Not all the news we share are exciting. +Daniel Nicoletti, a KDE developer, was going to Brno (Czech Republic) via Germany to attend color management hackfest (where free software developers meet to improve color management on Linux). He was, however, detained in Munich because of a warrant issued by police in Argentina where his daughter died in a traffic accident last year.

From local news:

From Daniel's blog:

German police doesn't completely buy the arguments of the police in Argentina, but they had to arrest Daniel nevertheless to follow procedures. And now Daniel's wife needs to personally attend Brazilian consulate in Munich to get this sorted out. Otherwise it might take up to 6 months to have him released.

You can help her get the money for the flight from Brazil to Germany. Also, she needs assistance getting her phone to use roaming in Germany. She's currently using Daniel's account on G+, if you need direct contact: +Daniel Nicoletti.
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