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Folks, we've just officially released GIMP 2.8 after 3.5 years of work. It was quite a challenge, and we are very grateful to you for your support and understanding.

The release touches virtually every part of GIMP, from internals to UI, from tools to resources such as brushes. There are also some important API changes for developers.

We expect Windows build to be up really soon, and we hope that Mac builds will follow too.

Have fun with this new version: test it, report bugs, write tutorials or maybe even books, while we are preparing the next great release :)
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Thank you guys! Great news! Now just waiting for that windows build ;) Hope you can let us know here when its up.
Thanks, this version is so much faster. Thanks a ton. You guys are amazing.
Thanks for the hard work guys, GIMP 2.8 is amazing!
Excellent! Can't wait to play with the Windows build.
Oh it was a crappy morning until I read this. We really do appreciate all the hard work that goes into this awesome application.
Thank you so much, guys! Stay awesome!
Congratulations!! I can't wait to start using this.
looking really really good, nice work
Looking forward to getting this installed and trying it out on my new computer!
Great work guys! ;)
I was just thinking about this on the way to work today. Congrats!
Great news for all but not for windows users( not officially release for windows) :-(
Yay ! Single window mode ! Can't wait to give all the new features a drive. :-)
+GIMP, this is a good opportunity to tell us how we can thank you and how we can encourage faster development. Where and what to donate?
I didn't know that it's taken 3.5 years. Epic work!
This is great! I just got a new system and was going to install the previous version later today. Now I can go for the v2.8 instead!
Congratulations! - Really nice work :-)
Thank you for all of the great work, I use GIMP daily, recommend it to all my graphics friends and they love to call it the "Awesomer Photoshop Alternative"
Already took it for a spin, worked great 'out of the box', my photoshop shortcuts which i am used to worked. So will test drive it some more in my daily workflow, but for now: good job!
Single window mode.. I was sold right there
This is awesome! Great job Gimp team!
really cool. Awesome work guys.
^^ simply search for GIMP in Ubuntu software center ..!
No installer for Windows yet?
Someone post when the windows installer is available please.
Been using RC1 and loving it. Thanks so very much!
Photoshop needs good FOSS competitors.
Adobe's prices are getting ridiculous.
I like +GIMP Nice free piece of software but powerful to match the likes of Adobe. May not have all the features but still great.
Cool! Definitely gonna check it out!
And now to GEGLE and beyond!! :)
Congrats to the devs, keep up the great work
Congratulations. Thanks for a great piece of software.
Thank you so much! GIMP is wonderful!
Agreed with +David Soerensen - given the total makeover much of this has received, if this effort isn't worthy of a major version number bump, what is?
Looks like it was well worth the wait.
This is such a great app. Thanks so much!
yay! I use GIMP all the time!
The update hasn't made it to Ubuntu's Software Center yet, but will keep looking, thank you!
That's wonderful news! Thanks a lot for all the effort!
Will it run natively on Mac?
Congratulations to my #1 favorite foss program! :)
Brilliant! Thank you so much. I love and rely on Gimp on Ubuntu.
Henry T
Yay!!!! the only thing that holds me back from using this for everything is that resizing images causes a lot of pixelation. From the looks of reading through the changes it seems this is probably one of them :)
#hurray for a new #gimp release. Thanks for all the hard work!
I am very excited by this. I will have to upgrade as soon as there is a windows build.
i just test it out on ubuntu 12.04,and it works nice! im using a genius tablet (g-pen F509) and i work smoothly
Anyone who have built it in Windows can share the binaries? ^_^'
