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In the goat barn shop today Peanut and I were discussing how to build some kind of worthy resting place for the KX3. So when it's not in my pack going down the trail it has good position at home on the desk in the study. While being hooked up to all the multitude of enhancements but yet easy to quickly remove it and toss in the pack.

So we started on a prototype. We looked at some exotic woods but wound up with oak from HomeDepot as Zebra wood and others rare woods were way too expensive and better spent $$ on gas getting to trail heads for KX3 adventures.
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What does the back look like? how's it stand up? (yes, I will be copying your design Steve!)
Read 'prototype' ...working on that! One idea is a 3/4" base that the stand is 'V' cut in to? Other is a leg/brace against the back. Could get fancy and making something adjustable ...Nah! Whatever the case it'll only have 3-feet ...can't rock on 3-feet when you tap a button or use the paddles. I'm think the 3/4" base will give it more weigh as well!
:D yes, the old stool mantra. FB, look forward to the final design.
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