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Some time during last evening we got over 5K followers of this G+ page. How could we possibly repay your dedication?

Releasing v2.8? Soooo predictable and way too boring! No, here is a better idea. How about we make transition to GEGL a point of no return?

Which, in fact, we've just done. The new public branch called pippin/goat-invasion uses GEGL directly, and some of the color adjustment tools have already been replaced with GEGL operations.

It's still 8bit per channel precision, and there are all kinds of little annoying things, but we are only 48 hours into this branch, and there are more pressing matters to take care of (like v2.8, eh?).

We are thinking about releasing this as v2.10.

You wanted GEGL to settle down in GIMP to make it a badass image editor like it should be. We are giving you a working GEGL-based branch of GIMP to hack on. Will you join the fun? :)

We are on #gimp at
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Node based gimp. that would be EPIC.
Love this software.. but only thing stopping me from using this in production is the lack of 24/32 bit images and proper exr support . just asking out of curiosity... whats stopping you from giving hdr support using openexr lib?
+Alexandre Prokoudine aweeeeeeesome :) . then i can dump windows with photoshop and have a cool opensource pipeline for content creation .. :) .
Oh yeah!
Now you are only teasing us with (dirty) talk about 2.10...
It's more fun to hype 2.8 than it is to release it.
First release 2.8 - then think about 2.10!!! It's' annoying to delay it ever and anon for such a long time...
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chill out guys!! . :) easy . first off all .. its free ...use it as and when it comes to u .. Some constructive suggestions might help :D ..
+Cowboy Nick A I support various open source projects by myself and I do this work precisely. It's not right that nobody can demand efforts if nobody pays anything. This is a flowery phrase only. And it is wrong that nobody may complain about bad work, even if nobody pays. Money is not everything, but quality matters...
+Shrinidhi Rao The constructive way: Please give me a checklist of things to do, effort estimations for each and a release date that is reliable. I could not find anything of it on a website - that is base requirement for any organization...
+Patrick T. i totally agree with u here :) . but as +Cowboy Nick A said "Developing is VERY hard work!" .. and when its not properly supported and organized it might be harder .
Maybe there's someone out there who wants to be a release planning coordinator for GIMP?

If you spare them the "I know what's best for GIMP, and you do what I say" (or similar) approach, you can contact the GIMP developers on the gimp-developer mailing list or the #gimp IRC channel on (European evening hours work best for that).

Make sure that you have read the product vision and releated documents at, and read the articles at to get even more insight into Peter Sikkings plans for GIMP.

Use to see who's contributing to GIMP, how much and how recently (
also, what do you think about a new logo?
Gimp 2.7.5 is simply — awesome!
But concerning GEGL: I can't seem to get it compiled with the UMFpack library (on openSUSE 12.1). In config.log, I see many messages along the lines of /usr/lib64/gcc/x86_64-suse-linux/4.6/../../../../lib64/ undefined reference to `amd_l_valid'. This is with some precompiled umfpack libraries. I also compiled umfpack from source, but I only get a static library instead of a shared one. Can anyone probably point me to instructions on how to get gegl compiled with umfpack or at least how to correctly compile umfpack?
You Guys are AWESOME!
Wunderull! I'm running 2.7.5 fom git, SWM is a great step forward. And GEGL is really essential for my photography work.
What's the advantage of building gegl with umfpack? I never do because it also doesn't work here, and gegl seems to work fine.
Maybe a silly question, but what is significant about GEGL?
so we have to wait just a little lot more for a brand new official GIMP release?
Oh I am so waiting for some features that are told to be in GIMP 2.8, but well, even though patience is not my best friend, I will have to find a talk with it somehow. Good luck on developments, waiting for the amazing new GIMP to finally be released. Kind regards.
New release should be named GIMP 3
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