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We've just released 2.7.5 with all sort of fixes, improvements, few minor features and all the new brushes and tool presets we earlier, er, googleplused on :) Both source code and an installer for Windows ( are available for downloading.

The complete list of changes is here:

As of now, there are still 17 bugs in the tracker to fix (, and testing of 2.7.5 might reveal some more. We still need your help in getting the v2.8 release out.

There's also some interesting GEGL related activity going on in Git. More on that soon.
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Testing the 2.7.5 version. I am eager to use the one main window interface and actually 2.8 will bring it. Thus, I am interested in testing it in my Linux system. I still have 2.6.
So is there any package for Linux I could install.??
Still waiting for the 2.7 PPA to provide packages for Precise too :) (Yeah, I am too lazy to compile the thing on my own ... kill me, please!)
+Hanynowsky Sennin There's no build of 2.7.5 for Linux we are aware of yet. Anyway, what is your distribution?
+Tomáš Čerevka Thanks for sharing :) Sounds great.
Might be helpful for Fedora Users. I am gonna share that link.
If +GIMP does provide a secret package build then perfect, if not, then I'll create launchpad PPA with a build for Ubuntu. This way, we won't have to kill +Georgi Karavasilev :D
As long as I'm alive - suuuuuuuuuuuuure.
If I wasn't so uetterly lazy I would have created a PPA myself, but due to the fact that I'm utterly lazy, I'm just gonna leave that to +Hanynowsky Sennin :D
Also desperately need a Linux PPA for Ubuntu / Linux Mint as I'm also stuck on GIMP 2.6 in standard repositories.
+Julien Lusson That PPA has versioning issues, you need to look at the timestamp, not the version number. 2.7.5 there is a git snapshot from early februar not what was released yesterday. It's rather unknown what of the actual release is in there and what is not...
+Alexia Death I know, but compiling Gimp is quite a pain in the a$$ on Ubuntu (dependency issues) ;-) So I've found this ppa and it's work well.
+Alexia Death Actually, I've even heard people complaining that this version still doesn't remember SWM mode across sessions. And they are sure it's not the one from May 2011.
Does it have Metro support...? :D GIMP is a good example for a class of apps that will die out soon in the era of "everything is a web app", NaCl, Dart/JavaScript und lightweight touch-optimized UIs like Metro. And Adobe have the resources to bring its PS into this new era.
+Alexander Orlov LOL, it's going to take a while till all serious work moves to web apps. Try syncing gigs of bitmap data over network, then we talk :)
one more voice for ubuntu 1204 and up to date ppa. looks like we, feeling brave to use beta ubuntu, also feel good to use beta gimp. a correlation?
+GIMP If I can give a suggestion..can the adjustable bars (i.e. opacity bar, dimension bar...) have another look? because they look really old and I think they don't really match the overall GUI style..just changing the color would do the trick..

anyway TY for this version again
+Alexandre Prokoudine why should you do that? Web apps run locally. Btw not every "web app" that calls itself a "web app" is actually a web app. Web apps are JavaScript/Ajax or NaCl code that runs locally in your browsers. Once their code is fetched its stored in the browser's cache. And everything you do with your bitmaps is stored locally as well. So why do you need to sync "gigs" over the network?
+Alexandre Prokoudine Web apps are definitely related to the cloud but they act like a client and retrieve/store data from/in the cloud. Currently it doesn't make sense to store gigs of bitmap data in the cloud but it makes sense to store e.g. the app settings in the cloud. is a good example for a real web app (written in GWT). It's merely an Ajax client that fetches/saves data from/to the cloud. There is never a complete page reload in (btw eventually you have to opt-in for the "new version of" to see the web app version).
I can't see where the windows installer is for this version.
+Garikoitz Jaso The link is in comments, we'll add it to the announcement in a flash. Done.
Just in time for university assignments :-)
Ubuntu 11.10 here but a ppa for 12.04 would be great too since it will be out within a month!
Does the Windows binary support Windows XP?
You should change your development model.
You are taking too much time to release a version and this is no more a good thing.
Better release version the same way as Linux Kernel, One new version each ~2 months.
+Alexander Ufimtsev The 1-window-Gimp feature is here since long time ago, but still not released in the "stable" version.
This 1 single feature is a game changer if release on time.
Single window dockable toolbars... please!
+Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar IMHO, the best way to speed up GIMP development is either contribution or to donation. I am sure GIMP devs are aware that their releases take a while :-)
+GIMP Yes I am familiar ;) and I really like how they now work..but their look reminds me old Windows 95 style..have a look to my proposal It's just a color tuning of border and fill color:

*.png format
+Alexander Ufimtsev I'm not speaking about a feature to be developed, I am speaking about a feature which is already implemented but not released in the version shipped with distributions.
I think also that is not the only feature which is ready long time ago but still held for some unknown reason
+Francesco Miglietta Those colors are driven by the theme... On windows, windows theme, by default, on linux whatever is your gtk2 theme.
+Alexia Death I don't think is a good idea have just 1 element adapting to the OS it looks wierd

