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We started finishing release notes for 2.8, if that's all right with you ;-)
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Your meaning?
That news story doesn't actually promise anything :)
A huge corner would look good on 2.8 splash screen probably :)
Will this version be Win 7 compatible? From what I saw, it's the only OS your prog is not able to be used on, thus I cannot use it, even though I'd like to.
+Michal Varga Typically one writes release notes as one of the last things before actually releasing, which makes this post a cruel tease and has me refreshing the downloads page every 10 minutes. ;)
+Toran Shaw, the latest stable version of GIMP (2.6.12) as well as its predecessor run just fine on Windows 7 64-bit.
+Michal Varga Understandable skepticism, but I'm running with refreshing the page every 10 minutes anyway. ;)
the improvements seen in the dev-branch (2.7) very very nice. mainly the single window mode (the toolbox didn't show up to the window manager sometime), updated brush system, and faster render times. I'd check for v2.8 before the website.
Sadly, my workflow still needs me to be running on Win7, so it's the website or nothing... 10 minutes may be too hopeful. Still I'll put it on my Ubuntu box just for a test drive. Can't wait.
+Michal Varga Unfortunately that's inevitable with FOSS. I've promised "Real Soon Now" thinking it would be days, and wound up taking months. Still, if it takes that long this would count as cruel and unusual expectation setting.
Sounds like a news-post from blizzard about diablo3 :D
+gimp Should I lend you my Tardis? Still looking forward to it! Refresh rate now set to 1 week. Sigh.
Actually I am using 2.7.4 version and I am very satisfied with it, so...keep doing a good work :)
appreciate your hard work. keep it up and thanks.
+GIMP Great work guys! Keep it up. Looking forward to The One window GIMP in 3.0
+Hanynowsky OTIKA I don't think you need to wait until 3.0, I am pretty sure 2.8 will have single window mode, 2.7 has it ;)
I love Gimp! I sure hope you can get over having to export every format besides *.xcf
Can't wait, professional GIMP user and eager for all the new features.... unfortunately, can't get to 2.7.4 through macports, and 2.7.3 is too buggy to use [swaps randomly to previous tool, cursor displays at the last place clicked, etc]

2.8 can't come soon enough, but no pressure :)
+Ollin Boer Bohan it is not that hard to build manually:
grab the 2.7.4 tarball at
extract it
cd to the directory
make install
You don't like the sunrise over a planet? I think the current splash screen is awesome! :)
I've been waiting so long for one-windowed gimp, that I've got used to multi-windowed : ))
Single window...that's all I ever wanted really...
Will Gimp 2.8 be a native Mac OS X app?
I like Gimp very much, but to use it with X11 is a pain. 
+Nelson A. de Oliveira More or less.
+Robert Gaugl We patched GTK+ to behave better on Mac, so it's quite possible that the unofficial Mac builds will start looking native.
Even though I am a linux guy, I hope you get the Windows builds up just as soon :)
Duke Nukem is that you? Lol. Kidding aside. Gimp 2.7.5 is awesome. A lot of improvement in terms of tools and usability from the 2.6 series. Can't wait for 2.8. So hey! Release it by tomorrow! Me wants it!
Been using dev branch 2.7.5 on Ubuntu and Windows 7 (Win build thanks to Partha). Wonderful!!! Can't wait for stable 2.8 ... only thing missing is 16-bit per channel. Please!........
I hope they will release Windows builds at the same time ... But I doubt it.
I don't understand the philosophy of not providing release dates or even approximates. The effort is bounded, and competent software developers should be able to approximate it. So why not share it with us? Anyway, to those of you refreshing the webpage every 10 minutes, here's this:
You can not estimate debugging and searching for bugs. Definitely in decent-sized projects and for a good range of defects/defect types. (no idea whats actually still on the agenda right now)
+Philip White There simply is no philosophy behind it. Larger projects manage to do that, because they can secure a release date with moving human resources from a less important task to a more important task. We don't have the resources to do that.
Awesome +GIMP - ignore the criticisms. This is a free program, and a great one at that. I'd love to see the release notes of they're available. 
Even larger projects with deeper resource pools struggle with this. Unless there's a commercial operation that pays the salary of a development team, the skills and time available to do work are highly variable and can change without notice. Project management in the volunteer driven FOSS world is far more complicated than it is in commercial development, so the prevalent philosophy is "it's ready when it's ready", not by choice but because it's intrinsic to the organization.
+Alex Standiford Ignoring criticism would be wrong :) We could certainly cut development cycles and indeed this is what we'll be doing after the release of 2.8.
+GIMP What about saving effort on deciding for a splash image by letting the users participate? You can use, propose your images and users might add even there own creations. Decision made within hours.
Would be great to see 2.8 out in time for Ubuntu 12.04. Currently using 2.7.4 on a VM and like it a lot - especially the layer groups, which makes it far easier to work with folk using photoshop.
I work in the software world and doing the things you guys do is nothing short of awesome.

I will donate to the project and I would encourage others to do so as well!
+Stephan Eyl Thanks, that's an interesting idea!
+Mark Sharp Well, right now given amount of changes after 2.7.4 we are likely to release 2.7.5 just to be on the safe side.
+Dan Tauro Thank you! :)
Just one minor point: it's Wilb_e_r :)
There is no rush :)
Is it possible to make window management like in Blender? No overlapping windows, better configurable interface and all is cleaner. It will be implemented in 2.8 as announced, or it's different thing?
+Michal Vašut Blender-like window management was never announced in the first place :) What you are getting in 2.8 is single-window mode where images are in tabs, like in a browser, and dockable dialogs are in sidebars or, if you really want that, floating.
I meant by that, that single mode was announced, but I didn't know what that means and I tried it figure out. Now it's clear for me. Thanks
+Riccardo Pecchioli +GIMP Can't it be the new default Splash Screen (obviously resized/cropped properly)..seriously it is cute and funny..way better than the actual one ;)
Is there any wish list of new features? For example changing brush size and strength on the fly like in Blender (one key shortcut and changing radius and strength visually with mouse directly on the canvas). Yes here is some shortcut, but it's something for breaking fingers. As well as other things that drives me crazy as I work with Gimp. It's great tool and I like it, but that things are stupid.
+Michal Vašut You can configure all of that, and both [ and ] work perfectly fine for changing brush size by default. Feature requests are usually accepted via
What's current status of 2.8? May we have a short update please?
+Hans Normann Bugs are being fixed. Mitch is currently on vacation, so releasing 2.7.5 will take a while.
+GIMP shouldn't the 2.7.4 be the last dev. version before 2.8? Do you expect more critical bugs?
+Francesco Miglietta We changed to much stuff since 2.7.4 to go straight to release candidates. Sad but true. And no — we do not expect :) But life tends to hand surprises around.
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