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Go for C++ developers

My latest talk of the "Go for X" series, at +Northwest C++ Users' Group
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11 comments - Go Gopher Toy Go gopher campaign
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+Francesc Campoy Flores talked about what he's learned while teaching Go at #dotGo
My most personal talk so far, with video and slides.
Last month I had the honor of speaking at and I decided to talk about what I've learned by teaching Go. The experience of learning a programming language is obviously quite different to learning natural languages, bu...
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Terima Kasih Teman !, Mohon Maaf kar'na Saya tdk pandai berbahasa Inggris, Ok. . . . . . Friends ! , I Love You & Thank You . . . . 
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In my latest talk I build an app from scratch using Go, AngularJS, App Engine, and the Meetup API.

#golang  #angularjs #appengine #meetup
Yesterday I gave a talk at the GoSV meetup in San Mateo talking about how to build a simple web application in Go and AngularJS running on App Engine and obtaining data from the meetup API. I recorded my screen and voice and ...
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Go was more present at +O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) than ever before, so we wrote a blog post about it.
Go at OSCON. 20 August 2014. Introduction. What happens in Portland in July? OSCON! At this year's conference, Go was more present than ever before, with five talks, two workshops, a Birds of a Feather session, and a meetup. Talks. Matt Stine talked about his experience switching from Java to Go ...
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Go will be at +O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2014.
See you all there!
Previous article. Go 1.3 is released. Links. · Install Go · A Tour of Go · Go Documentation · Go Mailing List · Go on Google+ · Go+ Community · Go on Twitter. Keep up with Google Developers. Google Developers +Page · Google Developers Live · Google Developers · Google Developers Blog ...
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I want this toy ))
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"GothamGo: gophers in the Big Apple"
Our latest blog post links to many videos worth watching! 
GothamGo: gophers in the big apple. 9 January 2015. Last November more than two hundred gophers from all across the United States got together for the first full-day Go conference in New York City. The diverse speaker lineup included university students, industry experts, and Go team members.
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I think Vimeo as better and cooler interface than Youtube
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"The Gopher Gala is the first worldwide Go hackathon"
Learn more about it in our latest blog post.
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Ciao Italian gophers!
Join +Francesc Campoy Flores for a Go meetup in Rome next week.
Golangit, the italian Go user group, comes to its second meetup, this time with a great host: @francesc from Google :-) @giorrrgio and @liuggio will introduce the group to all the newcomers and will take some time with the audience to listen to ideas, proposals for future activities. Then @francesc will hold a very interesting talk, quite cross-topic and for a broad audience. Find the abstract below. After the meetup, we well grab a beer++ and a...
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We'll come! +Alessandro Mancini 
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Couldn't attend Google I/O 2014? Worry not!
Find all the Go talks and events in our latest blog post.
Go at Google I/O and Gopher SummerFest. 6 October 2014. Introduction. The week of June 23rd was a good week for gophers in San Francisco. Go was a big part of Google I/O on Wednesday and Thursday, and on Monday we took advantage of the large gopher population to run the Go SummerFest, ...
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Twelve Go Best Practices, now on YouTube!
My latest blog post on #golang.
Last year I gave a talk at OSCON about Go best practices. The talk was pretty successful and when I shared the slides many asked for a recording which I didn't have. This year I went back to OSCON and gave a different talk, t...
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Writing servers in Go? Check out our blog post on request contexts and cancellation.
Go Concurrency Patterns: Context. 29 July 2014. Introduction. In Go servers, each incoming request is handled in its own goroutine. Request handlers often start additional goroutines to access backends such as databases and RPC services. The set of goroutines working on a request typically needs ...
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Ah! Stupid of me. Adjusted attendance vote accordingly. 
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