..btw changed my main theme color in Win7 + restarting Gimp doesn't affect that bar
Why do I have to use "export" now when I wan't to save to another format?? Gimp always did a great job with "save as" depending on the extension I give the file.... :/
+Francesco Miglietta +GIMP true .. i like your proposal

as for.. "how they work"
i have a bigproblem with the scaling.. it is now very easy to scale the brush size between 20 and 1000... but try to be precise below 10.. i've got less than 2 mm of space for the fine tuning.. (or am i doing it wrong ?)
+Francesco Miglietta gimp isn't really the essence of a windows program, its a gtk+ application, made for linux, don't complain it doesn't theme well on a different platform than it was created xD
Is it true that graphic tablets (e.g. wacom) won't work even in 2.8?
+Thomas Volkmann i think this behavior consistent with many other applications.. save - saves your project without any loss export - renders your project to a different filetype (with loss) (or without but you will lose the ability to move layers etc.)
+Thomas Weissel I am well aware of that, but I liked it the way it was and hate it that not all apps do it like this :/
Seems to work great here, on ubuntu 11.10, build from source.
I wish some options that appear in pop-ups like when scaling and rotating would be moved to the tool-options, or be dockable too, then everyone has the choice. I always have to move it out of the way... mostly this pop-up-options-window is annoying actually.. and sometimes I just don't have enough screen space to move it away. Then pressing escape, zoom out and try again. I know I should check the bug-tracker if there already is a feature request about this..
+Alexander Diana look I use Gimp a lot, and both on Linux and Windows..

I prefer linux version too but.. doesn't mean that the windows version has not to be you agree?
+Thomas Weissel +Thomas Volkmann Hello Thomases :)..good brainstorming here..

I think the only issue about the save as/exporting topic is that new users could ignore the meaning of export since they usually just use save as..a big help in this way should be rename the menu entry from "Export..." to " Export to JPEG, PNG,.." to improve visibility of well known format..

the risk is that a standard user could just say "oh god I can't save as JPEG like on my MS Paintbrush" and quit Gimp forever..
Hello! well, I don't know about the bugs of GIMP 2.8, maybe they are related to the cool new features or something, but I have used gimp 2.7.4 and later 2.7.5 and it works really well and is really stable. I suppose I do something that doens;t touch the hot spots but I was able to retouch 50 high res pictures with no trouble or bugs, And 2.7.5 seems to really improve the tablet support. Hopefully the release of 2.8 will come soon. Can't wait till I get my hand on i-warping on canvas instead of the not so convenient pop up interface. :)
+Guillermo Espertino sorry but I don't agree with "the vision": I do think that gimp can be easily used by expert but also normal users..

and say "if a new user isn't curious enough" is not a good tactic for spread a know "open source" doesn't mean that you can't use some basic marketing like improve the visibility of a common procedure in a high-end image manipulation tool..
come on, adding two words won't hurt any product vision of the GIMP team..but it will surely help people ;)
It looks awesome. Seems like it needs some minor fixes tho. Keep it up!
Also, thumbs up for single window mode.
Anyone succeeded in building 2.7.5 on Mac OS?
+Krzysztof Luks AHAHAH- No. It's a pain in the butt, neither MacPorts or JHBuild work, and building from source hasn't worked (for me) for a while yet.
To install gimp 2.7.5 on Ubuntu or Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp

You're likely to remove GIMP before installing from the PPA.
I am making another PPA this weekend. Let me know if the one above works for u!* It's not mine.*
@Hanynowsky Sennin it worked the first time gimp 2.5.7 emerged months ago via that PPA. but I had to do a fresh install of Ubuntu and now it refuses to install the libs. Something is not working there as used to. But it might be me. waiting for you PPA to see if it will be more lucky.
I hope you'll change the Save as ... function back to how it is in 2.6. Saving in a different format is not exporting.
Something's strange... I'm using this PPA for 2.7.*: on Ubuntu 11.10, and have been for a long time now, never had any problems until now. Now, synaptic tells me package "libgimp2.0" is upgradable, but when I try to upgrade, Synaptic tells me it wants to remove Gimp.
There is a dependency problem when using this PPA. It was functional at the first time 2.7.5 was released. Remove it. Another one is coming soon.
Yes. remove the PPA and its GIMP version. You can reinstall the official GIMP and work with it untill a new PPA is available. If everything is okay, it should be available this weekend.
+Hanynowsky Sennin The funny thing is, GIMP itself works just fine despite the dependency hell and the two different versions of GIMP and libgimp2.0. So I'm not ready to remove anything just yet.
It's running a bit sluggish on my laptop, I notice performance issues even with an empty canvas. Does anyone know what may be the reason?
I am very sorry to burden, but since the matthaeus123 ppa seems to have some dependencies issues that prevents GIMP from being installed on Ubuntu, is there any easy way to install GIMP 2.7.5 or at least 2.7.4? I would be grateful if someone could point to the n00b friendly way of installing it. thank you.
I can't compile it on OS X 10.7.3, it says "checking for PANGOCAIRO... no". I have installed latest pango and cairo using Macports and I have pangocairo.h in /opt/local/include/pango-1.0/pango/pangocairo.h, also pkg-config seems to work: $ pkg-config --cflags pangocairo
-D_REENTRANT -I/opt/local/include/pango-1.0 -I/opt/local/include/cairo -I/opt/local/include/glib-2.0 -I/opt/local/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/opt/local/include -I/opt/local/include/pixman-1 -I/opt/local/include/freetype2 -I/opt/local/include/libpng14.
+Daniel Smetana You do not have the latest pango. Turns out your need to use the latest development version of pango in order to build gimp. Unfortunately, the latest development version doesn't compile very well on MacPorts, and I have been unable to compile gimp at all.
Hanynowsky Sennin, thank you for the link :)
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