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On May 2–5 we are teaming up with folks from +Inkscape, +Scribus, +darktable, +mypaint, +Blender and other projects at +Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 in Vienna to see how else we can make our software better for you.

Thanks to your support we, GIMP team, are able to attend, but travel expenses for other teams should be covered somehow. If you care about success of free graphics software, we humbly ask you to support the conference. The money donated via Pledgie will be spent to get other developers to the event.

If you live nearby, we also invite you to attend the conference. It's always heaps of fun. E.g. at LGM 2010 the Blender Institute did a 1.5 hours long presentation of Sintel (which was yet to be released at the time) with lots of sneak peeks and detailed explanations of how they did animatics, rigging etc. You'll also have a unique chance to ask us some very serious questions inna face :)
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Totally off-topic, sorry, but thanks for alerting me to +mypaint — I didn't even know something like this existed!
+mypaint is amazing +Tanja Petri . It's my paint package of choice. Of course, I use Inkscape, GIMP and Blender, too...
They're all fantastic.
+Alec Fredericks Already took a quick glance at it last night, looks great!
What's great about this list, there's the right FOSS tool for every type of graphical work, and they're all available for Linux, which is being notoriously ignored by the graphic software industry.
As a professional Photographer, I have been using +GIMP for the last 7 years, since I switched to Linux, and never looked back to PS.
+Lukáš Tvrdý Thanks, but I know Krita, although I haven't looked at it for a long time. It's overkill for the task — the great thing about +mypaint is that does one thing and does it well. For anything vector based I use +Inkscape.
I Want Gimp 2.8 Please!!! When?
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