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Sites, and repository up again

Fortunately, we did have an up-to-date backup of the old server at the end. The last days I was busy to get everything set up. The sites are up again and you should be able to browse the packages (none should be lost) as well as to use the repository as usual. If you have problems be sure that "dig" outputs "".
At the moment I am thinking of doing an online survey for Ubuntu 13.04. You can then vote which packages you like and do not want to miss on GetDeb/PlayDeb. This way unpopular packages can be left out of the repository for Ubuntu 13.04. Currently there are 130 source packages in GetDeb and 170 source packages in PlayDeb which is just too much.
For the most popular packages I am also planning to get them intergrated in the official Ubuntu repositories directly. Or even better to get them integrated in Debian and let Ubuntu just sync them.
So far, you should be able to use GetDeb and PlayDeb as usual. Let me think about the future…
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Love you, +Christoph Korn !
Allthough I am not able to help you maintaining the packages, I might help you with some other stuff. If ok, please contact me.
So glad to hear this. A great service back on - line. 
Great news! I would love to dedicate some time to support this project, if you consider my aid, let me know.
at the moment, on 12.04, i use avidemux and gparted, from getdeb
my concern is there are still a lot of awesome projects about to be packaged, see examples like Shoebot, wxBasic, PuppyBasic, etc.

I completely understand about the popularity contest, and I'm thrilled  you're back!

You just have to.

 I have a similar thing, managing our media repository; if people aren't gonna watch various movies and things, they need to free up the disk space, and lower the manual requirements.

Maybe something like this should come from logging, not messages.  Logs can be counted automatically. (Splunk might be great for this, I don't know) but I know messages from 5,000 people about 100+ topics won't be fun to add to your workload!
Great news !! if you need help message me I'll try to support you as much as I can.
This is fantastic news! Thank you for your tremendous service to Ubuntu users. I'll be sure to take the survey if you go that route.
Glad to know that you're OK, +Christoph Korn !

As to sponsorship... As a private person, not owns any business, I can't subscribe for sponsoring payment plan. Is there any possibility to make "ad hoc" donations?
+Topsy Krets
check URLs for these PPAs and try to reach servers via browser. May be you have connectivity problems? Or something wrong with GPG keys?
It seems that something is still broken in repository. redirects us to

and after apt-get update, the packages can't be loaded because "Recovering services. TY for patience"

OK. We'll wait for complete restoration.Yes.
Definitely good news!!
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