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Gérald Verdon

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Gérald Verdon

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A truly interesting article to end the year.
Take care.
World-renowned photographer whose career on the Observer spanned six decades
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You're right, +Etienne Calame, and printers, especially, were real artists.
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Gérald Verdon

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Geneva, Switzerland
December 2014

+StreetPics +StreetPhotography 
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Gérald Verdon

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Lyka, on right, 10 years old Serra da Estrela dog, our female sweet friend, passed away today.
In memoriam.
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Sad news Gérald, she sure had great time with you as you had with her, be we well all of you with Matchko 
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Neuchâtel, Switzerland
December 2005

+StreetPhotography +StreetPics  #streetpics   #streetphotography   #switzerland   #bwphotography  
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Gérald Verdon

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Just reached the million views mark on Flickr. Not sure what it could possibly mean, but the fact is that Flickr generated most of my sales during the last four years...
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+Gérald Verdon - well, photography is an art, and art knows no borders; i said what i said for i really think your photos provided us with an excellent portrait of Portuguese History & People, particularly during the years 2011-2012. 
That said, I'm very much enjoying your more recent 'swiss' series, or the photos taken from moving cars, just to mention a few.
So, just keep posting, and we'll be happy ;) Have a great week, you too! 
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Valais, Switzerland
January 2015

#monochromephotography   #landscapephotography   #bwphotography   #bwfineartle   #valais   #switzerland  
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Thank you +Cecilia Caimoy!
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Valais, Switzerland
December 2014

+StreetPhotography  +StreetPics  #streetpics   #streetphotography   #switzerland   #bwphotography  
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Geneva, Switzerland
December 2014

+StreetPhotography +StreetPics     
#peoplearoundus #streetpics   #streetphotography  
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+Gérald Verdon I agree with the second part of your post, as I haven't been to San Diego, I cannot comment on the first statement... :))
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Monthey, Switzerland
Habitat #01

  #bwphotography   #conceptualphotography   #architecturephotography  
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Hum... Maybe it's time to pay more attention to what this piece of Technology does to my hability of express myself...
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Valais, Switzerland
November 2014

#mountains   #mountains    #sky  
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Thank you +Margo Rita, +Garth McKay and +Olga van Saane!
Sometimes, this tiny country has balls... 
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Chronocide #187
Valais, Switzerland, 2014

 +StreetPhotography +StreetPics 
#polaroid   #color   #night   #streetphotography   #streetpics   #conceptualphotography  
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