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A somewhat popular question we hear with regards to Google Summer of Code is "I'm a student. Please guide me through the process." Even though we already have a description in the wiki, good ol' Mukund :) wrote another overview how to proceed, for the case of porting GIMP filters to GEGL operations.

By the way, since last night the goat-invasion branch of GIMP can register GEGL operations in menu.

We also had to apply a number of changes to GEGL that break API and ABI. So v2.8 will depend on a new version of GEGL that will be released shortly before or along with GIMP 2.8 (whenever :))
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The "goat-invasion" branch!! Haha, I love it!
still wondering what goats have to do with it...
+Ursu Dumitru LOL, the same with how does an Ice Cream Sandwich have anything to do with a mobile operating system?! I guess you gotta make it fun sometimes!
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