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Sometimes people ask us: "Hey, where's the Android port of GIMP?". While we don't think that a direct port would make much sense (and don't have the manpower for that anyway), there certainly are ways to make use of both GIMP and Android. And here's one of them.

The team created an Android app that makes it possible to use an Android-powered tablet or phone as a graphic tablet over WiFi. Pressure sensitivity works, as tested with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy S2. You'll also need an driver, so this is Linux-only for now.

Further info:
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what abou the response times? any good for real work?
Awesome. Let's see if this will work with the Lenovo Thinkoad tabs pressure sensitivity.
It would be cool if the app could stream the drawing to the tablet as well :) Anyway nice work!
i'm rajkumar sahu , akohari unnao.
Does it have any advantages against just a X Window server on the tablet? 
Awesome. On another note, wish it would work with the Xbox Udraw tablet. Anyone know if there is a driver for that?
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German accent. It's so embarrassing... However, when you look at the screen he works on, but pay attention to how his hand moves you'll see the latency and chances are that it becomes a bit annoying pretty soon.
I would do use that, BUUUT I got a Real Graphing Tablet. Sorry =)
Jay Cie
The touch screen doesn't give near enough accuracy. Might be good for a quick doodle but my CADD degree and experience with interfaces far more accurate then a tablet (and yet not good enough) tells me so.
it might be for lessons to show students in ict what do they have to do
Hak An
Cool, would need it for XP...
+Winchell Chung yeah but a wacom bamboo costs £40 and is a much higher resolution than most tablets, along with pen pressure sensitivity.
Oohh my frigging frig. I need to get this.
I think an Android port makes a HUGE amount of sense.  There is nothing on Android for doing serious photo editing/painting, etc. 
Amazing video! Useful GIMP user info; thanks.
+Lee Keels I think it would be a waste of resources. The GIMP probably couldn't be ported easily and proper photo editing would need a lot better hardware than is available on current devices. It would probably be easier to just write a new app using GEGL and other libraries. 
Arghh, just noticed Android 4.0 only! :( Any chance anyone can get it to work on Gingerbread?
I also kind of wonder why he went input driver rather than a portable userland app.
What would be better... The newest version of gimp, or photoshop cs4?
Did they had to name this "Gimp", because...never mind. :/
Don't get me wrong, but Gimp really suck! At least for professional designers. And I personally (when trying to use that thing on Ubuntu) hate it UI even more than lack of features. Maybe if developers made it more comfortable and usable it will be a not bad free app. But now. Photoshop is only full feature program for designer. No exceptions.

P.S.: I can't get it. Why Gimp is so lame? I mean not al Linux app sucks. I work with Blender for example and it's great alternative for 3D artist. Why they can't do the sane with Gimp?
What it has to do with it is that you can run Linux on portable devices, and GIMP is included. Still not a native port, but effectively GIMP on a tablet/phone.

+Сергей Ульященков: you're doing that on purpose, right? It depends entirely on what you're used to. I have both GIMP and Photoshop and actually prefer the GIMP... Neither interface is all that intuitive... Also, what does this have to do with the awesome feature displayed in the OP?
Without showing the edits on the tablet, this is worthless. Nice try though.
I must gotten a bad download of the didn't work very well on my laptop
Android devices can simulate presure using information about touch surface size. It is not that same (presure != finger-screen connection surface) but can be used as pretty good estimation of presure.
Also in my opinion real pen tablet is still better - it's more accurate and can trace pen position without touching tablet surface.
Now I would love to see something for the iPad!
Very cool this will work till I get the Panasonic 4k :)
the s pen was actually produced by wacom i'm not sure on the pressure sensitivity mind you. so either the samsung note II or the note 10.1 should work wonderfully for this. others probably not as well. i will stick with my wacom but this is great to see :D
+Durand D'souza You miss out a ton of reasons why this setup is preferable to $40 bamboo, even though regular graphic tablets are far superior to anything with a touch-screen. To name just a few of those reasons:

1) Ocassional artist, who won't use the graphic tablet enough that it would pay off would prefer this solution.

2) It's wireless.

3) Geek factor. People use Raspberry Pi to make a wireless router where it would be cheaper and better to just get a cheap TP-Link router. Why? Because fuck you, that's why Well, why not? 

4) Lulz

5) Masochism (Every person who uses Linux is at least a bit of a masochist, me included.)

6) Because fuck you, that's why. You can't tell me what to do and what not to do with my Nexus 7 Just because it can be done.
Interesting. I'm actually giving a talk on userland input stuff in Inkscape at LCA2013, and android is part of that.
I just compiled the programs ( the .c and made the apk), and it works. Very nice. Thanks.
That is very good work! Another great use for a tablet when I don't have my Wacom with me. Keep it up!
What would push this over the top is the ability to display the image you are working on with the remote X capabilities. But cool app none the less.
ohhh things that make you go hmmm...The combination might be worth looking at.
For those asking about latency, no didn't notice any at all when I briefly used it. Very responsive indeed. However it did seem to break my window decorator in some weird way. Not sure what it did, but removed the sections from xorg and all was well again. Haven't gone and looked into it because it also seems to have the left mouse button permanently pressed so I cant use it properly anyway. Nice tho!
would be better If you could see what you are drawing on... the screen on the tablet seems almost entirely wasted, it is just black.
Anyone involved or interested in this going to be at 2013 ? I'd love to chat about it while there.
I have a couple of INKSCAPE & GIMP Freehand Illustrations posted if you would like to see the quality of finished pieces....
"Like a real graphics tablet"... I don't think whomever wrote that has ever seen a real graphics tablet.
This is freakin cool.  I see a lot of potential here.  Especially since I am in love with the Note.  Well done.
Awesome, This will be great one day
This is awesome. Any thoughts on having the tablet display the picture as well? it's not a necessary thing, but it would be interesting.
Neat!  But it is not GIMP-specific; it lets you control the mouse cursor no matter what is on the screen (at least, on my system).  There's some potential for using it as a remote touchpad for general mousing around, like when you want to sit back and not have to reach forward to touch the actual mouse.

