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Oh well, 2.6.12 for Windows is available now. The link below is a composite 32/64bit installer. Sorry about the wait. Oh, and yes — still fixing bugs to prepare 2.8.
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Sounds like you enabled GEGL in Color menu.
We've heard about issues with Nvidia before, but even so... sounds arcane. Could you please file it to the tracker at
Awesome work guys! Cant wait to use 2.8!
This is excellent and impressive! Keep up the good work!
When will you come out with the PortableApps version?
Portables are available at We do not make Windows releases ourselves. We delegate that to our dear community :)
I have downloaded this programme but it dont see my NEF files (RAW) is there any way that i cn use my NEF without making them JPG'S ??????
+Dimitar Yosifov Not that we know of. GIMP 2.7 demands quite a few newer version of essential libs that Ubuntu 11.10 doesn't have and won't have unless it's backported which is unlikely.

+Keenan Butcher Please install UFRaw
Currently using 2.6.7, was going to install 2.6.11 for Windows but when I saw that 2.6.12 was just released I decided to wait till that comes out in a Windows binary before upgrading.

Can't wait for someone to make a *semi-*official port of 2.8 once it's released.
What do you man with not featured? The news is right on the front page.

Not sure about overwriting the existing installation. Let's see what the guy who builds it comes up with.
Still not sure where you see that. The only place where 2.6.11 is mentioned is among other versions.
This post was the only source for the 2.6.12 version when I downloaded it.
Whatever it's officially build or not, the point is GIMP should update its link properly or it should not bother included Windows binaries in the website at all.

It's not like other Windows builds were officially build but why 2.6.12 wasn't on the site already? People were confusing that 2.6.12 were just some rant some experimental version just because it's not on the official site.
Hi! I've found really bad error in 2.6.12 - I can't import pdf files properly. Only vector elements (e.g. texts) can be opened, raster images are missing or left as black rectangles. 2.6.11 works fine. (Win7 64bit)
+Kantabrigian KNTRO What are we supposed to see on that tiny screenshot? :)

What is the width/height of the image you were saving?
+Wojciech Mania There seems to be a problem with Ghostscript on Win64. Partha reported that yesterday. We'll have a look, thanks!
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