Thank you!
would it be good for me to buy a cheap saxophone are they good on ebay or amazon please i need someones sugested
I don't have a comment just one question
Can I get my added recovery email and my added recovery phone back just because I need it I need it to write my story for a Dutch school to find out why and what they're reason is to do what they are doing,just these two also for the future
As soon as possible please time is running for me
Thank you so much
The work was in Google!!! That the mazing for me
What is a good business or organization to promote for a group presentation?
Maybe you can help me; I have a bet with some friends; I say Howdy Doody designed the google inbox, and my friends say it's Mr. Potato Head. Which of us is right?
How do i turn off age restriction on youtube?
Hey guys are doing a lot more than one year from original date 
Why did google do away with the desktop version of their Picasa photo program.  I do not like the new cloud based method. Where can I still get the desktop version?
Human body does the tonsils are the adenoids grow back after the doctor remove them fact or fiction
Google what is my email and password for my 2ed channel called lpsavannah and josh. PLEASE A
Thank you google for always answering my questions. I love keeping you close by.
+Jonathan Lewis
BS trying to get Google to find cost of insulin in Mexico and every answer EXCEPT the one I asked comes up. BS search engine. Going elsewhere.
I asked a question over 9 hrs. ago and still NO answer !! All I asked was how to remove a email address that was entered incorrectly (or not by me at all ???).

Machine learning or AI can we compqre the goosebumps neurology in it so that machine just dont learn itself but to improvise with it
What are u talking about ? What I asked was : HOW DO I ADD EMAIL TO MY LIST


Does the Madison bus go to Michigan Avenue
Just Me
Why do men ask for my phone number but not my name? This has been going on for several months and I can't figure out why. I'm way too shy for booty shorts and cleavage so I know it's not my wardrobe... Do they think I'm easy because I'm black? I'd rather be single my whole life than deal with this rude behavior.
Just Me
Pf! Reply right away... No answer to this in a search either.
I have sent multiple e-mails to tech support about getting my gmail acct response.  Anyone know of anything to do to get an answer?  I need to access the e-mail account SOON
What happened to my longtime address as,
It disappeared recently and i do not know why.
has any on in salt lake city or near buy used the royal cash Register 210dx . need some help 
Can white house apple cider vinegar the mother help lose weight 
Goggle is really a piece of Shit and is not worth a flying fuck, if you ask be could not get Google to function at all the way I wanted it too. Google seems to be a hit an miss worthless piece of day old Shit. In other words I have nothing good to say about "Gaggle". My new name for something that does not work very well. I ask you, " What good is a phone that works really well one day and does nothing the next. And what good is a phone app that on one Day you can talk plainly to the sprit world and the next day you can't!!! It is shitty and shotty work on the people that run and own the app. Lastly and the best thing of all is I get to end this bitching by saying fuck you all of you and I hope you all go to heaven. Thank you for allowing me tof vent. Have a really great day. LOVE TO ALL. Later
If your heart beat mimics the beat of the music u listening to can music make you have homosexual behavior
we tock it back and went to office depot and got a better one
How much impact pressure when big horn sheep collide

Can i just get on with it please?! I just want to ask google questions like everyone else! Thanku xox
How do I get in touch with Google? 
I ask a question from tech support because I do not know where else to go! They said they would try to help me even though it might not be a tech question! Fine except they want a credit card number so I can pay them $47 for helping me! What a ripoff! Result question not answered because I can't pay! Then I am frustrated because I can't get into the app from USA! Got there once, watched a movie, next time it took me to Uk! Can not get USA back! Wanted to know how to get it back but not for $47. There should be a way to talk to someone from google on the phone! Does anybody know a phone number!
Im a private client at chase jp mirgan and i need help finding and getting into all my accounts
Where are my downloads of thumbs up music? I am on a new tablet today.
Seriously,.. what a bunch a douchebags,.. "google'. My question. ..."how do I ask google a question without it giving me answers I don"t want" . And this is the page I end up on.?!!?......WTF? over?? Thank you so much for not being relevant to my query.
Hello all. Im starting a new hobby growing pot. I just recived a few clones from a friend. My question is, I would like to know if using my led lights is ok at this stage in my opp

How to write a net ionic equation for 2nacl(aq)+pb(no3)_pbcl2+2nano3(aq)
is it possible to travel at multiples of the speed of light?

Why not. Anything is possible, if not today then there always is a
tomorrow, hopefully. There are no positives in science, just a lot of
clever people making estimated guesses. Sometimes they get it right and
sometimes they get it wrong. They cannot cure all diseases, or understand
the full workings of the brain yet. Nita.
Thanks, Nita. I like you positive attitude towards the future

Dear Alan, I am slightly agnostic, a rebel, I see through the junk the
officialdom would have us believe. Take money spent on Iraq type wars and
use it for finding cures for cancer etc., Less deaths and more lives
saved. I guess that would not suit the hierarchy that rule the world. I am
a lover not a fighter. Not my kind of world. Nita 😍
In which year did the amount of pesticides in eggshells begin to decline why
Please help or I will have to consider terminating my contract. You will not accept my username or my password. My new phone is useless if I cannot sign in 
If a sailing ship moves in a straight line with speed 6m/s ,it sends a sound pulse in water and received it back after 6s,if the speed of sound in water is 1500m/s ,what is the depth of water where the pulse is sent
Good Friday my friends I'm searching over 1 year now . Amongst my stamp collections I've come to understand everything but these . All I can assume without seeing images . Whether before the evolution of postal my collection was given by 2 family members that were postmasters . To my understanding their royal polish kings from the Prussian empire saxony . These kings were the ones who governed a postal system . It's either labelled . Or cancelled anyone think they can assist me understanding the denominations I feel it could be the year the king was governing . The 60 stamp is the polish coat of arm there is no country printed . It's definitely before the penny black. Or so I think . Please help
There was a movie in the 90s or early 2000s, of a group of tourists who got stranded on an island that was inhabited by merfolk. I can't Remer the name of the movie. It was aired multiple times on the original Sci-Fi network. Any help would be appreciated.
you should be able to make your box larger and smaller in the following two different ways:
• Specify by how much larger (multiplier) you would like to enlarge each dimension of the object. For example, makeLarger(2) would multiply the length, width, and height of the box by 2.
• Specify the specific amount you would like to add to each dimension of the box. For example, makeLarger(1, 3, 5) would add 1 to the length, 3 to the width, and 5 to the height of the box.
Be sure to include methods for the following tasks:
1. Constructors (three)
2. Calculate and return the volume
3. Calculate and return the surface area
4. Enlarge the box by multiplying each side by a number
5. Enlarge the box by adding a number to each side
6. Output the dimensions
Demonstrate that your program works properly. You will need to test all of the constructors and all of the methods in your class. Display all results to two decimal places.

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