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In case you missed that, Andrea Bianco posted a rather interesting explanation of a speed painting workflow involving +GIMP, +mypaint and +Blender.
A character speed painting made with Blender, MyPaint and Gimp. Please download it to see it in full resolution (2496x1800)! I wrote about its creation workflow in a pdf, here it is: A FOSS Concept Ar...
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I'm waiting for gimp 2.8 :)
For how long I have to wait for?
+Guido Rieck You will have to wait for it as along as it takes us to release it. Then you can stop waiting for 2.8 and start waiting for 2.10 :)
+Mike R Considerably less than it would take to develop and release at desirable pace :) Right now there one primary developer, few people who have their area of expertise and a couple of people who commit minor patches. We need more.
is there anything the community can do to help speed things up ? us, non-coders I mean...
+Victor Dima Around 2.10/3.0 we will need a new website. This will probably be a contest. We still have an aging set of tutorials at that needs a major refresh.

But more than anything we need showcases of all the really cool stuff that you folks create with GIMP. Because, you see, this is what shapes the project in the end.

We can moan about lack of contributors all we like, but we do know that as soon as people start posting a lot of compelling artwork, other people who can write code get interested, because they see a potential, a way for them to apply their skills to make something exciting.

+Mike R It's a combination of reasons. At some point we tried to do too many things at once and then nearly lost an important contributor who hadn't finished a huge chunk of his work.

To address this vulnerability we already changed the way we plan releases and work on major features, but this will go in effect only after v2.8.
+Mike R Reasons why gimp is such hard project to get into are many-fold.
First, you really need to be ready for long term commitment. GIMP has a very large code base that is quite easy to read once you understand GObject but you just wont get everywhere. I downloaded my first GIMP source and joined #gimp IRC late 2006 chasing a specific tablet bug. First few years thats pretty much all I did. Reading and tracking down drawing bugs then slowly got into contributing. It's been 6 years now and I still don't know all there is to know about GIMP&code.

Second, people who are hackers and interested in raster graphics or graphics in general is just rare. It seems talent for hacking often excludes talent for art...

And third, GIMP is hard project to contribute to, because of painstaking focus on code quality and consensus driven development. The first is why GIMP is still readable, inspite being a whole heap of C code. The second is why patches developed in isolation beyond simple bugfixes are pretty much never accepted. Getting them to fit established consensus and code quality, if at all possible is a lot of hard work that people often are not willing to do. So... If one wants to do something for gimp, one should start by talking to the people in IRC channel, because rejection at a later time often offends...
+Mike R You could strt writing the release notes for GIMP 2.10. But please talk fist with the developers on IRC, that no one else is already doing it.
+Mike R Yes, there is ton of artwork and several good artists that do a good job promoting gimp. I belong to several dA GIMP groups and see fresh stuff people do all the time. We dont integrate it into our site, because we prefer to keep lightweight and easy to serve. We dont have a person for patching and hardening and maintaining a more complex web platform and compromised would be a very bad thing. We may post some more awesome works here on G+ tho in the future.

Now, asking us to make you a free photoshop is something I personally find accutely rude and distateful. There is no satisfaction in creating a mere copy of something else. Not only that, I find it rather like making a cheap chinese copy of brand name items and profiting from it. Theres a name for that, thats called counterfiting. If you want a free copy of PS, pirate it.

Contrary to your belief, opensource graphics community is quite tightly linked. Once a year we meet at LGM, talk shop and see what other projects are up to. Most projects fund their developers travel to this meeting.

So... shooting ourselves in the foot? Maybe. But probably not. On the other hand, you seem to know what needs to be done. How about stoping with the pitty, and doing it?
Mike, the new website will definitely have at least some elements of works done with GIMP, but we are not ready for a full-fledged CMS yet, because for a project like ours it means a webmaster who is paid to maintain it.
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