Cool i'll have to give this a try ! Hope the RAW converter works better in this version.
Just curious, why is there a 2.6 and a 2.8, but no 2.7? It's the same with the Linux kernel. I know there's as 2.4, 2.6 and 3.x, but I never heard about a 2.5 release.
Great, Photoshop is the last chain link to windows, high hopes for this ..
Awesome! Can't wait for the Windows build!
+Robin Jacobs: there have been 2.5 and 2.7 GIMP series, but they've been for development only, not for end-users. Essentially new features, bugfixing etc. work required for 2.6 was done on 2.5, then once things were in good shape, the result became the starting point for 2.6 series etc. The same happened for 2.7.
Congratulations and thanks for the GIMP developers! While my personal highly wanted feature #1 is support for >8 bits per channel (which I know is getting nearer as well), I believe changes in 2.8 should make many users happy as well and there are definitely some things I look forward trying soon myself.
Congrats guys. Well done! Will definitely give it a go
have been using GIMP for years! Thanks for the hard work; I can't wait to use 2.8!
Thank god for single window. That's the one reason I never started using Gimp regularly.
oh yeah! this is what I call "a great news" better..."the news".
Thank you very much guys! your work is amazing!
Installing it on my Ubuntu right now can't wait. 
When are the Mac OSX ports coming?
Congrats! Will have to find time to try it out.
Excellent news. Though I'm sorry that the announcement did not go as planned. Still, can't wait to try it out. Do come up with the windows installer soon.
With GIMP and Blender having updated their UI and capabilities, open source programs are beginning to give commercial applications a run for their money.
and Mac dmg install as well...
This definitely has a number of features that will make me very happy. Thank you GIMP developers for giving us such a powerful tool.
Hey, #GIMP is trending on Google+! Well done guys on the release, it's awesome :D
No Windows builds? Facepalm
Nice! Wish we can get a cocoa version one day too!
Compiling now on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. I've been following the progress and can say this is the best Gimp EVER! Congrats team!
Congratulation on the long awaited release!
Cool, I can't wait to use it.
No one is saying Gimp is better than Photoshop... no one will ever say that.
Matt V
What is gimp?
I wanna be first... when will 2.10 be released? :D
If I did not have UNI tomorrow, I would go and bye some alcoholic drinks and have a little party for my self...
And I usually do not drink alcohol. :-)
Woot! Looking forward to giving it a test drive!
This is great - I've been wishing GIMP had layer groups for years. I look forward to trying this out. I wonder... does this version let you use native file dialogs? I much prefer Windows and KDE's dialogs to GIMP's ones. I guess I'll find out soon when I fire up the new version
Looking forward to test driving this on my new Linux PC that will be finished later this week.
I don't even use GIMP seriously, but I'd still just like to take my hat off to the devs, nice work :)
Tim R.
:D and from now on in ten years we'll have Gimp 3.2 with non-destructive layer effects.... anyway, congrats on the new release.
Looking forward to the Windows version!
Has it got adjustment layers :)
Good ol' GIMP. Can't wait to use.
Thank you do much! Cant wait to test drive this baby!
Moj Var
+Masoud Amoozegar +EmanuL Noman ببین اینجارو طفلکی ها همه به فکر من هستن پست فقط واسه خاطر من داغ کردن ! :)))) اعتماد به نفس در حد چی !
Well done developers! Looking forward to it.
Great work! I have always loved this product and have recommended it to many thousands of people. Thank you!
Awesome!! Thanks so much, I've been waiting for this.
Felicitaciones al Team GIMP ;al fin llega la nueva versión de mi herramienta favorita para edición y retoque fotográfico, ahora a esperar la versión con las actualizaciones de GEGL. Gracias por el gran trabajo que hacen
ooOoo #GIMP... I get it now... Thought we was talkn bout that guy #RobbWilkinson had in his basement