It doesn't "remember" where the tablet-cursor is. You can move the X cursor around, but as soon as you lift your finger and put it down again, the cursor will jump to the absolute location on screen rather than the moved-to location you were just at.  Confusing until you get used to it.

Nice work guys, and with some great potential not only for GIMP but for many other things.
You can do the same and more with the app called Splashtop;)
Just think how cool the Etch A Sketch used to be.
Bring out the Gimp! What a lovely idea!
I'd love to see a mobile/tablet version across all platforms. So anyway can access Gimp without any product bias. ;-) Why be exclusive and lose/disappoint users? 
+Louise Bannister Mobile devices impose a diferent interaction model. A direct port won't make sense. As to "why be exclusive", you are definitely seeing things in a completely different light. We don't even think in these terms.
the start to the end of bamboo products
Would be nice if you could connect this via USB for a more responsive experience.
Wow, great!  My brother has been looking for something exactly like this.  He might consider a Galaxy Note 10.1 now.
A similar feature is available for Palm Pilot devices - I gave a run on my Palm IIIxe when I discovered it sometime in 200x, and it worked :)

It works as a serial wacom tablet, with a couple of different pressure settings to be triggered by one of the Palm's keys.

Of course, it had been created Because!, not to replace a graphics tablet :)
To Eric the note 10.1 also has photoshop touch its amazing and the stylus plus app makes the tablet well worth the money 
Sorry Richard! Don't mean to burst your bubble but I just tried splashtop on photoshop and paint, it supports whatever you like and the best part is you don't lose control over your pc and can continue to control it with your mouse and keyboard. Cheers:-)
+Louise Bannister get access to a touch screen, and try to use GIMP there.

You'll soon discover that GIMP in its present form is targeted at users who use one hand for a pointing device (mouse, stylus, puck, ...) and the other hand for a keyboard. Even users on full-size tablet pcs struggle to use it.

A viable "port" will most likely be a totally different program UI-wise. It might use the same algorithms internally - for example by using GEGL the graphics library.

Whether this app will effectively be GIMP depends to a large extent on how much the core users - see - start to adopt tablet devices for their main work platforms.
I will use it on my classroom. Cool experience.
Great I might try it ..been thinking of buying a graphics tablet but if I can do this with my tablet and Linux I'll try it.. instead of spending a few hundred
Wow, you mean now you can use a $400 android tablet instead of a $40 graphics tablet? Cool.
+Seb Brosig Nahh, I think it means people who have the $400 android tablet but not the $40 graphics tablet can use their droid instead, saving them $40.  (Hmm, see cameron hills post above).
+Seb Brosig might be $40 for a graphics tablet, but might only work on Windows with no drivers for Linux. Another way of looking at it is why spend $40 when I have the $400 Android tablet to use ;-)
The beauty about both GIMP and Android, is that there are Open Source docs and/or SDKs for both projects. It'll take a LOOOOONG while for someone to code probably. However, I'm sure it'll be done.

Besides Mark Shuttleworth has publicly promoted the future of Ubuntu on Smartphones (and I presume tablets eventually). If it can run Ubuntu, it WILL run GIMP.
+cameron hill can you think of one graphic tablet not supported in Linux? :) I can only imagine some minor models by minor manufacturers, and even then most likely there's basic support thanks to +Nikolai Kondrashov and his DIGImend project.
+Alexandre Prokoudine  nope I can't think of any because I've haven't looked into it really, my post was in response too the comment above of +Seb Brosig  .. I've been thinking about it that's all ,done no research ,I'm sure I'd find that they are all supported (Unlike printers and scanners haha ) but that wasn't the point I've got a tablet and computers running Linux so why not use that instead of wasting money on new tech :-)
*i know it's Not so much now but when I first started in Linux, it was common to have no drivers for hardware, and you'd have to spend hours searching thread for hacks or community drivers for the one obsolete printer that I managed to buy or you ended up getting a community wrapper that uses Windows drivers so you ended up having to find the Windows drivers for the hardware etc etc... I've still got that mind set towards hardware and Linux. But that doesn't stop me from using it :-)
M. Cs.
It is so nice to hear that at last Linux is way ahead of Windows.
Guess I'll have to add a Linux partition....
Absolutely crazy thing!!! Loving it!!! works wonders with the fingers...looking forward to buy a stylus now for some more magic!! Thanks a ton - for sharing
Android is becoming a main stream OS slowly over time, in fact now with "Kingsoft Office" on at least a 7in screen tablet computer it can replace a office PC. With the introduction of pens on tablets like the "Tegra note 7" or "Samsung note range" more people are getting artistic on the go.

I visited my family last week and my brother feel in-love with my "Tegra note 7" just drawing with "autodesk sketch pro app".

In my opinion from what I have seen last year and what is to come later this year(console graphics at last), I can very much say the age of the laptop is soon to be over.

Gimp will need to be ported, with a price to help pay for the man hours used to port it.

Android is the future main steam OS.
If you could make it work with windows as well as linux it would be appreciated :s
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