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Glyn Dewis

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Folks...DEFINITELY check out my buddy +Douglas Sonders Guest Post over on +Scott Kelby  blog today!

A great insight into not only his work but how he uses his photography to educate as you'll see in his Not a Bully project.

Way to go!!!
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Glyn Dewis

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Yeah this just about sums up how I'm feeling seeing that food bowl licked clean
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+Kathy Porupski Yes indeedy :) x
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Glyn Dewis

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AWESOME!!! +Topaz Labs  have a 50% discount running at the moment on one of my favourite plug ins...DETAIL.

The promo code to use is aprdetail

Click here for more:
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Thanks Glyn.
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Glyn Dewis

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Ok so admittedly this may sound kind of weird but I'm working on a new physique retouching technique in Photoshop that involves glass and a piece of card.

Not sure if it will work or not but when these ideas come into my head I just have to try them out. If it does work it will be awesome but if it doesn' won't :)

I'll keep you posted but rest assured if it does all work out then I'll record it for an episode of my weekly podcast.
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Interesting I wonder are you going to break the glass and make pictures of it for the texture or shoot something through ?? Anyhow now I am looking forward to the results, are they here yet, are they here yet...   :D
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Glyn Dewis

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It's such an incredible honour being asked for an autograph but when speaking to folks and hearing that what I covered in my classes here at Photoshop World, Atlanta has really helped is such an incredible feeling!

Whatever you it for the right reasons!!!

Thank you so very much to everyone who came along! 
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+Kathy Brasby Thank you so much
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Glyn Dewis

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Hey Folks,
Just to let you know that episode #43 of my weekly podcast / show is now online.

In this episode I show you how to create and add rain in your pictures and we do so using a brush; however it’s how you use the brush and how you create depth that gives it added realism…and that’s exactly what we’re going to go through.

Hope you 'Like' it :)

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: How to Create and Add RAIN #43
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Cheers +Ken Matcham 
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Glyn Dewis

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Hit the ground with a bang yesterday; returning from an amazing week away to find my little boy just wasn't well at all...

Whilst I was away Morris had been in for an operation to remove his Thyroid and we were kind of expecting him to bounce back to his normal self afterwards as the vet said this is normally the case. However yesterday we ended up taking him back to the vets to check him over. He was off his food completely, unsteady and wanting to be left alone...completely out of character for him.

The vet took yet more blood to send off for tests and despite being prodded and poked Morris just sat there and let them get on with it; such is his nature...such a gentle little lad.

Anyway last night was awful; we couldn't help thinking the worse and that a tough decision was nearing for not wanting to see him get weaker and more withdrawn. 

We stayed up late with him just to see what he got up to and then in the early hours...YES...he started to eat!!!

Today sees a complete reverse of yesterday; he's following us around, eating, lying in the sun...the Morris we know is returning and I can't begin to say how good it feels to see it.

He's still got a hill to climb but the signs are good :)
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Glyn Dewis

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Just finished recording two new Podcast episodes: Faking Rain and the Wet Look.

Because of being out at Photoshop World Conference & Expo in Atlanta last week I'll be uploading both tutorials for you so look out for episodes 43 and 44 coming tomorrow and Thursday 

ps> Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for free by clicking here on this link:
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+Abhijit Dhakne Thanks for your kind words. Regards which video to start with just go from episode 1 and see how you go.
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Glyn Dewis

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Back from the USA and Photoshop World Conference & Expo

Well I’m now back after what has been the most incredible week out in the USA.

Kicking off with a couple of days hanging out with our dear friend, Artist and Animator +Aaron Blaise and his girlfriend Jonelle Kiselich at their home in Stuart, Florida and then on to Atlanta for Photoshop World.

Today I’d just like to take the opportunity to...(Read More)
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+Sander Sterk Absolutely mate :)
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Glyn Dewis

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Just finished my Dramatic Portraits with the Invisible Black Background Technique Class at Photoshop World.

First time I've taught this class so no pressure until I look to my right and see +Joel Grimes and +Kevin Ames sat in the front; still...guess who get's called out of the audience to model for the demo :)

Thanks to everyone who came along!
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Thanks +Wayne Hutchinson
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Hi, my name is Glyn Dewis and I'm a Photographer, Retoucher, Trainer and Photoshop World Instructor based in the UK. 

Working in both Studio and 'On Location' my main area of work sees me shooting Promotional and Commercial material for Musicians, Bands, Physique Athletes, Up and Coming Actors and other Industry Professionals. I also run a series of workshops specifically concentrating on both Photography & Photoshop Compositing/Retouching Techniques.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by,
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