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speedtest-cli 0.3.0 (trusty)

  * New upstream version
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Verry like this speedtest
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Fotoxx 14.07.1 (trusty)
(easy-to-use digital photo editor)

  * New upstream version
    2014 Jul 02  v.14.07.1
    + Bugfix: stop spurious extra menu entry in non-english locales.

    2014 Jul 01  v.14.07
    + An image with selected areas can be saved to a PNG file with unselected
      parts transparent. This can be useful in other image editors like Gimp.
    + The main menu was made smaller to save space. Some menu-icons now use
      left/right mouse clicks for two functions, e.g. edit undo/redo.
    + Mashup: draw lines and arrows on an image, similarly to writing text.
    + Mashup: control of overlapping and transparent images was made easier.
    + A batch upright tool was added - find and upright images turned 90°.
    + Panorama: image matching for exposure/color differences was improved.
    + The current image on the gallery page is more strongly highlighted.
    + Raw Therapee was added as a RAW image file processing option.
    + Metadata and geotag edits were added to the right-click popup menus.
    + The world map was made 2x larger in area (a new download is required).
    + Bugfix: file rename could sometimes leave an incorrect thumbnail.
    + Bugfix: Batch RAW did not set the sRGB color space as default.
    + Bugfix: memory leak in Mashup function.
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SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.0 (trusty)
(feature-rich screen recorder that supports X11 and OpenGL)

  * New upstream version
    - Added profile support.
    - New, more flexible OpenGL recording system (glinject-next branch
    - More robust sound notifications.
    - Show progress dialog while flushing the encoders.
    - Improved hotkey support using XInput2.
    - Improved synchronizer.
    - Native support for mono microphones (plughw no longer needed).
    - Added source detection for ALSA.
    - Partially rewritten output backend.
    - Improved mouse following algorithm.
    - New icon.
    - Bugfixes.
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Calibre 1.41.0 (trusty)
(e-book converter and library management)

  * New upstream version
     new features:
     - title: "New tool to set metadata in the actual book files in the
     calibre library from the updated metadata in the calibre database."
     description: "To use it go to Preferences->Toolbars and add the 'Embed
     metadata' tool to the main toolbar. Then simply select the books whose
     files you want to update and click the Embed metadata button. Normally,
     calibre updates metadata in the book files whenever a file is exported
     from calibre. This tool is useful for people who want the files in the
     calibre library to have updated metadata as well."
     type: major
     - title: "calibredb: Add a new 'embed_metadata' command to update
     metadata in the actual book files in the calibre library from the
     calibre database."
     - title: "Edit Book: Allow customization of toolbars"
     - title: "Add empty book: When adding empty book records to the library,
     add an option to also create empty EPUB files. Useful if you intend to
     subsequently edit these files with the calibre editor. You can access
     the add empty books feature by right clicking the Add Books button."
     - title: "Edit book: Remove unused CSS: Add an option to also remove
     unused class attributes from the HTML"
     - title: "Edit book: Check Book: Add checks for empty HTML/XML/CSS/image
     files in the book."
     tickets: [1329971]
     - title: "Edit Book: Check Book: Add checks for links whose fragment
     (the part after the #) points to a location that does not exist"
     bug fixes:
     - title: "RTF metadata: Add proper support for unicode characters when
     reading and writing metadata to RTF files"
     - title: "RTF metadata: Fix failure to write metadata to RTF files that
     do not already have an \\info block"
     - title: "Edit Book: Remove unused CSS: Handle @import rules when
     checking for unused CSS"
     - title: "Edit Book: Remove unused css: Prevent failure when book has
     invalid items marked as stylesheets"
     - title: "calibredb: Fix set_metadata not working for the series_index
     tickets: [1329724]
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cgminer 4.4.1 (trusty)
(Multi-threaded multi-pool FPGA and ASIC miner for bitcoin)

  * New upstream version
   - Move icarus driver to being seen as an asic
   - Clear usb reads on each pass through icarus detect to hopefully prevent
     false positives for detecting rboxes
   - Clean up pool failure and failover code for stratum
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Calibre 1.40.0 (trusty)
(e-book converter and library management)

