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Received Google Assistant on my Honor 8 yesterday :) (Norway) 

Just downloaded the EMUI 5 update package for my Honor 8 via the HiCare app. :)

Hei all

Just wondering when /whether there will be an Honor 8 section soon? 

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My 5X is running NPF26F but doesn't show as enrolled on the page, and I want to return to the non beta state. Should I simply do a Factory reset? BTW the device has not been rooted or modified in any way.. 

I have been using my SmartWatch 3 successfully paired to a Nexus 6P, but when I attempted to unpair from that phone and pair instead with a Nexus 5X I had hours of frustration, and ended up going back to the 6P with no difficulty.

Has anyone got the watch working okay with a 5X?

Happy to report problem free installation of CM14.1 with Pico Gapps on my old Nexus 7 2013 :) There have been a couple of reboots, either related to just 16% System free space or the typical reboots seen on this device..

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I was unable to select Power off using the volume buttons on my Nexus 10, but I came across a post on the CM forum suggesting to enter Recovery mode by pressing all three buttons. This worked and left me in an active state where I could select Power off, after which my Nexus 10 started charging again :)

Just a quick query to hear if Restart to TWRP Recovery is working for others on H815 devices running Nougat 7.1. 

Yes! After the latest Google Fit update the watch face now looks the same as it does in the phone app.. 
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