.. scary stuff
I will certainly try it. I tried the old version and was fine. Thanks in advance.
Sweet, I had GIMP on my mind all morning!
Single window.. !! woo hooo.. finally..
Sorry guys, played with the last GIMP build and despite many good things that many others had to say about it. I was not a fan. However I look forward to the new version. Lets see if you have made me a fan too.
Can't wait ......................... hopefully arch repositories will update it soon! :D
Everything is looking absolutely great, except for the change from save to export when saving PNGs, JPEGs and so on. It wouldn't be that big of an issue if exporting still defaulted to the keys Ctrl+S, but now we have Ctrl+Shift+E, which is against all I've learned. I can probably adjust, but it's a gripe that I have.
Has it added pantone colors and spot colors for printing?
Fantastic! Now if you can just rebrand the program with a better name then a pejorative for disabled people!! It doesn't matter that the letters stand for something else, people just hear the acronym 'gimp' spoken as a word. Would it be effective if I named my program DIPSHIT? I mean the letters stand for something, right?
The GIMP's sleeping.

Well, you better go wake him up.
I see this news just now...while i used linux 6 months long...
Cannot wait for the Fedora updates repo to push it. shouldn't be long now. :)
sorry +Gregory Strike
it does not work..
I get the following error:

CCLD screenshot
/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/ error: undefined reference to 'g_module_build_path'

Seems that the screenshot plugin does not compile, and brakes the build.
The single window will definetely change things. For the better. Hopefully we can see people adapting to GIMP better now.
Gimp.... What more anyone could ask for?
It is simply the best!
+Bruce Corliss
Are you shitting me?
GIMP stands for "The GNU Image Manipulation Program", there is no way to re-brand it in a good way, The GIMP will always be The Gimp.
is there any change in gimp 2.8 from 2.6??
GIMP (Poor-man's Photoshop) actually looking decent? Fuck...
[GIMP stands for "The GNU Image Manipulation Program", there is no way to re-brand it in a good way, ]
Sure there is. If its okay to go from "The GNU Image Manipulation Program", to "The GIMP", to "GIMP", it should be equally okay to go from "(The GNU) Image Manipulation Program" to "Image Manipulation Program", to "IMP".

If it works for "GNU emacs", it can work for "GNU image manipulation program". No sane person says "GNU emacs" any more, after all.

Plus, the mascot looks more "impish", than "gimpish"
Ben Dan
It sounds like someone's trying to make fun of crippled people.
great tool can't wait for the Mac version to see what has changed.
Thanks to the people behind gimp development !
Holy crap I completely forgot this prog existed!!!!!
Nav H.
Tried it long ago and I didn't like it. I am still using Fireworks MX 2004 lol. Might give this version a try.
Not a bad product. Jane used it a lot. Btw, did the Dreamweaver user pray for his software? Most don't. I am a Web developer and have used DW for 10 years. GIMP is only for basic editing and for those who do not wish to fork out $. Keep up the great works GIMP developer.
First of all, THANKS! I have used 2.7.6 extensively. Desperately need 2.8 Ubuntu 12.04 package AND Windows 7 installer. I also use G'MIC filters. I hope installation of those will be easy.
Still no 16-bit support? It's admirable what you're doing, I love that there's a quality graphics editor, but you pretty much eliminated every single professional photographer and anybody shooting RAW from using your product.
I can't wait to try it out, used the old version for years.
Finally. Can't wait for Windows build.
And thank you very much.
I will certainly upgrade to this on Windows and Ubuntu - but it would really be a killer app on Android. How hard can it be? :)
I'm running 2.8 on Win, and it looks great so far. Thanks to the Dev. team for all the hard work. I have to say that I really enjoy the single page mode.
OHHHH i have gimp 2.6 GOTTA GET IT
If I remember correctly, one of the post-2.8 goals was to work on a development cycle with more frequent releases and better support for new developers. Is that right? If so, I think it's my favorite "feature" of 2.8. :)

Regardless, I'm super-excited about the new release! Congratulations and thanks for all the hard work!
did you implement switchable language?, installed it a few years ago and could switch +GIMP
I have 2.6 installed on my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04. I used apt-get in a terminal as per the instructions on the download web page and the response was that I had the current version. How do I get it? Also, does it work with 16 bit tiff files?
GIMP is one of the best opensource programs out there. The only thing missing is the release of Mac OS X binaries by the GIMP team. The releases are never up to date. :-)
Bart tienes que tratar este programa es similar all Photoshop Perot completamente gratis, y es realmente bueno
Once again, thanks to all of you out there who contribute to these projects to make our lives better. With much appreciation. I love this program.
What Do We Want?!
Windows Installer!!

When Do We Want It?!!
Sooner Than Later!

