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Peter discusses ways to improve text handling in GIMP. This is Part 1.
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Yu Chen
Gimp 的交互性越来越专业了
Did GIMP suddenly take a bunch of steroids and adrenaline? I'm liking the frequency of news posts and the crazy amount of activity. It seemed like everything was almost dead for like two years. Welcome back from cryo, gentlemen.
The only thing I would like to see in the new Gimp text tool, is a generic "Abc" placeholder when you start out, so you could have some idea to get all your text size, color, and type adjustments set before you type.

Many is the time I have typed in text and wondered "where is it? Oh yeah, it's in default 18 px font size.", which then required selecting all the typed text to resize it, then repositioning the cursor to start typing again.
Lorem ipsum... or maybe localized version of this, I guess this doesn't work that good for non-Latin scripts.
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