Some time during last evening we got over 5K followers of this G+ page. How could we possibly repay your dedication?

Releasing v2.8? Soooo predictable and way too boring! No, here is a better idea. How about we make transition to GEGL a point of no return?

Which, in fact, we've just done. The new public branch called pippin/goat-invasion uses GEGL directly, and some of the color adjustment tools have already been replaced with GEGL operations.

It's still 8bit per channel precision, and there are all kinds of little annoying things, but we are only 48 hours into this branch, and there are more pressing matters to take care of (like v2.8, eh?).

We are thinking about releasing this as v2.10.

You wanted GEGL to settle down in GIMP to make it a badass image editor like it should be. We are giving you a working GEGL-based branch of GIMP to hack on. Will you join the fun? :)

We are on #gimp at
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