Bad rhymes aside, you guys working on it, right? :)
I like the idea, many times I have tried working with multiple windows open for easability and to expedite time spent working on projects! it can be difficult! So multitasking with gimp may be a solution for putting projects together that have several pics or documents ect and may save alot of frustrations
Yes! I really like gimp, i'm soooo thankful that they put out 2.8!
anyone know how to get it?
./configure && make && sudo make install doesn't work on the folder they provided on their website :(
Thank you for all your hard work!
one thing is bugin me, i cant edit the active brush dynamics, but my tablet works i mea i can use the presets but i need to edit one and i just cant, all the check box look gray
w00t! finally a stable release with single-window mode :D
Just waiting for windows installer now. Currently still on rc.
Usually the Windows binaries are released shortly after the Linux ones :) Thanks GIMP developers!! my hands are anxious to try the new GIMP 2.8 :D
Love gimp too cheap to buy other programs :D
Love Gimp! Always recommending it.
Single window mode, yippee!
Congrats! I look forward to giving the new version a spin.
I never thought this day would come!!! Its been so long.
Congrats! Hope it works well for all!
where can i install 2.8 for windows?
+GIMP Do you know the rough timescales when a Windows and Mac release will be available to download? #gimp #windows #mac
This is exciting news, can't wait to try it.
Awesome! Can't wait to take it for a spin!
Dissapointed to find out that there is no windows release yet. Would have made sense to get it all ready before the big accouncement.
+Christian Schaer That was the plan. But some impatient people announced it before us, and the news managed to hit several big websites whose staff didn't check back with us.
+Anthony Ridley Sorry, not yet. We will announce their availability separately.
Rock on. I think that GIMP 2.8 is at the level where I can recommend it as a replacement for Photoshop for my Mom(62 years old), who I also got on Linux this past year, and she loves it compared to windows.

GIMP won't quite do what I would like it to do yet, with not destructive editing, like layer styles, but I'm totally rooting for you to come up and eat Adobe's lunch. While Photoshop is the standard, I think you have the potential to do better and go beyond like, Libre Office did to MS.
What about Windows system?
Congratulations! Gimp has never been great but its open source software making a difference to people and the world thanks you. I will soon try this new release and see how it fares. Nice!
Forget windoze and crackOS X one make thing I love doing with opensource apps is to run them on opensource systems!
Opensource all the way baby :)
congratulations with a magnificent GIMP release! Thank you for making such an amazing image editing software! Love you people.
I think it's time to get Gimp run natively on Mac OS, because with the next version of Mac OS (Mountain Lion) X11 will not be included.
Gimp is a photo manipulation program.
Love GIMP (scary if taken out of context) and thank you for all your efforts. Without GIMP my life online would be far less creative, far more frustrating, or far more expensive to solve the first two issues.

Thank you!
Nice work! Looking forward to using the Mac version!
It took you 3.5 years to develop and the changes touch every feature, but you call it version 2.8? Don't you think calling it 3.0 would follow the naming convention of bumping up the ones place? 
i have an issue where i cant edit any of the brush dynamics :S i can use the preset ones though, can anybody help me everything works fine, pressure and stuff but i need more options than just the preset ones and for some reson gimp wont letme check the checkboxes to do that, i tried reintalling.. maybe im missing a lib plz PLZ help!!! i dont wanna go back to 2.6 justfor this
Very excited to try this version, new features are really awesome, though i guess i'll have to wait until windows build will come out. Anyway wanna say tonns of thanks to the developers, i believe making this version took tremendous amount of work.
I can't install 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.04 as your 'Downloads' page suggests: Ubuntu or Debian users can simply run apt-get install gimp to get the latest stable release of GIMP. I get the following message in terminal: gimp is already the newest version. I guess it's because 12.04 comes with version 2.6 per-installed. Do I have to uninstall 2.6 to be able to install 2.8?
Still no windows version out? Wtf?
And even after the first release candidate was available for windows :-/
+GIMP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add some content about how tagging works with sub folders. This is a HUGE benefit most people are likely missing out on!!!!
Be careful of this install package. It has crappy toolbars in it and will install them even if you uncheck the acceptance of these toolbars. This happened to me last night. I unchecked the toolbars but when I proceeded with the install the first thing to start downloading was a Facemoods toolbar and then a Price Gong addon and then it finally started downloadind Gimp. I don't mind software having this crapware but when it proceeds to install after being advised that you don't want it, that makes me mad. The last people I would expect to try this are the people over at Gimp.
OMG, omg, omg, omg gz! :D If only FX-foundry scripts would work...
Mike R
YAY! Three Cheers for the GIMP team.
More reasons y I love GPL
This video highlights the bugs that I've found so far:
Gimp 2.8 Bugs

at least for the windows version...
Keep up the good progress gimp
it is very nice congradulation, I really appreciate.
Err. So where are the packages then ?
Windows 'soon' ...
Mac 'maybe'.
Linux users check with your distro though Ubuntu for instance would rather back port for years, or stick with old versions forever, than bump a version number in an LTS or recent release. Unless you are FireFox and have gone crazy with version numbers.
Do you guys need a project and/or expectation manager ?
+Tom Chiverton Pardon? Windows and Mac builds have already been available for a while.
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