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InitialP 頭文字P, an interactive platform for sharing information of driving, created this 2-minute long video as a tribute to Initial D. The quality of the movie is marvelous. You can tell a lot of efforts went into producing this.

With efforts like this, it's hopeful that Initial D will be kept alive for a long time even if there are no new official release. The fans make the series and we strongly believe efforts like this shouldn't go unnoticed.
There are some photos associated with this video, check them out here:

| Source |
學車資訊平台-頭文字P - 主頁 |
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Initial D World

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On 2016.3.19, we organized an invite-only photoshoot at Benicia Point, CA. The location is absolutely beautiful for the shoot. We had the AE86, FD, FC, EG6, EVO4, EVO5 and the Impreza for the lineup. We tried to reenact a scene from Second Stage where the 86 pass the EVO4 after using the gutter run. It looks very cool and we hope you like it. Enjoy!

Uncompressed photos (50 photos @2048x1365)
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Initial D World

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Guys, I need your help. If you have an Instagram account, follow us on There is an imposter on Instagram pretending to be us (initialdworld) and use our name to sell T-shirt. I have reported them numerous times to Instagram and the T-shirt company to no avail. I need your help to make us more popular than they are on Instagram. Start by following our profile today. Really appreciate it.

#initiald #instagram #ae86 #night #projectd #takumifujiwara
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Same. I got u
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Initial D World

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Following the deprecation of Google+ albums, I am resharing this album containing photos and videos from the AE86 Festival 2013.
62 new photos · Album by Initial D World
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Initial D World

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It's already 2016 in some part of the world right now.
We would like wish everyone a great start in the year 2016 !!

| Credits |
» Happy New Year 2016 Vector Illustration |

| Source |
» 頭文字D画集(Young Magazine Special Edition) page 32~33

#initial #d #happy #new #year #2016 #takumi #trueno
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When are they ganna come up with alot more episodes of inicial D. 
 I been watching them on youtube all done with those.
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Initial D World

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As you are probably aware, the second movie in the Initial D Legend series will be coming out on 5.23. This time, the plot will focus on the NightKids arc from First Stage. We are excited to see the R32 vs AE86 re-animated in true HD format. There are a couple things we are pretty certain of (But not confirmed):

1.) There will be no Eurobeat BGM in Legend 2 (unfortunately)
2.) The movie is only 65 minutes long, similar to Legend 1.

The movie title for Legend 2 is 《闘走》"Dokusou", which literally translate to "Battle Run", but the actual meaning is simply "Racer". If you recall, this story plot was all about Takumi discovering the pride of a street racer. Takumi, at the time, still stuck with the mindset that one needs a reason to race. For him, driving was merely work and daily routine. As he explore the idea that driving can be fun and exciting, we see our protagonist slowly develop to become a true street racer.

| Initial D Legend 2 60-second Trailer |
» 新劇場版「頭文字D」Legend2-闘走- PV | (HD 1080p)

| Initial D Legend 2 Movie Discussion |
» Trilogy Part Two Legend 2 Racer 闘走 |

#initiald   #legend   #new   #movie   #racer   #gtr   #r32   #ae86   #anime #takumi #racing #trailer   #cars  
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Request for a new movie of this till stage 5 i miss seeing them in a movie ryousuke and keisuke.of course jay chou as takumi was already married in real life
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How many times does one have to re-watch Initial D to catch glitch like this? Share the mistakes you find in Initial D with us!

We whip up a quick meme for you to enjoy. Feel free to come up with your own. Have fun! :)

| Sources |
» Screenshots from Initial D First Stage Episode 14「進化するドリフト天才!」"Evolving Drift" and Episode 4「交流戦突入!」"Into the Battle!"

#initiald   #first   #stage   #anime   #mistake   #glitch   #takumi   #deathmatch   #eg6   #ae86  
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Takumi gives no fucks
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Have them in circles
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Initial D World

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Greetings Initial D World! More videos and images of the meet are being shared across social platforms. Please check the post below this for the full coverage of the event.

We are in need of your help. While going through all the media of the meet being shared on Instagram, we discovered that our name (Initial D World) is being misused. The account in question is using our name to sell T-shirts and stealing our images. (Because all our images has "Initial D World" on it, they are posting them as if it's theirs.)

