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We are 15 years old today! Happy Birthday, GNOME!
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Awesome work from you guys. Keep rocking! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday from my side too ;)
Keep up this great work :)
Happy birthday, GNOME! Thanks for all the awesome software!
Huge thanks to all GNOME past and present contributors, no matter how small, for making this awesome piece of software available to everybody. Here's to 15 more years!
OK, now we're 15. Can we have sound themes back?  :>
Let me just get a glass of Grape Tonic and lets all have a toast!
I wish GNOME 2 were still around. I'm not a fan of GNOME 3 or MATE, frankly. But at least it's not Window$!

Happy birthday, GNOME!
Do you think you'll still be relevant in 15 months, Gnome?
Felicitaciones desde Argentina !!!!
Congratulations from Argentina !!!
Too bad you fucked it up with gnome 3
Happy birthday, and please don't forget the Desktop users
Congratulations and many kudos to the team and community.

Here's hoping you keep improving Gnome 3 (it desperately needs it).
Happy birthday and thanks for the great work.
Thanks to all the developers that have helped the project across this 15 years and congratulations to them all
+John Nyes hey - yes: I need to update the donors list. I'm currently working on it (it has been moved to a new infrastructure), but if it doesn't happen by the end of the week, feel free to poke me at!
unfortunately gnome 3 didnt integrate with compiz anymore..
Some comments here are totally out of the philosophy of Linux. For some who don't know it: Linux is the field where ideas, freedom, innovation can survive and grow for humanity's evolution.
Aug 15? Interesting. Same day as India independence day :)
It;s not happy for me. I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 and my system ground to a halt. Gnome 3 is Linux's VIsta.
+Ramsung Tester Kde is you choice. My choice is Gnome. It is more well arranged than Kde for me.
I never thought that Gnome and I shared the same birthday! 
I <3 GNOME!!!! Happy B-day to the best GUI!!!!!
I don't want to offend anyone but what is GNOME?
15 years... Wow, they grow so fast :)
Happy birthday!
happy birthday, now can you please stop gnome 3 and go back to gnome 2, we like it a lot more
I was thirteen going on fourteen when I found out about gnome.  That was around thirteen years ago.  It's come a long way, but it's also turned into a clunker, eats up too many resources.  Some of these new bells and whistles are definitely not necessary.
I like where Gnome 3 is going. There's a lot to do yet, sure, but in the long road, it's going to be awesome. Really excited for Gnome 3.6. \o/
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
It's a gnome that turned into goliath.  It's a desktop environment for Linux, Solaris, MacOSX, etc.
Happy birthday, keep the innovation coming! You guys have done a great job!
Happy birthday gnome,Hope u av another brilliant 15 years
OMGosh I haven't been on Ubuntu on my desktop in days then I get on today and BOOM it's Gnomes birthday. Welcome to my circle.
Ken Lai
happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Gnome! I've been rocking the Gnome since 1999 myself. Although not full time until Gnome 3 (which is awesome, by the way).
so, puberty explains gnome3, huh? ubuntu's unity is the kid akways in detention then.
Thank you guys, you are the reason I use linux. Gnome 3 rocks!
hey i heard that google will go away what about ya'll
congrats... haven't gotten into Gnome, but 15 years is a great feat. Wishing you 15 more years of success...
Happy Birthday GNOME! The teenager awkwardness of Gnome Shell is thereby explained. I tried Gnome Shell for six weeks and could not stand it. I jumped ship for Cinnamon.
Happy birthday, Gnome! To celebrate your bday, I'm buying a new hard drive, and I'm giving it all to you! I'm going to spend at least $50, plus I'm getting a good deal, so you know it will be quality. I would love to spend more, but we only just met. Not to mention, after my long stint with Windows, I'm nearly broke!
Here's to many more!
Awe, must be why you're at that awkward state.
Happy birthday, love Gnome. my go to desktop
Too bad Gnome peaked about 3 years ago.  After using GNOME for about a decade, I switched to KDE this spring and have been a lot happier.  (KDE's not perfect either, BTW)
GNOME has and continues to be my favorite for its power, flexibility, and simplicity, all rolled into one. It remains one of the easiest DM's to debug when something goes wrong, and at the same time one of the easiest DM's to use. That's not an easy feat.

May GNOME continue to maintain dominance over the let's-crowd-the-screen-with-all-possible-options KDE!
Loved previous Gnome. Been using it for eight years. Sadly, I think you fixed something that wasn't broken. I'm now using XFCE.
Happy birthday!! And many many more to come!!!
Happy birthday! I've been a loyal Gnome user since the very very beginning. Too sad that nowadays I can't stand Gnome3 and have to make use of Cinnamon and Mate.
happy birth day stay G!!!!!!!!!!!!nome
Happy birthday little bells and whistles
best browser for linux ...great work keep it up
Happy tobirth. Day on the bells and whistles ....
Happy Birthday! Hope still to see you guys after 15 years!
Happy Birthday! Thanks for changing our lives :)
and heres to the years to come
Live long and prosper, GNOME!
Thank you for everything!!! =D
Happy birthday Gnome, you brought revelation on desktop environment
Happy Birthday! ^v^
Me and XFCE wish you a happy birthday...were going out for pizza aren't invited...
Happy Birthday! And f*ck haters, you are awesome! :)
Wish the GNOME a Happy Brithday and i ope your wishes come true!!;)
Happy Birthday!!!, you have did an excellent work in your major project GNOME-Shell.
Still the best out there. Happy Birthday!
Goog job and brilliant work, the computing world is better place with you in it happy birthday
Jay Dee
The old gnome was great now it's a disaster for not so high tech laptops and I feel like it slows me down. Really, why the so drastic change?
Nonetheless, Happy Birthday and get back to your roots
ely ch
Happy birthday!!
what do you say to a woman who gets 2 black eyes nothing because she already been told twice. happy b day. from Chicago finest P E R C Y.
Happy birthday GNOME -- you've made my life easier and more free, and GNOME 3 is the best GNOME ever in my opinion. Thanks for everything!
Happy Birthday GNOME. I know you since I started using linux in 2005.
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Gnome is not as beautiful as it could be. Who designed those window max/min buttons? ;)
Happy birthday GNOME. I admire your commitment towards accessibility.
Happy Birthday, you're going in the right direction!
Happy Birthday, Keep on doing what you all do, Love Gnome 3
Happy, happy, Happy boys and girls birthday people!!!!
+Tobias Mueller  I was contacted and added on the Friends of GNOME page. I am happy now. Thank you
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