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Folks, we released GEGL 0.2.0, babl 0.1.8 and the first release candidate of GIMP 2.8.

GEGL got all the OpenCL changes from GSoC2011 and subsequent project sponsored by AMD by Victor Oliveira + perspective transform op from Mikael Magnusson + global matting op from Jan Rüegg + final bits of internationalization from Michael Muré. This version of GEGL breaks API and ABI. Sorry about that :)

babl got support for palette based formats (think indexed formats).

GIMP 2.8-dev got mostly translation updates, assorted fixes and was adjusted for the new GEGL's API. We'll give it a week or two to be tested in case something truly horrible shows up and spoils the fun. Watch and SourceForge's gimp-win for builds (we don't know of Mac builds yet).

We also keep hacking on the goat-invasion branch. Heaps of old code have already been replaced with proper GEGL code (OpenCL support should also work with GEGL_USE_OPENCL=yes). Old filters are being replaced with GEGL operations where possible.

Oh, and you can still apply for participation at GSoC. Except we ask for a patch or two to see if you are up to the task, so if you are giving this due consideration, please start talking to us now ;-)
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yeah, bring us some 2.8 fast!!
I can see version 2.7.6 in, but no evidence of this version neither in official home page, neither in sourceforge. Is it normal?
Thanx so much for your prompt answer!! I'm just testing it! :)
Hello, first of all, sorry for the rant but, when will Linux software get generic installers? I would love to try the RC, but no knowledge of compiling stuff. As a person who migrated from windows to Linux I feel a bit upset that windows gets the 3 step installers and gets first to try out latest GIMP when in Linux, there are no other software of this level for image editing and then, people like me, who has nothing to do with compiling and programming, but work with designs and photo editing has to wait months till generous people create installers via PPAs. So this is the problem with Linux, either it is ridiculously easy to install something or extremely difficult. But I have seen some software for Linux that has generic installers, one file that install the software on any Linux distro. So this is something to think about how to make GIMP more popular. On the mean time, oh so thank you for your hard work on GIMP dear GIMP team! You rock! Love GIMP. :)
Vocally +1'ing +Danas Anis comment here. I had a few arguments with Linux-savvy people about this, and they say it's very complicated to do that, that we have no idea of the complexity, etc etc.

Heck, I have no idea of the complexity of developing the Linux Kernel and GIMP from scratch, yet it was done.

Having .deb's and similar files for these versions would make Linux for newly converts a huge advantage over other platforms.

Go Team GIMP!
Linux can't do installers well. Even when you are extremely careful, it'd be unlikely for your installer to both be ideal and work on all major distros. Plus, it'd require users to chmod +x before opening the executable, or at least for you to pack it in a tar. It would be nice if we could at least have a "universal" package format somehow, but I don't see that coming.

I think that offering packages would be just fine, but then again, the time setting up packages would eat into development time... there's always a tradeoff.
Doesn't LSB define a standard packaging format? (ducks)
Not sure. It looks a lot like LSB pushes RPM.
Successfully compiled now on Ubuntu 12.04 :).
Used apt-get build-dep gimp to get the deps then downloaded and compiled babl and gegl.
Had a conflict with old libgimp2.0 - used apt to remove it. Runs very very nicely!
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i think pre-compiled build should be provided in order to have more people testing new releases and so have a quicker bug discovering.
moreover (for ubuntu) matt walker's ppa is not updated from weeks and few ubuntu users have tested 2.7.5 because of the error in libgimp compiling.
please provide an official ppa for the incoming ubuntu 12.04 and precompiled packages for other main distributions! ;)
What I would like to have is the possibility to double-click on an image in Inkscape and it is opened in Gimp and back the same. Like in CorelDraw-Corel-Photo-Paint! Inkscape and Gimp should marrie! Ok. Its a dream ;-)
Tried a few times to compile on Ubuntu 12.04, but no luck :( If anyone has found, or wants to make, step by step instructions, it would be greatly appreciated :)
+GIMP If it is a supported "feature", can you guys update the section of the release notes about tagging? Until recently, I had no idea that you could "now" separate resources into sub folders and GIMP would automatically create tags based upon the folder name in which the resource resides. I only found out about this via +Alexia Death on the IRC channel...
To everyone who complains about not being able to install on linux, PLEASE remember that this is still a development version(even if it is a release candidate). Secondly, as +Christoph Anton Mitterer noted, the team should be devoting their extremely limited time on actually developing the software rather than dealing with the hundreds or thousands of possible issues compiling and packaging for this OS or that...

While I am a developer or sorts, I have never once in my entire life modified any c/c++ code, nor compiled any c/c++ program prior to several months ago and following some fairly good directions freely available was able to get GIMP compiled and working on my Linux Mint 12 system. The biggest issue was reading the makefile/compiller results and going back and getting all of the dependencies. For some, it was just a matter of using synaptic, but for others synaptic did not have the required version. I know I had to grab a later version of cairo and gtk+ than what was in my package repo as well as a TON of stuff that was available. All in all, it took a few hours of tweaking, there was little that was "hard" about it if you can read and use a bit of common sense logic.
+Joe Frazier, Jr folder tags were added very late in the cycle and are a rather minor feature, so they have been overlooked in release notes. Good point tho.
+Alexia Death Well, I can't expound enough on how this one clarification to how tags work from "yawn", to "Woah!!" Again, thank you for taking the time to figure out what I really needed enough to point out that it was already possible.
yes indeed GIMP devs should focus on GIMP rather than Linux distros and compiling it on each, but then thinking, blender only needs one archive that can be unzipped on any modern Linux distribution regardless Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse, Mandriva and it works out of the box. And they do this for betas and final releases which dramatically improves buck tracking as well as gives bigger popularity. And I believe if GIMP had this "universal" archive it would only benefit. so the so called working out of the box feature would be more than welcomed and worth consideration. I also think i am not the only person who should be kept away from programming and compiling, last time my attempt was too destructive on the system and the end result was the need to do fresh installation of Linux ( luckily these days it is easier than easy). In addition Linux world should accept their destiny, these days more and more Linux n00bs are coming, Linux reached the desktop user world, this leads to many newcomers who need to do the job right away without spending extra hours figuring out how to compile a program, many of them simply doens't have time for this, they have other things to do like using the tool professionally by its purpose.

Anyway, it is great to see new version of GIMP emerging and I am sure that people who rant are also more than grateful for GIMP team and love GIMP very much. It is just that it would be a lot more effective to be able to use latest GIMP with no sweat and time waste on setting it up. If we want GIMP to be more popular and credited for all the power it has as it deserves a three click way of launching it on any machine would be only an advantage to make it there.

Even though GIMP is one of the respected Giants it still deserves a lot more in terms of being recognized as an advanced image editor. The easier it is to get latest versions working, the more good words spread about it. And I think more donations to sponsor GIMP would come then.
few cents of mine.
Kind regards.
Is it me or 2.8 seems working faster than 2.7x? And by the way, on the export to JPG window, there are two buttons 'Save defaults' and 'Load defaults', what are they for? Definitely not for saving my custom export settings as default.
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