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her and tyler will do the right thing in the end. i love teen mom. and Catelynn is my favorite
She is a "TEEN" not an adult.... We should not worry for the teen worry for the child who will eventually be living within our nation. Without proper bearing a child could turn into the next O.J. Simpson or Saddam Hussein. We want a better world for our children and making sure our teens either get birth control and understand its usage or are taught that sex and bearing children at their age is inappropriate.
Give up any child and you deserve to have any child there after taken away.... If you cannot raise what you produce DONT REPRODUCE!!!!!!!!!!
I still have the one and only child I made.... Mind ya bidness bitch!
I think that it wasn't the right choice to get pregnant then put it up for adoption, but it was their choice lease they know the baby is alright...So leave her alone..... I bet you People wouldn't like it if you were in that position and people giving you Rude comments...Stop being Fake....and Be Real....Treat People how you would...:")..!
This is a stupid TV show. How can you put teenagers that made a mistake in the public focus? They feel like stars, they feel for the first time in their lifes as the center of attention! This is all wrong...
Sorry, but how is she going to explain her first child hat she gave it away and shortly after kept the second child? This is all wrong...
I bet there will be a third time
I'm sure everyone wants the best for them the focus need to be Education.....
if shes sure of this then let her take care.after all she will see the importance of some one who raises up ur child or ur parents.its left to her.
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