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More on the future of working with text in GIMP
my colleague Kate has blogged the second part of our our Libre Graphics Meeting talk.

‘It’s important to note how we use the steps one by one to undertake the next part of our design process. It really is an accumulation of knowledge and insight. Then I will start to take us through the first building blocks of the solution that has grown out of our design process.’
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leo kun
i'm a gimp user!
I designed some business cards earlier this year and used GIMP for the graphics and let Scribus handle the text. Open source FTW!
Yeah, I'd like to have canvas rotation in GIMP too. Though it seems digital painting isn't really part of GIMP's product vision. But then they did add more brush dynamics in 2.8, so I don't even know.
I've always found it a bit odd that a photo manipulation suite is what people draw in.  Saying that, look at everything you can use a web browser to do.
Basically GIMP is pixel manipulation application so it also means manipulation by drawing. So it's normal that photo manipulation suite allows drawing, because photo correction often involves adding something hand drawn. And if in the future it won't be possible to draw in GIMP then it will become like darktable or functionally rich photo viewer. So for me its pretty strange that digital painting isn't part of GIMP's vision.
Damn, how I wish I'd never said that GIMP shouldn't be used for drawing and then compounded my error by pointing out how browsers are single purpose.
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