  * New upstream version
    - New Features
     + Edit Book: Add a new tool to manage fonts. Allows easily
     changing/removing/embedding fonts in the entire book. To use it go to
     Tools->Manage Fonts
     + Edit Book: Allow the color of the links in the Live CSS panel to be
     + E-book viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut to bookmark current location.
    - Bug Fixes
     + Edit Book: Check book: When auto-changing font name to match actual
     name in font file, also change the font name in shorthand font
     + Edit Book/Book polishing: Fix embedding all referenced fonts not
     catching fonts that are only specified via style attributes and not in
     any stylesheets.
     + Conversion: Fix normalization of CSS shorthand font property not
     working when multiple font families are specified in the same shorthand
     + Edit Book: Live CSS: Fix clicking on link to go to style definition
     not working if the stylesheet contains CSS 3 @media queries or
    @font-face rules
     + Edit Book: When importing DOCX files, set the media type for html
     files correctly
     + Edit Book: Fix import of DOCX files that contain no Table of Contents
     not working.
     + Portable installer: Fix a crash if the user selects a destination for
     the portable install that does not have enough disk space.
     + Fix date column not showing date added when adding zip/rar files that
     contain an OPF with a calibre timestamp in its metadata
     + Sony driver: Fix SONY annotation app not working with files sent to
     the device by calibre
     + Linux build: Fix regression that caused opening PDF files (or any
     externally viewed files) preventing calibre from being restarted as long
     as the external viewer is not shutdown.
     + Edit book: Fix changing underline style to none when creating a custom
     color scheme causes error.
     + Check Book: Fix empty (zero byte) XML files causing check book to
     + Check Book: Fix combination of mismatching font family names and a
     font-family declaration with an invalid value (such as a dimension)
     causing auto fixing of errors to fail.
    -Improved news sources
     + Respekt
     + Newsweek
     + Jerusalem Post
     + Outlook India
     + PC Magazine
     + Instapaper
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Frostwire 5.7.4 (trusty)
(High quality, FREE peer-to-peer application)

  * New upstream version
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Calibre 1.43.0 (trusty)
(e-book converter and library management)

  * New upstream version
    - version: 1.43.0
     date: 2014-07-04
     new features:
     - title: "Add a wizard for easily searching date fields in your library.
     To use it click the advanced search button to the left of the search
     field. Allows you to search for books whose date is older/newer than a
     specified date or less/more than a number of days from today and so on."
     - title: "Driver for Onyx T68."
     tickets: [1336868]
     - title: "When reading metadata from file names, allow setting the
     comments field as well, in addition to
     tickets: [1332582]
     bug fixes:
     - title: "Fix a regression in the previous release that broke changing
     Save to Disk preferences"
     - title: "Recognize leading articles for the Esperanto language when
     auto-generating title sorts. "
     tickets: [1336639]
     - title: "Edit Book: Fix a regression that caused syncing of the preview
     panel to the editor cursor position to not work when the cursor is
     positioned on a blank line in between two tag definitions"
     - title: "Metadata download: Round the downloaded ratings so that, for
     example, 3.6 stars becomes 4 stars instead of 3 stars."
     tickets: [1335696]
     - title: "Edit Book: Fix a crash when performing some image editing
     operations on 64 bit calibre builds"
     - title: "Recognize additional leading articles in the titles of Italian
     language books"
     tickets: [1332837]
     - title: "Edit Book: Fix an occasional spurious error message when using
     the Live CSS feature"
     new recipes:
     - title: Dark Reading
     author: Brandon Allberry
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MyNotex (trusty)
(Free note-taking and note manager for GNU/Linux)

  * New upstream version (LP: #1333155)
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RemoteBox 1.8.1 (trusty)
(Open Source VirtualBox Client with Remote Management)

  * New upstream version
   - Minor release to fix SOAP versioning issues experienced by some users
   - Bundle appdata.xml file for packagers with distros that use it
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qrcode 5.0.1 (trusty)

  * New upstream version
    * Speed optimizations.
    * Change the output when using the ``qr`` script to use ASCII rather than
      just colors, better using the terminal real estate.
    * Fix a bug in passing bytecode data directly when in Python 3.
    * Substation speed optimizations to best-fit algorithm (thanks Jacob
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+Steven Kroeger Please try again.
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Japanese Popup Dictionary (trusty)

Wago-popup-dict is a opensource Japanese Popup Dictionary for fast automatic words lookup. It is the successor of wadoku-notify a simple Japanese-German popup dictionary. It now also offers a edict Dictionary Database, Global Hotkey support, Tray Icon and extended Setting and search dialogs.
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Repository for latest Ubuntu Linux applications
GetDeb is an unofficial project with the mission to provide the latest open source and freeware applications for the current Ubuntu Linux release, in an easy to install manner.

The GetDeb repository extends the official repositories by providing latest versions and new applications. Unlike the official packages, GetDeb packages do not have a predefined release schedule - new software versions are provided as they become available from their authors. There is a short and limited testing phase instead of a full testing cycle to ensure packaging quality, however it is less strict than Ubuntu's official requirements.

You may also be interested on the UbuntuBackports project. It has a limited scope compared to GetDeb but the advantage of being an Ubuntu official project.