What infuriate us the most is not the fact they steal a couple pictures, rather how they misrepresent us by misleading people about the quality of our content. It took years to build the community. It involves many countless nights of running and supporting the forums; doing translation works so the fans and followers can get to watch Initial D episodes as soon as possible; many hours of planning for future gathering and events. To see all these being misrepresnted is a direct insult to our core beliefs and mission.

We have taken all the necessary actions in the proper channel to take this imposter page down. Apparently it is not easy to do so at Instagram. We've also contacted the T-shirt company that these imposters are using. We don't see any other means but to ask for your help.

On Instagram, please do not associate the @initialdworld page with us. Our Official Instagram page is If you want to tag us, please use @go2id. We'd love to take that name back in all honesty, but it's a challenge to prove to Instagram that these guys are imposters.

So if you have an Instagram account, please help us by following us on Instagram today:

Thank you very much.
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+Falbere! I find it even funnier that more recent Lamborghinis don't have "Lambo doors" because of all the ricers.
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Initial D World

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On January 24th 2016, we hosted our 3rd annual meet ( ) in Lafayette Reservoir, CA. The attendance of the event was absolutely wild. In all of our past events, we always create a Facebook event page for it. The number of people said they will go never reflected the true attendance every time. In fact, we had a simple formula to gauge the approximate attending rate. Number of people say they are going divided by three for persons and divided by four for the cars.

Our little equation was completely broken on Sunday morning. The night before the big meet, we passed the 1,000 going mark on the event page. We thought, OK we are going to have about 350 people and 250 cars. When I get to the reservoir at 6:50am, there were already 15 cars and at least two dozen people. And the flow of traffic never stopped until we had to close the entrance gate on people. Majority of attendees showed up before 8am. By 9:05am, we reached full capacity. All 450 parking spots were filled and we estimated 800 people were present.

Some people, unfortunately had to turn away at the entrance. However, some did find parking near the reservoir and made the hike up the trail and joined the rest of us. We applaud for such passion these people have for Initial D. We sincerely apologize to those that got turn away. It never crossed our mind that our gathering would get this big. We wholeheartedly appreciate everyone for driving all the distance and on their best behaviors that day. Thank you everyone!!

We have compiled all the coverages of that day into one post for your convenience. Be sure to check out all the video footage and photos below!

| Initial D World Meet 2016.01.24 Photos |
» (110 photos by IDW)
» (69 photos by Alvin Concepcion Photography)
» (16 photos by Keoni Bustos)
» (80 photos by Vim Chand)
» (417 photos by Import Image)
» (36 photos by Neil Haduca Banez)
» (22 photos by Drive Swiftly)
» (29 photos by Evan Engel)
» (31 photos by Nomake Wan)
» (60 photos by Alan Quiz)
» (59 photos by Noel Patrick Doyle)
» (89 photos by Seth Adams)
» (38 photos by Aathavan Thayabaran)
» (16 photos by Hannibal Chang)
» (42 photos by Michael Igtiben)
» (117 photos by Aj Toriumi)
» (34 photos by Michael A. Cooper)
» (46 photos by
» (200+ photos by HARD_PARK ‪#‎initialdmeet2016‬ and ‪#‎initialdmeet‬)

| HD video footage |
» (6:18 by Greg Mathews)
» (6:47 by Alvin Dizon from @Team Starbread)
» (3:51 by Walter Lopez ‪#‎teamsupersarap‬)
» (3:26 by Paul Booker)
» (3:05 by Chan Manuel)
» (3:36 by HollidayGamer)
» (1:55 by Eric Sanchez)
» (1:28 by Jordan Boyd)
» (0:26 by Grace Figuera)
» (0:15 by Anthony Alduncin)
» (0:15 by Anthony Alduncin)
» (0:14 by Ed Villanueva)
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Nam Le
I wrote the comment just above as Initial D World co-admin. This guy went on insulting me personally on my own post. I don't like doing this, but there are things such as limits. He is now banned.
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Initial D World

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The season is upon us. We hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Warmest Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to all from Initial D World.

