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I wish to thank New York Times bestselling author and Presidential Adviser, Doug Wead, for posting such a complementary review of me as an Online Reputation Manager.
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Colin, is the new Google penalty for using paid blog networks affecting you yet?

I think their strategy is reckless because you can destroy your competition by simply submitting an article with links to your competitor's site to take them down. Short sited on Google's part.
most of my sites actually got stronger, a couple did get hit, I am recovering the main one and letting the others come back naturally - by recovering I mean, building more solid links, adding more content. I would not submit a review to them, it is just links getting discounted and it is time to add more to replace them :P - Simple really, the rest is a scare tactic. Something worth reading:'s-webmaster-tool-says-i'm-getting-unnatural-links/
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