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World will be based on values not interests when its leaders rescue Somalis with food just like how they "rescue" Libyans with missiles!
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World would be based on values if 1.4 billion Muslims admit that the reason Somalis are starving is the actions of Muslim groups like al shabab which Muslims locally, regionally and globally did nothing to stop! Those people are starving because of Muslims when will we take responsibility ya Wael? We need to speak the truth brother. Thanks for the post
+ahmed younis Sometimes we need to be reminded that the West extracts more - far more - from the poorest continent each year than it gives to Africa in aid. The pattern is unchanged since colonial days.
'Create enough Hunger and Everyone becomes criminal' and for sure Secularism‏ makes the world loses its values
I cant believe people are making somalia about the US when Muslims have done nothing. Nothing to protect somalis. Why do we think the US is going to do everything for everyone. The revolution in Egypt is about helping ourselves!!!!! OIC Arab League GUILTY on SOMALIA. I say that as the former head of an American Muslim organization that fights for justice everyday for Muslims.
Yes, Ahmed Younis, I agree. Only positive, can-do, optimistic attitude and actions are needed by Muslims in all part of the world. Enough of the conspiracy talk and the victim mentality. If one doesn't speak up and put some positive mental and physical energy into anything, why would anyone care for you or do anything for you.

Our resources, our people, our attitude.
+Tazz Al Dolaimy The US is the world cop because other people let it be that. America does not want to be a world cop, but is because trouble eventually comes to it because of the American dream ideal (whether real or not). But it would not be the case if people stood up for themselves and helped themselves. I agree with +ahmed younis that a lot of the problems of the Muslim world is because Muslims do not speak out and stop extremism in any way. They just look and shut up. Look how far the rhetoric of Al-Qaeda has set back the Muslims? The west distrusts Muslims so much because of that extremist agenda. Yet it only represents a tiny tiny fraction of the Muslims.

It is not about the US. It is about the Muslim world taking care of its own. Why isn't Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the other Oil gultted countries not putting substantial effort in this? Why must it be the US that saves Somalia.

Having said that and lived in the US now for over 40 years, I have to tell you that the American people as a whole are the most generous when it comes to natural and man-made disasters. And I am sure they are stepping up to help, including the Muslims in them.
+bill noble I totally agree and we need to reverse those patterns but not by blaming everyone else when we face challenges. Muslims globally and Americans need to be honest brokers of their own identities
يا سلام على الناس الى نسيت العربى يا وائل
The American government model has been increasingly imperialistic, but there are many of us that wish to reverse those patterns and fight against the corruption inherent in the system. The problem in Somalia is more than the pride of Al-Shabab or the guilt of the Arab League but also the whole of Western capitalistic greed. Even in the US, too many citizens suffer in an ever-growing class war, where the wealthy and the corporations control both the politics and the media propaganda that ultimately render the democracy ineffectual.
And when Muslims save Somalis because they are humans in danger, not because they are Muslims about to be evangelized!!!!!
سلام عليكم اخ وائل اريد منك ان ترد لي على هذا الخبر هل بامكانكم عمل اللازم او ان تردوا لي خبر بما تستطيعوا عمله؟؟؟؟؟ظ
سلام عليكم اخواني نريد منكم ان تحيوا موضوع المواطن المصري خالد شاهين والذي اعتقل من قبل الامن السياسي اليمني هنا في صنعاء عند محاولته زيارة مصر بعد الثورة واطمئنانه من ان نظام مبارك قد ولى . وهو الان محبوس منذ ما يزيد عن 3 اشهر فك الله اسره ولكن نرجو منكم اخواني ان تحيوا موضوعه مع السفارة المصرية هنا في اليمن من اجل الافراج عنه
from the many articles i have read, unless you know something different, it is SO CHALLENGING to get food into the Somali region. Apparently the women are being raped by Janjaweed, too. I wasn't aware that natural resources are being accessed by anyone in Darfur?
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