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EU Commissioner Reveals He Will Simply Ignore Any Rejection Of #ACTA By European Parliament Next Week - such contempt
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One have to wonder, who is De Gucht really working for? Not the European people for sure.
Should Karel De Gucht to undergo a psychiatric consultation. Clearly the individual lives outside reality and has no clue of the purpose for which he does part of the European Commission. Such dementia have created problems that now grinds Europe.
yes, it's hard to know what exactly he is thinking just a matter of pride - that he must "win" regardless of consequences?
No. It is too desperate. Perhaps it is blackmailed. Is psychology of a desperate person who doesn't see any escape from the situation in which he is.
I just reposted a re-worded link to keep karldegrucht, acta and corruption tags near the top, so suitable for Twitter shares, too.
I, in turn, will just ignore ACTA.
if it's passed and enforced, that might be hard...
Meh, I've broken stupid laws before and i've paid for it. I'll be happy to do it again, and pay. And again. Mind, I'm all for laws that are democratically and sanely created. It's just that so much modern legislation doesn't pass that criteria. :-)
Not to worry +Juha Siltala .  Laws of any age - regardless of the type of government in charge - would only rarely pass a sane criteria like yours.
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