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Food and drink firms undermining public health policy, say scientists - but when did governments ever listen to them?
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well, we don't want to frighten the horses (sic), do we....?
Personally, I DO NOT believe in
the concept of Govt. Intervention
(i.e. the Nanny State)
However, I AM interested in
the Political Power
that "lobbying" (bribery)
brings to the Fast-Foods industry,
the Packaged Drinks (Beverages) industry,
and the Processed-Foods industry.
I'm also fascinated at the amounts of cereals
(especially Wheat, Rice & especially Maize (Corn))
that the average north American eats.
Also of interest, the extent of dominance in these markets
of so very few, very large, corporations.
What every happened to REAL choice,
and REAL (not make believe) competition ?
What ever happened to Home Grown Food ????
What ever happened to Home Prepared Meals ??
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