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UK Communications Bill Creates Dangerous Database - another big battle we must win #surveillance
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I'll be writing about this in Computerworld UK over the coming weeks, months...
Okay, but is there anything I can do vis-a-vis rabble-rousing, email campaigns, etc.? +Internet Freedom Movement's big push post is up for #ACTA. I can get hundreds of people to email MPs but we need a battle plan and a targeted approach. The idea is to build up pressure on the people responsible until they break down and we win.
most certainly; but first we need to gather some facts.  the reason ACTA has gone well is that we knew exactly what we were talking about, but the opposition didn't....
sounds good - I'll certainly keep you informed as I find out more...
Agreed. That's why I'm doing nothing until someone who knows more than I do takes the lead. You get the info, I'll get the numbers.
Great stuff! Have you seen this: I've set it up so we can discuss things like this, put battle plans together, and work together to defeat bills like this.

We need more people join, particularly influential people.
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