The Go Programming Language hung out with 4 people.Rob Pike, Christoph Hack, Alexander Yngling, and The Go Programming Language
Go hangout with Brad and Andrew
The Go Programming Language and 4 others participated
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The live video does not work for me (latest stable Chromium, on Ubuntu 11.10). I hope I will be able to see the video later on.
It wasn’t working for me (black box) either (Ubuntu Chrome dev 20.0.1123.4 or Mac Chrome dev 20.0.1123.4), but it is working on Mac Chromium canary 20.0.1133.0. Edit: appears to be a cookie issue. Also works in incignito window.
It's a simple stream on flash. This stream should work on any computer with flash.
Surely Go implementation will improve with time, does Go current implementation outperform Python in any use case?
The 'easy' way to debug concurrency using a variable that Brad mentioned would be a make a great blog entry, or at least a nice post to go-nuts.
Kang Lu
We're going to have a go session in this weekend, hosted by Shanghai Google developer group
Will the recorded video be posted for those that couldn't make it live?
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