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For U.S. folks getting ready to vote tomorrow, we've put together a voter information tool where you can find out your polling place, get a summary of your ballot and more:

You can also search [where do I vote] and enter your address to get the same info.
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Switzerland? Way to expensive for most companies to export anything. Bad luck imo.
No thank you, tired of voting for the same corporate lackey hoping that they may be different. Tired of voting for the 'lesser evil'. But i guess it's the thought that counts?
Well, thanks so far to those that have added comments that are completely off the subject
I no longer have a polling place, they redrew the stupid lines for my city.  I used to vote 1 block away from my house now we have to send it in.  What moron screwed this up?
This should be given out as part of google now during election week. 
Couldn't find my polling place either. 
Excuse my lack of knowledge (I'm not a U.S. citizen), but when I enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue it displays candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives.
I thought D.C. residents couldn't vote for Congress (thus the "taxation without representation" number plates).
Wow. That's a great deal of information I can get. Thanks Google.
A great service, just helped me plan out my vote on the mega bus. 
Johnson and Gray are running as Libertarians, not independents.
It's a shame Google couldn't scrape wikipedia a bit and let the candidates names expand, when clicked, to show their positions on various issues.
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+Damon Devitt: +Gary Johnson doesn't stand a chance of winning the electoral college. I'm voting for him too, but not because I think or even hope he'll win. A loud voice needs to tell our government that a two party system does not serve the people and the electoral college system is broken. 
A vote for Gary Johnson although would be great. +Damon Devitt. The truth is only one of 2 people will be president nobama or Romney. So if you want nobama out. A vote for Gary would just keep nobama here 
Stop that foolish discussion. Just vote for me ;)
+Wes Lydon The problem is that it is nearly imposable for google or Wikipedia to keep current with Mit's core values on any given day.  They just change too fast to keep up.
Germany for Romney 2012!
I'll be glad when elections are over and I can watch T.V. and listen to the radio without having to worry about the whole outcome of our country and which person wins this thing.
I can't wait for the political commercials to be over. Thanks big G for listing what I need to vote for.
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Thank you for making it so easy to find the polling places and candidate information.
PS. The Mississippi Voter ID law is not in force. It has not yet been approved by the US Dept of Justice, who have oversight over MS elections resulting from voter suppression during the earlier Civil Rights era. Check w/ MS ACLU to verify this and correct your site's info, please.
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