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Oracle vs. Google: Dead lawsuit walking - SCO 2.0...
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+Steven Vaughan-Nichols is on the ball, but there are bigger messes in their argument.

The definitive Java paper says

"The JavaTM programming language follows C++ to some degree, which carries the benefit of it being familiar to many programmers. This section describes the essential features of the Java programming language and points out where the language diverges from its ancestors C and C++."

so it looks like even if Oracle won that argument, a few other people will promptly discover Oracle owes them a lot of money. And C is based on B is based on BCPL, which means the University of Cambridge might be in for a windfall ;-)
I hope that UoC wouldn't try to claim ownership of BCPL, Martin Richards would personally own it unless he chose to assign the rights... In any case then there would be claims from the designers of CPL, ALGOL60 etc etc
If oracle wins by some joke of fate, then I hope some one takes them to the cleaners!!
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