| Editor's Note |
First of all, sorry for the long 2015 hiatus. I hope to catch up on all the news after the holidays. Many things were going on for me personally this year and keeping the fanpage updated was not realistic considering the time and efforts that need to go in. However, 2016 looks to be a less busy year for me and I will make it my new year resolution to get this page back to the top again. smile emoticon Hope you all still remember this page. Happy Holidays to you all and Merry Christmas!

| Credits |
» Merry Christmas space background - Free Vector |

| Source |
» 頭文字D画集(Young Magazine Special Edition) page 78~79

#initiald   #happy   #holidays   #sakuki   #mako   #merry   #christmas   #season   #greetings  
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He came out of my dick. I always have control over his dumb ass.
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Initial D World

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When it comes to lifelike scaled car models, AUTOart has no competition. That's why their 1:18 scale Project D version AE86 has been such a hot item. (We made a post about it back in late 2013 - So it was a no-brainer for AUTOart to release a "Legend 1" version of the AE86 model when the first part of the trilogy hit the theater last year.

Reddit user Chimuel has taken upon himself to take some very nice photos of this incredibly detailed and accurate scaled model of AE86. But being a hardcore Initial D fans, buying one is just not enough. He bought both the Project D version and the Legend 1 version. And what better way to display them both than to buying one of those 1:18 car lift? I have to say, it looks so beautiful.

Chimuel was kind enough to share with us where he got that car lift from. So if you are thinking of recreating this set up, be sure to check the links below. The current price for the Legend 1 version is $153.50 and $148.81 for the Project D. version on Amazon.

For those of you who are as poor as I am, hey at least we get nice pictures of AE86 to look at. If you already bought them, take some pictures and show them here in the comments below!

| Sources |
» My new AUTOart AE86 set! |
» Initial D Autoart and Greenlight 2 Post Lift |

| Order Links |
(Project D. version)
» (Amazon $148.81)
» (Amazon JP ¥12,886)

(Legend 1 version)
» (Amazon $155.19)
» (Amazon JP ¥13,745)

(Greenlight 1:18 car lift)
» (Amazon $27.99)

#initiald   #ae86   #model   #car   #autoart   #legend1   #projectd  
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Lo quiero !!!
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Initial D World

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I am sure we all remember how Takumi beats Nakazato with his superhuman footwork and fearless move over the curb in First Stage episode 10. One has to wonder, is it really possible..?

One Initial D fan sets out to find out. He went to the exact corner where AE86 overtakes the R32 and actually took some measurements. According to him, the gutter is a lot wider than he thought. From the edge of the pavement to the actual curb is a 80 cm (32 inches) of 15° decline. The actual curb is 30 cm (12 inches) in height. He questioned whether or not such shallow dip can generate the centripetal force needed for Takumi's 86 to corner at such speed.

In reality, cornering at speed over 100km/h (62mph) at such tight hairpin is probably suicide. The saving grace is, this is going downhill. So the center of gravity is towards the front of the car, meaning the two front tires will have slightly higher traction than the two rear tires. Also, since 86 is relatively light compare to other cars, the inertia is easy on the 86's body. The tendency of the 86 flying out of the gutter due to centrifugal force is minimized.

But I digress. Takumi didn't beat Nakazato the same way he did Keisuke. No, Takumi actually drove over the curb, to basically get inside R32's blind spot. As we know, AE86 has a 20cm ride height clearance. In the manga and anime, they never show how exactly the 86 got over the curb. If you ever drive over a curb before, you know it isn't exactly easy on the car. Now imagine driving over a curb at speed in excess of 100km/h.

So this is where we draw the line between reality and fantasy. Bottom line, it is possible given the right suspension settings and skill level of the driver, but highly unlikely for just about everyone.

I am sure Bunta can pull that same move with no hands on the wheel. (laugh)

| Sources |
» Screenshots from Initial D First Stage Episode 10「爆裂!5連ヘアピン」"The 5 Consecutive Hairpins"
» 榛名山ドライブメモ 項目3 |
» 藤原拓海のホームコースへ行ってきました |
» トヨタ・AE86 - Wikipedia |

#initiald   #anime   #gtr   #ae86   #r32   #skyline   #takumi   #nakazato   #akina   #gutter  
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+Jack Valentin​ 😄😄😄
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