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Dr. Dee explains how Vanquish ME works.
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Want Fuller, Longer Eyelashes? Katherine Dee MD Says Try Latisse!

Eyelashes are one of those important features of your face that tend to become significantly thinner as you age. This can make you look older, make your face appear more bland, and generally detract from your overall beauty.

Makeup and other at-home treatments are only temporary solutions. They may be able to make your lashes darker, but they aren’t' able to make them grow more.

Latisse represents one of the better options for restoring eyelash length, which is why Dr. Katherine Dee regularly uses it with patients at Glow MediSpa in Seattle.

Let's examine what Latisse is, how it works, and why you may desire to use this treatment to make your eyelashes longer and fuller.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a special solution developed to help encourage hair growth. It works by extending the growth cycle of hair, which in turn allows for it to grow longer with the possibility of only a few minor side effects that can be reversed.

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost, which is a type of drug designed for treating glaucoma. ophthalmologists noticed that patients using this drug had longer, thicker eyelashes that grew over a period of weeks.

How Does Latisse Work?

Latisse works by interacting with eyelash follicles at a cellular level. It triggers certain processes that encourage more follicles to grow, and boosts the amount of hair growth that existing follicles display.

This results in fuller, thicker lashes that tend to have some permanence to them.

The process of applying Latisse is relatively straightforward, but it should be done by an expert like Dr. Katherine Dee to minimize the complications that may arise. Latisse is applied to a clean, makeup-free face by utilizing the line provided with the product.

It should generally be applied just to the upper row of your eyelashes, as the product will spread to your lower lashes when you close your eyes.

Latisse shows the best results when it is applied to the eyelashes on a regular basis.

It can:
           Make eyelashes 25 percent longer.
           Double thickness and perceived eyelash fullness
           Make the eyelashes a few shades darker

This results in eyelashes that are more noticeable, and that may give you a more desirable overall aesthetic with regards to your face.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While Latisse is designed to work with just the eyelashes, there is a small chance that the solution will interact with your eye. While this should cause no problems with healthy patients, those with macular problems or allergies may desire to avoid using Latisse.

Another side effect of Latisse is the fact that it can lower intraocular pressure. If you are already utilizing medication that does this, then you should speak with Dr. Katherine Dee before opting for this treatment.

The last major side effect of Latisse is the fact that it may result in darkening of the eye lids. This effect can generally be reversed, but you should speak to your doctor if you notice it.

Getting the Fullest and Thickest Eyelashes

Latisse can provide amazing results when used to make your eyelashes fuller and thicker, but the medication is only part of the equation. The skill of Dr. Katherine Dee to recognize your unique needs will help ensure that you receive the best treatment possible.

To learn more about Latisse, or to schedule a consultation appointment, contact glow MediSpa in Seattle today. We can arrange a one-on-one appointment with Dr. Katherine Dee, which will help you be on your way to acquiring stunning eyelashes.
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Katherine Dee MD Can Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Chemical Peel

There is no denying the fact that when we look our best, we feel our best. It gives us the confidence that we need to attack the world with vigor. At the same time, when we look at ourselves in the mirror and we don’t like what we see, we may feel self-conscience and shy away from taking on certain challenges.

When Seattle residents feel like their skin is lacking in radiance, they visit Dr. Katherine Dee and the Seattle-based Glow MediSpa for a chemical peel.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

When Dr. Katherine Dee’s patients come to the Glow MediSpa for a chemical peel, what they are asking the doctor to do is to use an acid solution to remove damaged layers of external skin. During this procedure, the doctor and her staff will use hydroxy acids, trichloroacetic acid, or phenol during the procedure.

Dr. Katherine Dee’s goal is to help her patients improve the texture of their skin, enhancing the way it looks and leaving it feeling smooth. Many Seattle residents visit the Glow MediSpa because they are battling with uneven skin pigmentation and they have fine lines, wrinkles, and facial blemishes. Some patients are dealing with hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

A chemical peel exfoliates the external layer of dead skin, revealing the healthier layer of skin that is underneath. Dr. Katherine Dee’s patients have the option of doing a full facial rejuvenation or using the chemical peel to address problem spots they have on their face or on another part of their body.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates for a Chemical Peel?

Any Seattle resident who is unhappy with the way their skin looks and who has a realistic expectation of what a chemical peel can do may be a good candidate for the procedure. Patients who have the best results are those who have lighter skin and lighter hair. However, Dr. Katherine Dee has been able to achieve excellent results for patients with darker hair and darker skin pigmentation.

A good candidate is a Seattle resident who is in good health, does not smoke, and has overall healthy skin. Individuals who visit the Glow MediSpa because they have problems with acne, age spots, sunspots, or wrinkles will find that a chemical peel may be right for them.

Dr. Katherine Dee has many chemical peel options, with a range of strengths specifically designed to provide varying levels of treatment. During your initial consultation, ask the doctor what she thinks is the best peel for your skin type and for the issues you are looking to address.

Seattle residents have come to trust Dr. Katherine Dee because she understands both the medical side and the aesthetic side of cosmetic treatments. As a result of her years of experience, she is able to work with her patients leaving them looking the best that they possibly can look.

Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand. If you feel that your skin is not looking its best, a visit to the Glow MediSpa in Seattle maybe just what you need.
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Glow Medispa can Revitalize Dull Skin with Microdermabrasion
Seattle residents, like people across the United States and around the world, want to look their best. They want to look young, they want to have clear, vibrant skin, and they want to be happy with what they see when they look in the mirror.

When patients visit Katherine Dee MD at the Seattle Glow MediSpa, they do so because they are concerned about issues that are negatively affecting their appearance. When they look in the mirror, they are finding it harder and harder to recognize themselves, and they want to know if anything can be done to restore their face to the way it looked a few years ago.

One of the tools that Katherine Dee MD is able to effectively use on her patients is microdermabrasion. This procedure leaves her patients with a brighter, more vibrant skin complexion. Microdermabrasion is noninvasive. It gently exfoliates your face, removing the exterior layer of dead cells and allowing the newer layer of younger looking skin to shine through.

Dr. Katherine Dee has years of experience performing cosmetic procedures successfully. Because of this, the results that Seattle residents get from a microdermabrasion procedure performed in the Glow MediSpa are far superior than anything they could ever do at home. The treatment is deeper, it is safe, it is effective, it is convenient, and it will revitalize your dull skin.

What Are Some Issues That Katherine Dee MD Can Address with Microdermabrasion?

One of the biggest concerns that Dr. Katherine Dee hears from Seattle residents is that their skin complexion has an uneven tone and a rough texture. Microdermabrasion can easily address these problems by gently exfoliating the skin. Microdermabrasion is effective at addressing skin discoloration caused by things like age spots or brown spots. Something that Katherine Dee MD reminds her clients of is that microdermabrasion makes skin care products more effective because it allows the skin to absorb those products easier.

Who Are the Best Candidates for the Procedure?

Not everyone who visits the Glow MediSpa is a good candidate for microdermabrasion. For example, if a person scars easily, if they’re taking acne medicine, or if they have other skin issues, they may face complications from microdermabrasion. However, if a person is in good health, has relatively healthy skin, and has a realistic idea of what to expect from the procedure, they may be a suitable candidate for the treatment.

What Happens during the Procedure?

During the procedure, Dr. Katherine Dee, or another trained medical professional, will use a hand-held device to remove the external layer of dead skin. Most patients do not experience any pain, they just feel like their face is being mildly scrubbed. The entire procedure takes about half an hour. Once it is complete, moisturizers are applied to the treated areas. You will have no downtime with the treatment, but your skin might be a little red and mildly irritated. You will be able to return to your regular activities immediately after the procedure is done.

 Katherine Dee MD has years of experience providing quality care to Seattle residents who are concerned about the effect aging is having on their skin. She understands the medical as well as the aesthetic aspect of every procedure she performs. For this reason, the results her patients receive are unmatched in excellence.
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Restore Lost Facial Volume with Juvederm
There are many signs that develop as the direct result of aging and other age-related damage. These symptoms can make you look significantly older, and they can be relatively difficult to successfully treat.

Facial volume is among one of the more complicated features to restore. It requires the right treatment and the skill of an expert like Dr. Katherine Dee to successfully restore facial volume in ways that look natural.

Juvederm is one of the non-invasive treatments that Dr. Katherine Dee may use. The non-invasive and resilient nature of Juvederm allows it to offer dramatic improvements when it comes to restoring facial volume to areas like the cheeks.

Let's explore what Juvederm is, and why it works so well for restoring lost volume.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a dermal filler designed to restore volume in the collagen layers of the skin. It can be used to correct nasolabial lines, small recessed scars and a general loss of definition within the face.

The main ingredient in Juvederm is hyaluronic acid. This ingredients is different from the ingredients used in other dermal fillers due to the way this chemical exists.

When injected into the skin, it integrates with the nearby collagen. This offers a stable result that tends to last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. It also draws water to the injection site while encouraging the body to replace some of the lost collagen in the area, which in turn makes it provides even more impressive.

Juvederm tends to be used to restore lost facial volume by Dr. Katherine Dee because of the way it benefits patients attending Glow MediSpa in Seattle. It offers enough stability to provide lengthy rejuvenation of the face while feeling and looking natural.

Why Choose Juvederm for Restoring Facial Definition?

The texture of Juvederm, both in terms of appearance and tactile sensation, coupled with the versatility of Juvederm are what make it great for restoring lost facial definition. It can reliably produce results without the artificial looks that dermal fillers derived from artificial chemicals may display.

This results in a more satisfactory result, especially when Juvederm is used by the professional and skilled hands of Dr. Katherine Dee. These results look natural while restoring the contour of the lips, cheeks, brow and anywhere else on the face.

Another reason to choose Juvederm concerns the ease that it can be applied to the face. It takes just a few careful injections, which can be completed during a short appointment, to restore lost definition to the face.

The results you see are immediate, and tend to only get better while Juvederm remains active within the skin.

Take Control of Your Face with Juvederm

Juvederm offers so many benefits. It is one of the most versatile and reliable dermal fillers available for patients, which is why Dr. Katherine Dee uses in with many of her patients at Glow MediSpa in Seattle.

The best part is that Juvederm exists in such a way that Dr. Katherine Dee can gently alter the results until they are perfectly aligned with the facial contours you desire. This can make you look and feel younger, which brings a bountiful plethora of lovely benefits to your beautiful self.

To learn more about how Juvederm can be used to restore lost facial definition, or to schedule a consultation appointment, contact us today.
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