pink pick-up

day 14/365 for my 2013 daily photo journal and for +G+ 365 Project 

This is a tight shot of an old truck that is parked in front of an antiques and collectables shop. It is parked with the bed of the truck by the road. Whether the motor in the truck will run is anybodys guess. As far as I know, it's been sitting in that same spot for years. The truck bed is used for holding firewood that's for sale, at least theoretically. In my experience of passing by, I've never seen much firewood in it and have never seen anyone buying any but the wood does seem to change over time. By that I mean it doesn't seem like it's the same wood or the same amount over time.

It's tough to describe the vividness of the pink paint on the truck. My assumption is that the color was chosen to be eye catching, mission accomplished. This photo was made at night, long exposure and the light is all reflected by lights in the area and passing cars. Those factors make it tough to really capture the hue accurately. One day I'll photograph the truck in daylight and hopefully get a better representation of the actual color.

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