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Not all the news we share are exciting. +Daniel Nicoletti, a KDE developer, was going to Brno (Czech Republic) via Germany to attend color management hackfest (where free software developers meet to improve color management on Linux). He was, however, detained in Munich because of a warrant issued by police in Argentina where his daughter died in a traffic accident last year.

From local news:

From Daniel's blog:

German police doesn't completely buy the arguments of the police in Argentina, but they had to arrest Daniel nevertheless to follow procedures. And now Daniel's wife needs to personally attend Brazilian consulate in Munich to get this sorted out. Otherwise it might take up to 6 months to have him released.

You can help her get the money for the flight from Brazil to Germany. Also, she needs assistance getting her phone to use roaming in Germany. She's currently using Daniel's account on G+, if you need direct contact: +Daniel Nicoletti.
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Appreciate all the work of the GIMP/Linux team...backing it up with some $$
Very grateful for GIMP and all opensource developers.  Hope I can contribute to your lives in some way down the road.  What you do is very much appreciated.
i'm really feeling bad being broken this time, sorry guys... :( - and i really hope that +Daniel Nicoletti can have his situation fixed as soon as possible, and for the better. 
eek. :(

I don't mean to be rude, but, do you think someone could add a breakdown of the funding goals? the $10,000 target seems sorta... arbitrary. what's it actually needed for?
This really needs to be looked into further before donating anything. Just because the guy writes software doesn't automatically make him innocent in the death of someone. It's quite possible he is responsible for the accident and is to be held accountable. He might have been using the conference as a way to skip out of the country and your donations will only help him do that. No one knows what is really going on here. Don't let another Kony incident happen with this. Hold your money and get more info first. 
These campaign is to donate money for his wife to pay the tickets to travel and show documents to the German authorities.

"but if I can go there to intercede for him before the German justice taking documents which have already all in my power, he may have his situation quite relieved. And this can be undone misunderstanding, this injustice."

These news were from Argentina's (the accident) Daniel didn't runaway or made anything wrong but the other driver ... or
+Dean Montague Or you could follow the URL and read what exactly happened.
+GIMP  I did. I don't see any facts being validated by a disinterested third party source. My comments still stand. They don't normally extradite or hold people for no reason at all. His work in the software field has nothing to do with the issue at hand.
I've seen a couple of emails mentioning people I trust have gotten personally involved in helping them, which is close-enough to proof for me, but doesn't really help convince anyone else. :) I just wanted to know about the money...  but apparently the plane ticket is paid already, yay!

now I'm guessing by the blog post that maybe they need more money to keep paying the lawyer, but, it's really not clear.  between her rough english, and the obvious stress she's under, it's a bit hard to figure out what's being said. maybe I should nudge someone less stressed-out to help clarify the pledge thing and how much they still need.
+Dean Montague , maybe I misunderstood something, but what bothers me most is that they were asking for money to fly the wife to the husband, with (mental/emotional support, and) documents that could be used as proof.
...And you warned everyone not to give money so that the husband, who wasn't going anywhere, couldn't escape.
(Innuating, that if the proof the wife would've taken to the authorities, would have seemed to justify his release, IT MIGHT'VE BEEN FORGED and we all would thus be co-culprits in hiding this crime! ;P)

TL:DR; Seems that you used the excuse of not hindering justice to try and prevent justice. ;P
Edit : I understand your aim. We shouldn't blindly give money to every criminal asks it, and so on. I agree! I just don't agree with your logic / reading comprehension in this case.
Guys the developers of gimp and others give up much of their free time. Loosen your wallets in a time of need.
+Alexandre Prokoudine your quite a peaceful person but you would punch me in the face? Really? I would say you are quite a hypocrite then. I am also only really saying get the facts before anyone tosses money at the internet so relax.
+Dean Montague It's OK to have a doubt. Questioning things is part of the human nature. But it's a lousy excuse for being such a complete jerk. And the most horrible part is that you don't even realize what a horrible thing you wrote. Hell, you are even trying to defend that.
+Alexandre Prokoudine I didn't write anything horrible. I simply asked people to research more before they start tossing money at things....just like Kony last year. Your obvious personal bias in this matter aside, you can continue to attempt to slander my character but you are being ridiculous. Get a grip on yourself and be an adult.
Someone might say that it's also ridiculous to warn people not to give money to prevent the husband's escape, when infact the money was gathered to allow the wife to travel to the husband. Two entirely different & opposite scenarios, even if the wife is carrying with her legal documents that could be used as evidence. (Actually, that little fact changes your attempt of not hindering justice into preventing it.)
...And then, even when pointed out, you don't even bother to correct yourself or anything. =P
("Now who's biased?" ...No more slandering required, if you ask me.)
+Dean Montague "He might have been using the conference as a way to skip out of the country and your donations will only help him do that" — would you repeat this "not horrible" crap to Daniel's wife, face to face? Just answer this question honestly, and we'll say no more about it. P.S. Of course, if you understand the concept of honesty.
The German government and legal system would have seen that what he needed for defense was provided. The plea for money was most likely not even needed. Documents can be transmitted without the wife traveling. As to this guys innocence or guilt that is for the courts to decide not folks on the internet. Would I caution people to get more information before donating in front of his wife? You bet. You are the one not being honest. As to you repeating that particular phrase over and over +Alexandre Prokoudine get over it. You don't have to agree with everything you read on the internet but you really should learn to process things you read without threatening violence like a 5 year old. It shows a definitive lack of character on your part. Grow up some and learn to deal with it. Muting the post now as their is no value in further discussion.
I hope that he gets arrested in a foreign country for carrying medicine, for an example. Something he could easily justify with documentary he could get from home. But no, I don't hope people then warn on the internet not to help him, no no... I just hope they just send the legal documents over instead of anyone of his family going over to see him and how he is doing, or anything. It would not be needed, after all.
( Oh, and don't get me even started how muting quiet posts such as this may be seen to show lack of character. It's kind of comparable to covering your ears and going "La-la-la-la-la!", while running away. :P The things we do to avoid processing things... Ahem.) Ok ok. Enough ranting & bashing. I'll shush now. (But the logic stands.)
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