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UK Open Standards consultation – important update - whoa, do not miss this bombshell (v @DigDirEng)#openstandards
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well, the main thing is we have more time - that's really good news
well, the main thing is we have more time...
Wow! Nice response from the cabinet office there.
They should set up some transparency rules forcing the facilitators to disclose their current affiliations. 
you'd think facilitators would do this as a matter of course - it's just common sense
In this case common sense wasn't that common ;-) I wonder how they found. And more importantly why Microsoft thought this would go unnoticed. What's next? Peter Brown from OASIS also a MSFT advisor? Just kidding. 
So Microsoft will have to fly Steve Mutkoski over from Seattle again for the rerun.
Maybe that's why they opened it up to teleconference, +Alan Bell. Let's hope it's not Skype or some other thing Microsoft can interfere with and that lots of worthy people get their say.
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